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Identifiers: Barcode: 6430050661670 | Full Album Lyrics

Sabbath Assembly - Identifiers:  Barcode: 6430050661670 cover art

Identifiers: Barcode: 6430050661670

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPsychedelic Rock, Doom Metal
LabelsSvart Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > S > Sabbath Assembly Lyrics (34) > Identifiers: Barcode: 6430050661670 Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-04)
1. Risen From Below (4:24)
Raising its horns
Proudly lifting
The hooves
In denial of decay
The moon like a white rose glares

Flowers of fear
Fertility like a shadow
Fading crimson
My memories

The sun falls and the world grows dim

’Tell us, how will our end come?’
‘Have you found your beginning
that you are looking for the end?
The end is where you started’

’Tell us, how will our end come?’
‘You who stand at the beginning –
You will know the end
And not taste death.’+

Birth is pain-filled
Death is rebirth
Like a bloom withers at night
Sleep until the moon and stars die

The Pentagram, engraved and luminous
A Word of Truth, the Night Star
Burns aside the Invisible
Mystery, the Shadow of the Night

From the Earth is drawn the blood that’s Risen From Below

+Gospel of Thomas, Logia 18
2. Confessing a Murder (4:49)
7 sorrows, 7 swords pierce through hollow embers
A fainting chant – arise and multiply
Majestic resonance, echo, crumbling to dust
My sin, the sin for which I’m greatly cursed

The pagan screech from the beat of raven’s wings
Resounds against the star-encrusted sky

So Rise, O Man, stand up and be joyful
For pain you shall have in abundance
The only time of peace is when we’re at war
Bringing death to a life
That will die for torture

Those who cry, “Please, we never wished it so!”
They shall be the first to die

When the rivers finally cease to flow
But with the blood you cried to receive
And the land gives nothing but the bodies
Of the slain who did try
To escape through a locked window

He weeps, laments, surrenders all his miracles
Quickly, come out of the shadow of the Cross
Has fate snuck in and mounted upon my body?
Sadly something in my heart does not wish to be cured

Far beyond heaven and earth
Empty space comes to an end
This I confess to you

When will we finally be satisfied?
Only with the light of battle in our eyes
Our revolution is against the inhumane world
I feel poisoned – I die in your arms
Send my soul through twilight to heaven

This is like confessing a murder
3. Burn Me, I Thirst for Fire (5:18)
The moon ceases her path in the air
The Will
It stealeth like a thief+

Hold onto me with the need to be forgotten
Enter my life with the stillness of the tomb
A finger on the trigger like one grabs at love gone rotten
More than death my eyes now see

The maiden descends
To the bloodstain on the stage
The risk in her fear
A bullet shot with rage

A thimble of priest’s tears nourishes my lover’s garden
Through this life-death force with my scars at the gate
The game is mere seduction like a flower quickly trodden
Star-crossed hellish child, my nemesis

The maiden descends
To the bloodstain on the stage
The risk in her fear gone away
With this she comes of age

Around me flame, within me, death!

Holy Saints and Martyrs
Why do your relics turn to dust
Beneath my feet
As I trod down a path to ruin?

Burn me, I thirst for fire
And on these bright red wings
I’ll take you higher

How long will you hide Lord?
Oh these chains of memory never rust

Now at all times I can see in my mind’s eye
The unsatisfaction in faces like rain-beaten stones
All their eyes fixed they are hoping to find
Uncontrollable mystery lurking in these human bones

Now silence ends and the moon waxes so sweetly
As I fly through the air reality grows faint
My finger on the trigger like one clings to love in heaven
A hole inside me – winds converge

The maiden descends
To the bloodstain on the stage
And I look to the light in the air
The red wings spread in despair
4. Only You (5:30)
Only You

My heart breaks, bleeding to death
Shattered awake, nothing but breath
What are you now, new virgin snow?
You melt in my arms as I hold you close

Light explodes in my soul, fragments the whole
With distant eyes I sit and wait, closing the gate

The fire is out, warmth gone thereof
My wounds soothed by the stars above
Gold wine is drunk, dregs remain
Bitter as wormwood, salty as pain

God’s ears are filled with silence yet the call of the drum
Sounds in my chest, eternal rest, descend to hell

I’ll love him ‘til his thickened skin is torn to shreds
‘Til his last drop of blood is shorn
I’ll love him ‘til his dry bones fall apart
‘Til the ghost is satiated in his heart

In my fight to be alone I peer beneath his tombstone
In the crypt I behold a shadow in the air now growing cold
With my heat the cold now unites
Creates a mist so thick I have no sight
What can penetrate sadness so true?
Only You

Silence around, leaf falls to leaf
Through the trees, longing now creeps
Perceive yourself, perceive now God
All is dust – what more do you want?

Deep in the darkness in his face I found my place
What penetrates sadness so true?
Only you
5. The Fiery Angel of Desire (5:42)
Am I worth it? Pull the seam
I look myself in the eye and scream
The charges lead us forth into the night
We meet our demons, our allies in the fight
Slap my face. Clench my fist
Bury my sorrow in false bliss
Even this war is not unlike a dream
There’s no protection – the enemy’s me

For sensual friction is largely fiction
And so is love, and so is love.
I’ve known rivers as ancient as my shame
Older still than the blood in human veins

For love alone do you conspire
The Fiery Angel of Desire

But if love is meant to take me higher
Where is the sin in my pure desire?

