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Behind Enemy Lines Full Album Lyrics

Saving Grace - Behind Enemy Lines cover art

Behind Enemy Lines

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Groove Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-03)
1. Behind Enemy Lines (1:39)
2. For so Long (3:30)
For so long I’ve heard so many people crying out to God for His forgiveness. They raise their eyes towards His heaven and cry out from blackened sinful lives. When His mercy helps them live they turn their backs and fall into the world. You take for granted the gift of Jesus’ passion knowing your life can be redeemed, but bear in mind that His return is near and if your life is anchored by your vices you will be shunned for you walked the widest path. Stand ready upheld by Christ living the life He made you to. And praise His name for He is Holy... Holy.
3. The Most Beautiful Promise (5:17)
...and then He swore to me.
Swear did He silently.
He’d stay right next to me.
Said He’d be there for me.
And in my times of need
He said He’d give to me strength I need to survive
The bloodshed of this life.
And the wounds I sustained would heal and leave no scars.
He said He’d die for me.
He’d die a thousand times.
This brought tears to my eyes and I fell to my knees.
I opened up my heart and let his life consume me. Consumed... My heart... and healed... My wounds.

And after a lifetime of lies and broken promises,
his words made my mind swell with love and passion.
Into your arms I commit my life.
Into your will I commit myself.
Into your hands I commit my heart.
Into your hands I commit my spirit.

I gave my life, my Life, my Heart, my Soul!!!
And without parting my lips I gave him thanks.
I gave him praise.
4. A Poets's Burial (3:26)
To write another song of heartbreak. To lose the will to live again. To write another song of hatred. To feel the urge to kill again. The same old tired numbness. Nothing different but the pen. I’m bleeding nonetheless. I don’t think I’ll try again. Instead I’ll draw close to Christ and prove myself to Him. I find me all by myself again and see that I am free from within. The urge to seek the comfort of another angel’s arms has died with everything else... I’m dead to you... Solitude is safety in my own arms
5. Just a Second (3:36)
Slave on your knees. You’re a slave on your knees... Or maybe your back? I guess it must just depend on what takes your fancy at the time huh? Validation injected below the waist line, below the ’waste’ line. Euphoric uplift unbeatable. With fingernails embedded in flesh gasping, shaking, weak... Perfect pleasure alright but it would seem that monogamy is monotony and your thirst is unquenchable. Drown in your ocean of intoxicated ecstasy so weak... You’re so much less than you claim to be. Slave to the world. Slave to desire. Slave to selfishness. Killing your heart. Killing your freedom. Killing the gift of love. Slave to yourself. Slave to your selfishness. Slave to the world. Slave to yourself. I give up on you. Slave to yourself. I give up in you... Now drown!
6. The Eye of the Storm (3:34)
7. Even as i Bleed (3:25)
With tattered wrists and shattered fists I raise my hands to skies above. On bloody knees I bow before my Lord. With tattered wrists and shattered fists I raise my hands above. On bloody knees I pray. On bloody knees I bow before my Lord. I pray... even as I bleed. Praise be to you my God. Thanks given to you Jesus. For without struggle there would be no progress. And without nightfall the sun’s beauty’d be mundane. Glory to you my merciful father. I love You. I’m humbled yet again.
8. In Your own Hands (3:48)
You were told there was no hope for you and you believed it. Raped day after day by a world that knows little of compassion. And you conceived its bastard child. Now inside the sickness grows. It swells and pressure builds. You know it hurts you but you can’t quite figure out why. So instinctively you drown it in poison. (But that glamour is temporary and eventually the cracks begin to show. You scramble grabbing whatever you can find and hold onto it until it breaks for the pressure. This cycle repeats...) Until there’s nothing left and you seem to think that there’s but one way out. Such a shame. Such a waste of life. Such a selfish choice. In your own hands my heart bleeds for your soul.
9. U Becoming You (5:00)
In a time where fitting in is such a crucial part of existence, self compromise hits an all time high and self-respect, self-awareness has died. Why? Where has integrity gone? Where has acceptance gone? Is individuality not beautiful? (Just another pretty face in the heaving sea of bodies) Not you. Not even human. Just another mindless drone walking the path of submission. Your eyes glazed over and your mind numbed by years of sedation / submission. I know that somewhere down there beneath that facade lies a neglected human being. Just begging to see the light of day. Just begging to know the love of self. Bring that beautiful complexity to the world. Give it a new lease on life. Burn the guidelines. Burn the pin-ups. Be yourself. Not what they want you to be. Ignore their expectations. Ignore the lies they tell you. Ignore your self-rejection. Ignore them. Be yourself. Not what they want you to be. Be who you are. Know who you are. Just be yourself.
10. Last Chance to Dance (1:03)
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