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Black at Heart Full Album Lyrics

Sarea - Black at Heart cover art

Black at Heart

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Alternative Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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1. Lights (4:07)
The sharpest thorn in my side
I flail at the bushes around me
And all I get in return
Is more of the same old pain
Believe me I tried to escape
A sick mind in a healthy body
Black veils close around me

I can see it now
All around
This cloud of apathy
I need some synergy
To remember
Who you were
Who I should be
Still lack in sympathy

Brought up to stay my ground
Always question without a doubt
And now you see me for what I become
A child of society
One in a million, that's not me
A narcissistic ego child
With money on my mind

Give me the strenght
To carry this burning torch
To light your fire in every soul
Ann Marie
2. Black at Heart (3:25)
Never thought that I would see you
Spread all this shit
You despicable person, you make me feel sick
As a kid growing up you had nothing to say
Now you try to pretend like
You've been awake all these years
You're a coward with nothing to say to the world
Do us a favor and go back to sleep

Oh shallow void, feed on a vagabond soul
Scourged by life, is this forever?
Walk the mile, consciousness, a burden
Black at heart, this is forever

So, you drown in your mind
Hollow and broken
You are what you do, no excuses
Only what's done is true

Break the silence, spit it out
Face the world you lived without

The only way, a structured way of pain
Countless aeons, the art of being perfect
The resistance, the blockade, the great wall
A blackened art, the art of being perfect

Unveiled, unbroken, lived without
3. Perception (3:53)
Endless search for tranquility
A vast image of what used to be
Only to find, it was all in my mind
A hopeless quest for prosperity
I'm drowning,
Help me find a way to the shore
Pretending, how much can we endure?

So let us wander into darkness
Blinded by our own beliefs
Let us cross these shallow waters

Try to deny the inevitable
We sink to our demise
Help me find a way to the shore
Be my pillar, be my core
The more we fight it, the weaker we get
Filling the surface with our blood and sweat
Let us drown in silence, hand in hand

Will I ever find salvation?
Can you save me from myself?
I need to know
Will you be my liberation
And save me from myself?
Don't let me go

Motionless the tide rolls in
With no direction, do we sink or swim?
No path to follow, no tomorrow
The surface is never there
I'm drowning,
Help me find a way to the shore
Pretending, how much can we endure?

Don't let me go
4. The Others (3:51)
So you paint your roses in gold and shame
To cover the costs someone else will pay
Building the city on blood-filled shores
And now you know

Comments of somber tone
Set aside this violent soul
Creeps up to compensate
Grew up and ran away

Came back, and all for nothing
This place is filled with lies
You try to walk but your hands
And feet are tied
And no one knows your gone

Come back to the others, go back, belong
Your pride is a weakness,
Searching for a home

Push back, don't surrender
Give in and disappear
Both ways are bound to happen
What's done means nothing

Let it out, let it out of here
Get out
Paint and shame for your roses

This empty vessel,
A creature hidden down below
The 'cause of what you feel
Is searching for a home
5. Let Us Fall (4:07)
Here I am,
I feel it burning from the inside
Here we stand, we watch the world
Crash on the outside

Never thought on looking back
Never once had no regrets
Let us fall into forever

Let us fall into the night
Let our hearts light up the sky
Let us fall into forever
Still we can't believe
Though we make believe
This is meant to be
This is everlasting
Let us fall into forever

Here I am,
I can't promise not to hurt you again
Here we stand
Face to face, face the world
On towards brighter suns,
Bigger schemes
Broken dreams, no more

Let us fly
Let us fall
Let us drown, into infinity

Your life begins to fade
Come close or stay away
Wake up, wake up
6. Duality (4:09)
The shelters in your life
The people that you fight
Yourself in every way
There's no time left to wait

