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Seeds of Chaos and Serenity Full Album Lyrics

Ruins of Elysium - Seeds of Chaos and Serenity cover art

Seeds of Chaos and Serenity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal
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1. Kama Sutra (5:21)
Lay down into my opulence
Give up to your mortal greed
Unveil your desires
And your fetishist dreams
Stop in this position, ignition to take flame
Burn our bed to cinders as you eagerly scream my name

This, the melody of darkness
And the flesh under red light
Take me into your harem
In your palace of delight
In this minute of existence all wounds will disappear
I’m gonna make you mine when I feel your breath near me

No need for disguises in our Arabian nights
Let my touch set free this wild fire

I’m your demon, I’m your angel
I’m an agent for your pleasure
We can soar to the highs
You’re one more inside my schedule
I don’t know how to put it
So I’ll moan in your ear
2. Shadow of the Colossus (8:49)
The velvet of the night
is but a kiss on my pale face
For I wandered through the silence for so long

I’m the last one on Earth
They’re so big and I, so small…

I’m in agony
I lost the last one for me
And the Colossi are drawing near
Was life once a gift?
Now, why is it a pain to bear?
I’m fully aware of my redundant status on this world
A world so fragile and so cold

The first heaven was a lie
The second heaven’s where I died
The third heaven was an illusion for me
Like the fourth and the fifth heaven,
Same void as numbers six and seven
Eighth heaven turned oblivion into a land of light
But it is in the Ninth Heaven where I fight

We are all pillars of reality
Our burden is to hold a world
That was never built for us

Now I roam the land,
From the sea, forest and sand
To conquer the giants
My tormented mind created


The shadow is cast upon us
Don’t fear, my child,
Young wanderer and wild
Create a world without the need for gods
3. Serpentarius (5:07)
Serpentarius, serpentarius
The lost lore of the zodiac

The astral circle hides a secret
Suns wandering carriage
Travelling with shining minstrels
Coronation won’t be long

In the cradle of creation
I’m a saint and I’m a star
The aurora for the poets
For astrological bards

The serpent queen is diving deeply
Into milky way’s sea
Ponds of black wine
No principles
But the constellation’s wings

Take my soul
Into woe
Make my whole
Your black hole


Carry me beyond thy veil
Subdue me in your fangs
Sing for me a thousand tales
Of your reign among the stars

Make me drunk with thy venom
Let be reason of my scars
Protect me within thy scales
Thou, the aegis of the sun

In this starship
I’m a sailor
I’ll prevail
Won’t derail

Mere ambition
Let be free your imagination

4. Beyond the Witching Hour (8:03)
All hallows Eve!
All hallows Lilith!
All hallows me!

Lascivious hordes, I’m their herald
To crush and curse this gaunt society
How dare you call our lore bedight?
Blind pig of hostile fraternity
Hateful and hypocritical are your tools of persuasion
Filthy colonnades holding salvation
I reign, brazen and immaculate

My thirst, quenched in puritan blood
My anger, sated, the Salem’s song
Benighted in a copious magick birth, fruitful as my womb
Our reaver legacy draws your midnight tomb
Ashes blighted our faces but
I am prolific as the goddess of fertility
Ancients, bless me bequeathing me thy sanctity
I will be burned as the devil’s whore
All hallows eve!
All hallows Lilith!
All hallows me!

And as sacrifices shall be done
In our craft there is no right or wrong
Only the wisdom of mother nature, father time
Rise, Chernobog!
Godforsaken festivity
Extol laws of the cosmic energy
Let our celebration be held in this wintery
All hallows eve

Men will drive in pride an empty hearse
While we feast, men and beast, alike
In Walpurgis Night’s zenith we bask
Glorious, those tasked to rid the world of the ecclesiastic mask
Over the debris of your palaces
We will invoke our paradise

Unhinged by the fright of our mere glimmer
Your city burns, bent to our revenge
After centuries of torture
Your inquisition was in vain
Now the wine of bacchantes hundredfold
Write the story your ancestors never told
They were true desecrators in their gist
We will live over the Hammer of the Witches

Men will drive in pride an empty hearse
While we feast, men and beast, alike
In Walpurgis Night’s zenith we bask
Glorious, those tasked to rid the world of the ecclesiastic mask
Over the debris of your palaces
We will invoke our paradise
I am dressed for the Samhain
So kiss your Christians goodbye

All hallows Eve!
All hallows Lilith!
All hallows me!
5. Iris (1:19)
6. The Birth of a Goddess (7:05)
Turn away your scriptures and feathers
I’m not searching for your heaven

You sing about spirits and sinners
Living is not for beginners

What if I don’t fit, what if I don’t need
Your not so special creed?

