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Satan's Strike Full Album Lyrics

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Satan's Strike

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2014-12-07)
1. Intro (0:34)
2. Scream of Death (4:05)
As the fog starts to descend
Nothing can stop your death
Walking in the cementery
The corpses rise from the graves

A zombie attack in the shadows
Spill venom in your face
Drinking from rotting heads
A zombie feed on your guts

Scream of Death!

Death, blood and pain forever
The zombie attack never ends
Blood is running fast tonight
To kill is the only aim

Spill of death to us all
Survival is a bleeding dream
The final war has come
The only way is death
3. Thrash Command (2:56)
Strident guitars, demoniac voices
Devilish destruction of Heavy Metal forces
Messengers of hell, skull of darkness
Running fast tonight, to decapite the posers

Masters of darkness
Masters of sex
Welcome to madness
Welcome to hell

Thrash Command!

Warriors of Metal, welcome to madness
Handcuffs and chains, sword and leather
Chapel in flames, inverted crosses
Rolling heads and impaled corpses
4. Satan's Strike (2:59)
Tonigh is the time o the possession
We're ready for the fight
Metalheads run in revolution
Crazy in the dark of the night

This is the day of damnation
Classic Metal is playing in the bar
Bitches, lewness and seduction
Beer and heavy drink in my mind

Get ready for noise
Get ready for the Satan's Strike
Get ready to drink
Get ready for the wicked sacrifice

This is the hour of destruction
The momento of Satan's Strike
Every body enjoy the noise
Sexy women dance in the dark

I am ready for devastation
Drunk and possessed to die
Rockers drink in a riot
Waiting for the wicked sacrifice
5. Bruja Asesina (2:28)
Aclamarás mi vida bruja asesina
Susurras mi nombre en la oscuridad infinita
Comes mi carroña, a la muerte me invitas
Déjame vivir mi maldita vida.

De pronto estoy solo en la oscuridad
Y quiero tomar hasta vomitar
La energía del Metal me hace pensar
Que soy el mejor que soy inmortal.

Se que mi cabeza puede estallar
Pero no me importa yo quiero escuchar
Tonadas violentas de puro Metal
Pero no me dejas te quiero matar.

Me torturas con tu voz entre mentiras y promesas
Te alimentas de mi alma en tu hoguera me condenas
Maldita puta del infierno a Lucifer cooperas
Moriré para olvidarte maldita ramera.
6. Thrash Metal Attack (4:04)
The Thrash’s return, this is the hour
Prepare your minds, feel the bore
Violent sound, devilish strings
Destroy your hand, the war began

Thrash Metal Attack
Thrash Metal Attack!

Raise your guitar, Kill a priest
Stab his heart, and listen to their cries
They’re like Thrash Metal
You can’t escape to their rites
Their invocations of the evil gods
In name of the Thrash

Thrash Metal Attack
Thrash Metal Attack!
7. Altar of Sacrifice (2:06)
8. Possessed by Evil and Hell (3:14)
9. Necronomicon (4:10)
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