All you'll ever know
And all you'll ever see is greed
Staring back at you

Make sure they stay down
And start all over again

Every time we speak
In every word we hear
Our true identity is revealed

Neo fascist hate,
Don't let it get to you
Cultivate yourself in every way

A loss of all conditions
This frantic love to hate
We build ourselves anew
Eye for and eye
And tooth for a tooth
7. The Dormant National (5:00)
Break out
The sickness spreads and we rejoice
The fall of government is how we come to life

The horror, the colour
Our future is bright
Inception, redemption
Multiply before we starve

And so it begins
The culling, the rapture
The total loss of hope

Now we hold on to what we used to know
We lack the means to grow
We are so cold, lacking the will to push
Something's gotta give

There are people hanging from the trees
You see the people taking pictures,
You believe

You've seen it all by now
We have no self-control
The dormant national sophisticated whore

False control, sense of hope
Calls you out, shows your throat
8. Monotone (3:57)
Degraded, false hope
Some kind of tension
That suits our need
To feel misguided
A need to put things
Where they belong

System failure,
Collapse of all
Became a horde
Mindless drones
Of no man's land

Collateral damage control
High above the sediment
They sit on thrones of bones
Last in line still we sing

This empty monotone
Existence was never my own
We wave our flags up high
Scared of the unknown

We are the eyeless watchers
The man-made hate
9. Control (5:32)
And so I wake up
Believing my own head
Is now against me
The words that passed my lips
Were never meant
For you to hear
And now I'm sorry
I've said enough,
I've lost control

Will it ever stop?
Can I find a place
Where I control myself?
Is it over now?
Do I have what it takes,
To be in control?

I've made it clear
I need to help myself
Before I try to mend you
This is real, my vision is nothing
Action speak louder than words
I hate my normal state
My incoherent distorted face

My head is filled with thoughts
I need to speak
I've said enough,
I've lost control again
10. Dead Eyes (4:16)
I've carved your pictures on my walls
A scent of someone else under control
Ask not what I want you all to do
The stench is heavy, overwhelming
I filled this room with heavy fumes
Now it's time for you to start this chant
Silence, suffocate

Farewell to all those pretty lies
Farewell to who we are
My conscience will not burden me
Dead eyes is all they ever see

Picked apart, piece by piece
I vow to hurt you, I will haunt you
I'll make sure you cannot breath
Systematic, cynical
Remember not to come too close
Overdose, overdose

The voices in your head,
They'll never let you go
Farewell to who we are
11. All for None (5:09)
We are the voice of the few
The wearied left unspoken
We are the old and the new
The beaten and the broken
We are the sad and the scorn
The spectre in the closet
We are the unwanted born
The reaper at the doorstep

We're the pain you feel inside
The heartless, the never ending
We're the ones you cast aside, the restless

We are the ones on the run
The legion of the fallen
We are the second to none
The risen from the calling

Destined to fall, bringer of plague
Constantly haunted by thy game
Misunderstood, wounded and sore
Scattered and beaten down right to the core

We are the heroes of none
The soldiers of misfortune
We are the wars never won
The platoon of the tortured
We are the itch in your brain
The scratch mark in your heart
We are the perfectly sane
The ones you tear apart

We are the lost without a name
We are the outcasts, all the same
12. Circles (5:13)
This factory built you up from the ground
Human atrocities will fulfill you
Why do all things come to this?
Benevolent beings

Scared of what lies beneath the ashes
Scared of what lies beneath the ashes
Coming up short again

I beat you up, I bring you down
I give you everything you never wanted
That is all I've been given
I told you once, I told you twice
I told you everything will be forgotten
That is all you've been given

Today we walk around in circles
Our heads are hanging down
Don't you wish it all could end today?
Life is so meaningless, pointless anyway

This slipstream war will end us all
We gather troops, we won't recall

I perfected the silence
To be heard by the masses we applaud
This gift I blame on you all
For being so mechanic in your thoughts
I wage this war
Crucified by your thoughts
I stand against you all
I wage this war
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