Oh my blood purified, purified through pain
Strike again, I run, can’t clean my stain
Transfixed eyes belie the treasured prize
The Fiery Angel of Desire

Sensual friction is largely fiction
And so is love, and so is love
I’ve known oceans deep as my despair
Filled with terrors, creatures of nightmare

For love alone do you conspire
The Fiery Angel of Desire

I feel my soul encased in ice
Each time my heart breaks it lets out more light

I am here with you, I’m part of you
Love, change not, but live to the edge of doom
Transfixed eyes belie the treasured prize
The Fiery Angel of Desire
6. Ave Satanas (4:15)
Ave Satanas
Nomine Satanas
Altare Inferi

In terror of the End,
You, who knew Him
Shall fall

Strange is the night where the black stars arise
And strange moons circle the skies
Song of my soul, my voice is dead
Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed+

Domine Satanas
ui regit terram
et descendat beneficium tuum

Satan lives in Death
And Death is your ultimate test

Ave Satan!
Songs that Hades shall sing
Ave Satan!
Here lay the tattered King
Ave Satan!
Warm blood, chalice extends
But stranger still
Is the Lost Carcosa
Ave Satan!

Along the shore the cloud waves break
Twin suns sink behind the lake
Song of my soul, my voice is dead
Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed

Dry and die in
the Lost Carcosa+
Ave Satan!
Here lay the tattered King
Ave Satan!
Dark realms move in closer
Shadows lengthen
In the Lost Carcosa

+Robert W. Chambers, The King in Yellow
7. Sharpe Edge of the Earth (6:05)
Her star rises in mist from the sea at evening
‘Remember the beauty of my caress’
O memory -- her wares cannot perish
How I smell the perfume in her blood

My fever is high
I’ve seen through the sheltering sky
To the horrors above this Sharp Edge of the Earth
Who can defend love?

That night he woke sobbing, a well miles deep
To the streets of gold falls his dimming star
No memory save the faceless voice whispering
‘The earth is sharp, trust the blade that cuts you’

My fever is high
I’ve seen through the sheltering sky
To the horrors that lie on this Sharp Edge of the Earth
Who can defend love?

The Earth’s Sharp Edge
Is sharpened by the will to approach death.
And the flower that dies
Is the one we nourish the most
The hour arrives
When the bloom turns to dust
And the earth’s sharp edge cuts you
Finally the garden is barren

The blind fluttering moth toward the candle flies
Offers blessings to thee, then burns falls and dies
To the streets of gold fall its burning wings
Like our prayers of incense its smoke rises to God
8. Apparation of the Revolution (5:54)
It is torture that you kill me
As your knife goes gliding in
Cut my vein to the spirit
Of the child I have been
My life screams as you carve me
Hold my guts inside your hands
Heaven brings newly warmed blood
As you drain my heart again

With blind acceptance I swallow all your lies
Yet consumed by rage I learn only to reside
In fear of the apparition of the revolution

Apparition of the Revolution

Poised at the edge of destruction
Fist held straight up in the sky
I marvel at the corpses moving
Is it I who give them life
And still am I to blame
As the water’s closing in
Submerged in futile tragedy
The rumbling of The End

Yet a 1,000 armies’ poisons never could stop my grief
Some angels had the nerve to interrupt my peace
In admiration of the apparition of the revolution

And in a wild and sudden dance
We mocked at Time, Fate, and Chance
Singing, “God is Joy, and Joy is Love”

And in our eyes there flashed a glow
Of brightness to and fro
And in this all our song arose

You spoke, ‘I see your eyes grow dim
With all the sorrow of men
Now wrapped in dreams again
Be still, my friend’

Apparition of the Revolution

Finally I grasp your pleasure
It’s to see me slowly burn
The revelation no longer ghostly
Solid form of rebellion
[A mother dreams of her sons united
Her children’s eyes drawn blank and flat]
With each step I further fall into the void
With each life I lived I stopped just slightly short

In dreaming of the Apparition of the Revolution
By hunting for the Apparition of the Revolution
In dying for the Apparition of the Revolution
Out of love for the Apparition of the Revolution
9. Shadows of Emptiness (4:46)
I saw a wave curling through the sky
Around a mountain ten miles high
Sound of my heart, sleeping fire
Hold my hair

I came to find them, invisible light
Beings of stillness, eagle eyes
Silent as owls, spinning stars
Talons rest

My bones are broken, three times blessed
My breasts are open, silver nest
My children scattered
So far away the Shadows of Emptiness

Say na
So far away the Shadows of Emptiness

I walked here backwards crying for the sun
The incense held me smoke and stone
Calling you home
Breath hearts beat as One

The wolf he told me the form was wrong
So I reached down to search the bones
Soaring above Great White Lake
Frozen sighs

My shimmering matter, thousand eyes
My hearth your cradle, reindeer fly
How can I help you?
So far away the Shadows of our Goodbyes

Say na
So far away the Shadows of Emptiness
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