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Birds of Darkness | Full Album Lyrics

Satans Penguins - Birds of Darkness cover art

Birds of Darkness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAvant-garde Black Metal
LabelsHeretic Sound
Album rating :  55 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Satans Penguins Lyrics (8) > Birds of Darkness Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2015-02-08)
1. Antarctic Winterstorm (6:53)
The day
has come

We will fly with the storm
And attack with the lightning
To extinct the human race
Before they extinct everything else

Sweeping across the countries
Destroying all we see
They don't deserve the gift of life
Make room for the new race

After desolating the face of the earth
We will layour eggs in the still warm ashes
And the fuzzy baby penguins
Will have human corpses for their first meal
2. The Myth (In the Norther Woods) (4:22)
According to the legends
There is a creature
Hiding in the northern woods
His heart is cold as winter
And his hair is made of leaves

Where his name is mentioned
A cold wind bends the trees
For he's the one that fills our souls with fear
For he is Skogsmulle!

He lures children into the woods
And makes them become his disciples
There they are taught to live only on death cap
And to throw stones
On the people
Walking in the forest

In the northern woods
He is one with his surroundings
Every tree his castle walls
Every stone his throne

Where his name is mentioned
A cold wind bends the trees
For he's the one that fills our souls with fear
3. An Evil Shade of Pink (6:41)
In a cold naked cell
A lunatic stares at the empty walls
With a blank expression on his face
But with a smile on his rugged lips

His mind travels beyond this world
To a place created by his funny brain
There are trees in different values
In all the colors of the rainbow

Just like a stoned junkies dream
Where the grass is blue and the sky is green
With yellow elephants flying in the sky
Like when you smokepot and get really high
So many colorshat you almost go blind
All this created by a lunatics bizzare mind

Repeat verse 1 ans 3

Transformed to an image made of dreams
The lunatic ruins naked through the wilderness
With strange flowers springing in his footsteps
Followed by an evil shade of pink
Knowing not that it is his last day in life
4. Night of the Penguins (4:04)
Sunset in Gotham city
The sky is red as blood
A dark gloom reigns the town
As if it knows what awaits

Late at night
A horde of creatures sneaks into town
Armed with razorsharp beaks
Certain that no one will get in their way

Sensing death in the air
Nobody even dares to go out
Soon the penguins will find Batman's cave
Proceeding with their cunning plan

After emptying the batmobiles tyres
They sneak back into the woods
Leaving no trace to be found
But a stench of death and decay
5. Behind Mountains of Ice (4:37)
Behind mountains of ice
They are preparing for attack
When you least expect it
They will sneak up behind your back

They rule this place alone
Nobody is even there
Of satans evil penguins
You must beware
6. The Return of the Undead Smurfs (Gargamels Revenge II) (6:30)
Out of the ashes
Of the destroying (smurf) village
One survivor rose
That day he swore not to rest
Until Gargamel was dead

While walking through the woods
A shadow emerged from behind the trees
Together they returned to the ruins of the village

The village was desolated
Smashed to pieces and burned down
The limbs of the poor smurfs
Scattered all over the ground
But their flesh was still warm

Together they decided to perform
The ancient smurf ritual of necromancy
In order to invoke the fallen ones
To create the army of undead smurfs

Under the sign of the blue mark
They marched towards Gargamels castle
The old sorcerer did not know
What horrible evil would strike upon him

He was paralyzed by the horrifying sight
When he saw the hideous army
Bursting out from the midnight fog
Crawling and trembling towards his home
He tried to escape, but they ate his toes
(took a bite of his ass, played golf with his balls)
And feasted upon the rest of his dismembered body

When it was down, they marched on
To spread terror all over the world
The superior race of rotten flesh
Blue and white with blood on their hats
7. Mutant Ninja Penguins (From Hell) (4:37)
Trained by the ultimate masters
Possessing all the skills
Nuclear radiation from hell
Turned them into savage beasts

Beaks of the sharpest steel
Chainsaw blades instead of wings
Fear their tremendous rage

In the night they are running amok
Staining their steel with blood
Using the ancient arts
And melting humans with nuclear farts

There is no point praying to god
Because he is already dead
Buried deep in penguin shit
Slowly turning to dust
8. Emigrantvisan (5:35)
Vi sålde våra hemman och gav oss sedan ut,
som fågelen bortflyger, när sommaren tar slut.
Han kommer en gång åter när våren skrider fram,
men vi få aldrig skåda vårt kära fosterland.

Och när vi kommo till den liverpoolska hamn
begynte ångerns tårar så stritt att bryta fram.
Det blev en hjärtans sveda i bröstet på var och en.
Man talar blott om Sverige och om sitt förra hem.

Vi packades tillsammans uti ett osunt kvav.
Det var för oss att skåda liksom en öppen grav.
Och födan som vi fraktat ifrån vår svenska jord
den blev oss nu förbjuden att taga med ombord.

Och när vi hade seglat en vecka eller två,
ett mörker däcket höljde och bredde sig därpå.
Ej se varann vi kunde, knappt andas eller gå.
Det var en gruvlig plåga för stora och för små.

Nu blir en ömklig hunger, med sorg och grät och gny.
En jämmer som sig tränger till himlens höga sky.
Och döden gruvligt härjar bland mänskorna ombord.
Man ser de döda kastas i havets vilda flod.

Det är det som grämer mitt hjärta till min död.
Att se de arma barnen här gråta efter bröd.
Vi kunde ej dem hjälpa, ej lindra deras snöp.
De måste nu få gråta och sedan därpå dö.
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