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Technogen Pandemonium Full Album Lyrics

SS-18 - Technogen Pandemonium cover art

Technogen Pandemonium

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-17)
1. Three Shots, Three Aims (4:03)
Fervent lead is striving out,
Supersonic blow aspiring to the aim.
The fire is indomitable in a black barrel…
The last argument is destructive…

Three shots, three aims.
The holy sculls are breaking
To hundreds rotting pieces.
Three shots like bursts of thunder
Declared the new rational world order
Under the silver shine of a black dawn.

Ruined fussy ant hill
Was leaved without watchers.
Fire-winged birds lightning the dark sky,
Leaden drops blowing up the earth witch turned to ashes.
Three bursts of thunder declared
Intercontinental ballistic rain
2. Irreversibility of Omnicide (4:32)
The generator is on and it’s no way to stop it.
The energy of coming End
Gradually destroys the energy of the Beginning.
Man-caused entropy of the Universe, stench of rotting god.

Production of mutated forms
Won’t save from the omnicide.
Scorched desert is pulsating and amplifying.
Disgust and hate are getting their real size.

The world is covering with lead and filling with gnash.
Forgotten virtue convulsing.
No alive being can stand that sound.
The generator is on and it’s no way to stop it…
3. Children of the New Epoch (5:10)
Under the green shining
Of hundred thousands reactors
Acid rains wash off
Remains of flesh
Baring to bone
Pulsating nerves of a
Body continuing life
Incinerating by a blind radiation
Doomed and immovable
But existing in agony
Raking up uranium by hands
Stuffing it into throats
Disintegrate and dissolve
Burn down irrevocably
In a frenzying pain
Devouring nuclear mushroom blasts
Reveling in industrial drain gutter’s water
Dying for life
And born for torments
All life under a number 234
Living fuel of infernal machine
4. Chernobyl Radwind (2:35)
5. The Newest Nuclear Scenery (5:20)
The heavy acid rain
The dirty sky disgorged.
Small parts of ionic flowers
Blow the space by flashes.

The harmony of nuclear reality,
Tranquility of plasma lakes.
Sticky ashes on the ruins of the world

The vortex of fallen life
Throwing the flinders.
The beginning of a new history,
Revision of the old truth.

World without humanity,
World without you.

The world remained the same
Excepting the living forms.
6. The Last Winter (5:30)
Crystal-clear and pure
The monolithic icy scope.
Perfect cold…

In the gripe of cryogenic glass
Tightly chained rusty constructions.
All-penetrating ice…
Deserted reality…

The dead machinery of civilization
Turned to solid mass of ice.
Cold crystal…
Stark breath…

Frosty shine of ice-lumps
In occasional rays of the Sun getting cold.
The last winter…
The permanent winter…
7. Bioreaktor Pandemonium (6:34)
Forget all that you’d known.
Yesterday’s incomplete parts
Today become the unified machinery of destruction –
The supreme personification of man-caused mind.
Biomechanical being,
Absorbent, processing, reformative.
Adjusted cycles of devourment.
Biological material is everywhere.
Plants in human form
Are breaking the genetic chains.
Biological trash
Will be transform to energy.
Pungent slush in biometal veins.
Smell the scent of man-caused sulfur.
A new millennium pandemonium
Has got his true body.
8. Mutation Biosphere (3:46)
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