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Carnage Victory Full Album Lyrics

Sacred Steel - Carnage Victory cover art

Carnage Victory

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Sacred Steel Lyrics (86) > Carnage Victory Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-04)
1. Charge into Overkill (3:46)
Headlong into war
Sing with gleaming eyes
Hymns your fathers sung
Just before they died

Madmen in control
Targets now are set
The end will soon unfold
Wrath with no regret

March for lies
Death will rise
Show no fear
Hell is here

Charge into overkill

Onward into fire
Baptized in the roar
Born to feed the pyres
Burning on each shore

More souls for the grave
We all soon shall fall
No one's to be saved
War devours us all

Bombs of death like rain
Fall to maim
Your life turns to pain
Don't cry soldier boy
2. Don't Break the Oath (3:48)
Hear the call
Recite the words of power
On this night
On the thirteenth hour
Cleanse the air
Speak thy one desire
I am the who tempted christ
The liar

Renew the pact with hell
Give praise to satan

Don't break the oath
Don't break the oath
In league with hell forever

Curse the lord
Defy all that is holy
Hail the goat
Sodomize virgin Mary
Holy ghost
(Mind) torture for the blessed
Swear the oath
Eternal world without end

Glowing eyes
Black shape
Black skull
Black horns
You are mine
As well as I am yours
Point at me
A gesture so demanding
I agree
Withing flames neverending
3. Carnage Victory (5:56)
All I see are ruins and despair
What a sight of killing peace
A peace in shame
Not a life worth living for
Hail the saviour
Hail the beast

All hail the saviour

What do you cling to
Everything has died
All your glory and your pride

All that you lived for now has died

Alive in ruins
When dreams have turned to dust
And hopes are buried somewhere in the past
A life in ruins
Destruction's all I see
It's carnage victory

Here at the end of all your dreams
Of your religion
Of your reign
You pay salute to the colours of our flag
But our enemy you'll stay

Our enemy you'll stay
And for sure one day we'll pay

Victorious in carnage
You envy those who've died

What price to pay when a nation's on it's knees
Sacrificed on battlefields
What price to pay when the sound of cannons fade
When carnage turns to victory

Again it's carnage victory
All hail the saviour
Hail the beast

Among the ruins
An orphaned child
Peace through genocide
4. Broken Rites (5:46)
Father O'Donnell was a good man of a church
Catholic parish priest
A tale you should have heard
A holy pedophile
The glory of the lord he served so well
With rape of altar boys and girls

50 years of child abuse
They didn't want to know
No guilt and no excuse
On with the Jesus show
Convict 100 priests who acted just the same
Retired gracefully
The victims left in shame

Holy shit
Fuck your politics
Right-wing Jesus hosts
Fuck the son
The holy ghost

Fuck the lord
Fuck the book
Can't you see your cross is crooked
Your lies
Your laws
Turn our children into whores

Pedophile christianity
Assaulted in the sacristy
Molested by the holy priest
Cover-up your pedophiles
Broken rites
Broken holy rites

On march 11th '97 Kevin died
His brothers of the church
They prayed for him and cried
This great affliction caused him suffering in life
It's good tradition not to talk about these crimes

Holy father
Holy lord
Holy bible
Holy fraud
Holy ghost
Holy sperm
I hope in hell you burn

Holy Mary
Holy priest
Holy anus
Holy beast
Holy your anointed prick
Smeared with virgin shit

Bastard usurper
Pastor Emeritus sings
Up with the angels to the glory of you
The great archdiocese ignored the case of him
Oh tell me what about the victims suffering

Tell your children not to talk to priests
Tell your children not to walk with priests
Broken holy rites
5. Crosses Stained with Blood (4:57)
Welcome to a neverland of torture
Stand in line for more
Are you brave enough little soldier
To kill and die at war

Die for god
Bleed for him
Die for Jesus
He is king

Calling out
My saviour he is there
I believe in magic
And in heaven's golden lair
Chosen one
I march
I fight for truth
(For) victory (and) Vatican
I have sold my youth

Crawl to your deathbed
Mercenary lost
Scream in the bloodshed
Now you realize your soul must pay the cost
Mortally wounded
Die for your god
Crosses stained with blood

Welcome to the law of the jungle
Welcome to the land of the beast
Sooner than you think you're the hunted

Six feet under rot
Neath crosses stained with blood

All you ever loved
Ever lived for
Vanished in the haze
All you ever feared
It has come true
One last prayer to waste
6. Ceremonial Magician of the Left Hand Path (5:04)
Burn eternally
Sinful souls
Damned to hell
To perish here forevermore
In his flames we must dwell

From life
There is no escape
Never try
To die
Just a hope in vain

I believe in the devil
For his kingdom is here
I believe in the devil
For we are his children and we suffer here

Burn internally
Feel his flames in thy flesh
The curse of immortality
Rebirth after death

Forgive me not
For I have sinned
Forgive me not
I will sin and sin again

Lord of this world of hell
I am thy blood and flesh
Enslaved to the devil


Ceremonial magician of the left hand path
Speak thy words
Protect me from God's wrath
7. The Skeleton Key (5:34)
Come my child
Full of pride
We have been waiting here
Now come inside my dear
Don't you see
It's all real
You just have to believe

Chalk and circle

Four eyes

Don't you cry
Say goodbye

It's time

It's no dream
It is blasphemy
It's blasphemy
Turn the key
On this sacred night
Our magic right

It's in your mind
It's time for sacriice
Now you see
You believe
Where did you think you'll go
This house in theirs
You know
I am you
Up in the attic here
You've sealed your doom my dear
8. Shadows of Reprisal (1:33)
9. Denial of Judas (Heaven Betrayed) (5:24)
My soul I won't sell

I am the black flame within you all
God is the anvil on which my hammer falls
War is raging
Fueled by sins
Hell's gates are open
Welcome within

By my own desire I must burn
By thy own desire you must burn with me

I am hanging on the Judas tree
Burn with me
Without my soul there'll be no victory for Christianity

Call me liar
You say I am
Forever scapegoat
Forever damned
I'll take you with me
I won't let go
Come on my children
It's time to know

Denial of Judas
Heaven betrayed

You fools are mortal
You must die
No pearly gates await
No paradise
Deny heaven and choose hell
Now come my children
Burn with the damned

Burn with me

Archfoe of heaven
Hell is thy fate
Don't heed the warning

Kill god
Heaven betrayed

Hell is the home of the brave
10. Metal Underground (4:22)
84 was magic
"Hammer" ruled
My life
Oh so tragic
Young and doomed
Then beyond the giants
There I found
Metal's gems lay hidden

All I am
All I was
All I'll be
I owe to thee

Metal underground
To the heavy metal sound
I am bound


Metal underground
To the heavy metal sound
We are bound


"Hail to England" conquered
My black soul

In love then with "Melissa"
I swore the oath
Spellbound now forever
Live undead
Sworn to live for metal
Thrashing mad
11. By Vengeance and Hatred We Ride (5:16)
Ride into the storm
Into the light
Today again we fight
No regret
By sunrise we attack

With no remorse
Slay for the gods

Ride into the fray
Carnage rules today
I must die
So be it tonight

None shall remain
All be the slain

For the king
For the crown
For revenge

By vengeance and hatred we ride
Blood will be shed 'neath the sky
Fate here today will decide

Who'll live or die

Ride into their rows
Leave a feast for crows
Skulls and helmets crashed

Ride for prey
It is killing day
You must die
(We'll) takу your fuckin' lives

You can run but not hide
Now you'll die

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