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Ye Are Gods | Full Album Lyrics

Sabbath Assembly - Ye Are Gods cover art

Ye Are Gods

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPsychedelic Rock, Doom Metal
LabelsSvart Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-04)
1. Let Us All Give Praise and Validation (2:45)
Sacrifist: We are the servants of GOD, no less.

For the Judge of all mankind and the Love that His presence brings
Let us all give praise and validation

For the brethren gathered here and our function in the final End
Let us all give praise and validation

Sacrifist: Brethren, As it is.

Evangelist: So be it.

Sacrifist: Christ said: Love your enemies.
Christ’s enemy was Satan,
and Satan’s enemy was Christ.

Though Love enmity is destroyed.
Through Love saint and sinner
destroy the enmity between them.

Through Love Christ and Satan have destroyed
Their enmity and come together for the End:
Christ to Judge, Satan to execute the Judgment.

The Judgment is Wisdom.
The Execution of the Judgment is Love.

Evangelist: The Judgment is Wisdom.
The Execution of the Judgment is Love.
2. We Come From the One (4:50)
Sacrifist: May the life-giving Water of the Lord Christ
and the purifying Fire of the Lord Satan
bring the presence of Love and Unity
into this Assembly.


Sacrifist: The Final Reckoning.

Evangelist: An End and a New Beginning.

Sacrisfist: And for this purpose Christ and Satan joined.

Evangelist: Pure Love descended from the pinnacle of Heaven, united with pure hatred raised from the depths of Hell.

Sacrifist: Repayment of the debt.

Evangelist: Fulfillment of the promise.

Sacrifist: All conflicts are resolved.

Evangelist: An End and a New Beginning.

Sacrifist: The End of Hell and the Beginning of Heaven.

Evangelist: The End of Darkness and the Beginning of Light.

Sacrifist: The End of Separation and the Beginning of Unity.

Evangelist: The End of Hatred and the Beginning of Love.

Sacrifist: The End of Dying and the Beginning of Living.

Evangelist: The End is now. The New Beginning is to come.

We Come From the Light
And to the Light We Must Return
We Come From the One
And to One We Must Return
3. Bless Our Lord and Master (3:50)
Bless our Lord and Master
The time of the End is come
Praise our Lord and master
Who calls for the New Age
Wherever you are in this hour
All roads lead to the holy war
Whatever you do in the chaos of the End
There is a sword of truth for you

So now in the Judgment and the End
Do you have faith?
So follow now to bring to life again what was
This is the path to salvation

And when we see You walking in the night we want to follow You our God
And as we feel You stirring in our hearts we want to be with You our Lord
Now as the thunder is rolling close we look to the heaven for Your call
Praise the doom and bless the light what else is left to do?

We call unto the Lamb
We call unto the Judge and King
Lord Jehovah Lord Lucifer Lord Satan Lord Christ

And in the chaos of the End we come to worship all the Gods

Light of the End
Wonder of the Universe
King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
4. We Give Our Lives (3:16)
We give our lives we give our love
And praise you to the stars above
We feel you power your burning fire
You raise our spirits ever higher

The Lord Jehovah power and will
Faith and courage now instilled
With strength and truth of new life born
And faith to enter this new dawn

The Lord Lucifer the glorious Light
Wondrous presence gift of sight
The path revealed new life to build
The phoenix risen the promise fulfilled

The Lord Satan our souls inspire
With gift of love our new desire
To share with all the Unity
The fire of love brings purity

The Lord Christ salvation through
Death of the old birth of the new
Reborn to give the spark of truth
To show the Chosen eternal youth

We give our lives we give our love
And praise you to the stars above
We feel you power your burning fire
You raise our spirits ever higher
5. Exit (5:13)
Sacrifist: Christ said, “Come unto me all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” The gift of love is the healer of all ills. And the greatest love of all is the Unity of Christ and Satan. If that seemingly eternal conflict can be resolved through love, all conflict can be resolved – through love.

There is an exit from confusion
An exit from despair
There is an exit for everyone
An exit that we can share

Life for us is a game
Where are we going?
All too soon, life is past
What lies tomorrow?
Will it be sorrow?

The end of conflict now

Where is Heaven?
And where is Hell?
Life’s what we make it
Through the years times change

Together we will rise
Tears of joy in our eyes.

