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The Summoning | Full Album Lyrics

Sarcophagy - The Summoning cover art

The Summoning

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsSevared Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > S > Sarcophagy Lyrics (4) > The Summoning Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level ― (2012-04-08)
1. Intro (1:10)
2. Truncate the Pedophile (3:55)
3. Cut to Pieces (4:49)
Razor - sharp my utensils
Sever through tissue and bone
Screams of pain, fill the night

Gouge the sockets, fluids spray
Watch the blood spill
As the need to kill grows intense
Putrid remains, I relish

Rake and pillage through your wide open cavity
Searching for guts to dehydrate
Upon my alter - My memories of the dead

Razor - sharp my utensils
Sever through tissue and bone
Screams of pain, fill the night
My stalking eyes bear the fight

Cut to pieces - Dying so slowly
Peel flesh from the bone
Slice the skin away, from your skeletal remains

Chopped off limbs, twitch and spurt blood
I bathe in the shower of red
You rot an eternal death
I live on to satisfy my needs

You're cut to pieces
4. Fecal-Fed Redemption (3:10)
5. Onset of Torture (3:18)
Paralysis of the mind
Strength bled by fear
Hope of compromise, nowhere in sight
I shed my final tears

Cannot face my reality
Existence segues into demise
Anticipation of imminent fatality
Secure my exit, where killers dwell

Gallows be ready, trophies of canvass
Bloody inscriptions spell out my name
"I deem punishment into your sould"
The noose be tied, they will end my shame

They take me away to be killed
But my life is not destroyed
For i can feel myself crossing over the threshold
Into the spiritual void

The torture shall begin

I see that no one comprehends my position
An error to follow them to their graves
Acknowledge my haunting of your horrific dreams
The signal the onset of darkness

The will drown forever, alone
In the sea of the unforgiven
Where the first drop of water to these eyes
Will signal the onset of torture
6. Reduced to Bone (4:05)
7. The Summoning (3:19)
As darkness invades
Spartin of hell - revive
Confront me unholy ones
Death burns in thy soul

Summoned beings -astray
Heed my call, scorn of the earth
Together again, show me the way
Cold winds of the Abyss, howl my name

Ancient ones arise from the nether
Thrust yourselves into my world

Beyond the kingdom of ice
I speak your worlds in tounges
In pain, in bliss
Raise me from mortal

Faceless ones, to my mice
Church of the forbidden hymns
I speak your names aloud
Bleed unto me

In pain - I'm reborn
Give up the light
Live for the black
I pain - I'm sworn

In pain - I'm reborn
In pain - I'm sworn
8. Spoiled (3:21)
9. Bloodsoaked (3:23)
10. Grisly Homicidal Butchery (4:39)
Bound and gagged my canvass lies
As I plunge deep within my utensils
Screams of agony chums excitement

Dried and clotted sores ooze with puss
Sludgy entrails smeared on the stained skin
Bloody remains, stank with urine
I cum on the torn vagina

Trophies of dried flesh, fill my chamber
Slab of butchery, awaits victims to join

Human engorgement my obsession - kill for the need

Unbearable to the eyes of society
This is my intense reality
Carved tissue self-expression
Mutilation of your body
Butchered beyond recognition

Grisly Homicidal Butchery
Only dried blood remains on the kulls
As I add another fallen victim, to my altar of murder

Gutted humans bleed
As I frolic through the steamy organs
Desecration of flesh - divine
Slashed torso, masterpiece
My world truly bizzare
So pleasant to my eyes

Human engorgement my obsession - kill for the need

Grisly Homicidal Butchery
11. Crucifixion Masochism (4:38)
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