The end of conflict now
6. Christ, You Bring the End (3:26)
Christ, Light in the dark of the night
Christ, Vision most pure
Christ, Son of the mystical East
Christ, You bring the End

Christ, Wisdom and wonderful One
Christ, Vision and sight
Christ, Over the sea land and sky
Christ, You bring the End

Now You are One
Now Father and Son
Now Satan and You are in Unity
Now God and Goddess supreme

Christ, Sword of the magical night
Christ, Cheered by the brave
Christ, Leading Your Army to war
Christ, You bring the End

Christ, Victory stamped in Your Blood
Christ, Glory to God
Christ, Vision of all that’s supreme
Christ, You bring the End
7. And the Clarion Calls (5:28)
New life is born the Gods are joined
The Unity is formed
We sing our song of love to the Gods
And the clarion calls

Beauty and power in the light of the sun
Now that the Gods are One
We have the gift of love through the gods
And the battle is won

So come with us and sing our song
Unto the Unity
You’ll feel the life and love of the Gods
And the clarion calls

So lift your banners high to the gods
Feel the new life flow to the gods
Raise the voice of the love in the world

And the clarion calls
8. In the Time of Abaddon II (3:23)
Sacrifist: This is the Prophecy of the End.
The Gods are with us. Christ is among us.
As herald of the Time, a wave of pain and suffering
sweeps the earth from end to end.
And fear is growing in the hearts of men.

Assembly: And we shall conquer fear with love.

Sacrifist: And there are wars and rumors of wars.
And nation rises against nation,
and kingdom against kingdom.
And there are famines and pestilences and earthquakes.
And blood flows in the streets of the cities.
And the Angel of Death has descended
upon the world of men.
And Death stalks the earth.
And men stand in fear and trembling before
the inexorable onslaught.
And the earth shakes beneath the relentless
fury of the cataclysms.
And the battle of the Armageddon is joined.
And the mighty Fiend is released from Hell.
And fire sweeps across the face of the land to devour it.
And Disaster is in every corner of the earth.
And Love shall triumph.

Assembly: And the world shall be reborn, in Love.


For God shall sound His mighty voice:

“Behold the one whom I created
Has transgressed from my commandments
He has eaten from the tree of life
And brought injury to all mankind

Abaddon, I make you king of him
For you did bring him to me
And your name shall be a source of terror
And the mouth of every man shall call you

Abaddon, Angel of Death.”

Abaddon, I believe in you.
9. Transcendence (1:17)
12.1 Transcendence: JEHOVAH, LUCIFER, and SATAN:
12.2 THREE distinct and separate patterns of reality, yet each to some extent is present in each one of us.

12.14 The power of JEHOVAH, of LUCIFER and of SATAN is the dominant power, and conflicted though They may be for the purpose of the Game, upon one matter They are in total agreement – which means that on this matter all human beings are equally in total agreement, hard though they may try to hide it, even from themselves.

12.15 And that matter is the fact of the End. The End of the world as we know it; the End of human kind as we know it; the End of human values as we know them; the End of human endeavours, human creations, human ambitions, human patterns of life, human conventions, human laws and human customs as we know them. On one thing the Gods are in agreement: All these shall be destroyed, to make way for a New Age and a New Way of Life.

-Robert DeGrimston, The Gods on War
10. The Love of the Gods (5:47)
The Love of the Gods
is the Life of the New Age
Is the Truth of the New World
Is the Light of the New Beginning

Sing for the joy of the Gods
And the pleasure of Christ
In life and truth

Angels singing brightly
Angels proclaiming
Angels heralding the coming of our Lord

Live with the truth of the Gods
And Strength of Jehovah
In service and love

The Heavens are opened
The Kingdom is come
The children are born into the womb of purity

Born in the praise of the Gods
In Light of Lucifer
And brilliance and power

The New Life is known,
The New Love is shown
The New Age bringing perfect harmony to all

Sacrifist: Brethren, the Prophecy of the New Beginning.

The Gods shall be united in Christ,
And GOD shall be reborn.

The Lord Jehovah shall be the Power of GOD.
The Lord Lucifer shall be the Light of GOD.
The Lord Satan shall be the Love of GOD.
The Lord Christ shall be the Unity of GOD.

And the power of Fear,
And the power of Hatred,
And the power of Death shall be no more.

If love is what we seek then we must know hate
If joy is what we seek then we must know pain
If peace is our ideal then we must know war
Be not troubled for this must be.

Sacrifist: What is the Law of the Universe?
What is the gift of the New Beginning?

Assembly: That we shall conquer fear with love.

March for the Glory of God
With love of Satan
Release of the End
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