I’ve been taming my demons, sending them away
Conflicting since my first day

I am the child of the arcane
The wind that surrounds me is
A kiss from the starlight way

I have just sprouted from my conch,
So don’t you dare say don’t
Release the grace within me

Where is my reason to live?
I’m the one who always sings
About becoming a star

I’m the Queen to rule all Queens
I’m the soul of everything
After all, I am a star

I’ve had many blinding my vision
Demonizing what makes me me
I am proud of my rainbow flag
I’m victorious to exist

And we shall face the world
Burning out all closets
We shall face the world
Fighting for our causes
We shall face the world
Cause hate will never defeat love

We hold our heads up high
Standing for our families
We hold up our pride
Believing in our sanctity
We hold our heads up high
Hate will never defeat love

Why does the birth of a Goddess
Can bother the world?
If the prettiest flower is a sight to behold
There’s a diva within me and I won’t repress
I am a survivor, I’m not going back
7. Seeds of Chaos and Serenity (39:42)
Arc I - Crystal

Once upon a world
Where stories would never be told
Once upon a castle on the moon

Silver rays, shimmering stars
The galaxy will guide you
Wherever you are

Seeds of chaos and serenity
Guardians of the cradle of the stars
Cauldron of all life, born in the center of the universe
Take a step in the silver millennium
Tale featured into my compendium
Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune or Mars

Remember me in the moonlight
Remember my dead paradise

From above I watched
As heaven touched the earth
And future met the past

Through my kaleidoscope
I mourned a war so wild
Crystal heart, mother and child

Disgraced, distorted, aborted
I'm aboard a rattle navigating towards dusk
Now and hereafter, the burning smell of plasma
I'm chaos, one who never became a star

Battles always leave scars
Civil, soldier, near or far

Remember us in the moonlight
Remember our dead paradise

Remember the princesses and castles
Remember the forbidden love between us
Remember the wrath of this fighting
The truth was dissolved with us into dust

Remember the warriors, the pain and the stars
Remember the planets, the light shone so far
The clock ticking backwards, the glow in my eyes
Remember our new paradise

Arc II – Black Moon

The silver glimmer heals the world
Crystalized within its body there is me

And then she came
The sprout of hope, a future bright
She came

In a vortex of time, above my head
She fell
My life and my heart were bind into her spell
Into a twinkle yell

My heart is a kaleidoscope
Oh, dear, where exactly is here?
I never knew where to go
And I’m lost forever and ever, forever

Today, the moon’s not shining
Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald
Dark ghostly touch

Seeds of Chaos and Serenity
In the blazing surface of the hyperspace
Zodiac hostess embodying hopes for aeons of peace

In my lexicon, taboo stands for liberty
A refulgent proof of our divinity
And although my brethren lie in anarchy
But a phantom shadow of my nemesis
We once had a vow of prosperity
The most blessed curse upon this galaxy
Now it’s my time to deceive once and for all

My heart is a kaleidoscope
Oh, dear, you’re heavenly here
I always knew where to go
And I’ll know forever and ever, forever

The rabbit is on the hole
Wonderland’s lost
I was gone since the day I was born

My heart is a Kaleidoscope
And I am finally here

Arc III – Infinity

Come, devout of the most unholy mess
Over senseless stains of gore
Rise, apostles, cherish the cult
For the new Satan of this world

Death and repentance
Parents of the silence born
In the great uterus of the void


Amidst the primal order, I’ve seen you
Fulminating the darkness
Of mere mortal platitudes

We all wait for a messiah
A messenger of order
But our thoughts in disarray brought the chaos to our border

I see you in my mirror
I fight them with my sword
I have thee in my brooch and
I protect you with my scythe

I’ll drink from this chalice
With the blessing of the moon
Hurts me we have to part
But I know I will see you soon

A hangloose is the only amulet we have
To enter the furnace we were unaware
That was the talisman of greater demise

The worst thing in the world
Is to see your dreams turn to dust
Lost in reality’s void

You live to fight for what’s right
It hurts to see that our ideals brings just nothing
You die knowing that something is wrong in the world around us

Arc IV – Dreams

The universe is built on shards
Shards of a mirror
Of hope, shards of many hearts
And what shine in the ether of the cosmos
Are the radiances reflecting from ourselves

And then she came,
Then I met love and a new hope she gave
My life and my heart were bind into her spell
Into a twinkle yell

I will sing a hundred poems
As the one who found true love

If you long for the truth, ask the mirror
You can lie to books, to writings
But not to your own reflection
That, in the end, is nothing but a collection
Of the things you did in life

The dreams are eternal
When night brings a new day
The only thing we keep
When time comes to take
Our life seed away

I am not afraid of time, why should I be?
I grew up to a disguise I never needed to need
So let me sleep where I find comfort and balm
In the garden on the palm
In the hands of the Universal God

Let me see inside the man I wish to be
Of the future I dreamed for me
Be the moon or be the sun

Even Queens weep
And even darkness has its bright side
So don’t bother if I may
Build a circus out of gray
Masquerading my frustrations

My heart is a kaleidoscope
(You’re bravely here)

Godspeed, and when you’re alone
Please, don’t cry
Child, come, now it’s bedtime
I’ll read a story for you

And when you sleep
You’ll dream of a better world
A world where you’ll never be cold
Then our story will be finally true

Arc V – Stars

Under the veil of space, swimming in the milk way
Adorned with jewels from the deserts of stardust
We act in histrionics, thousand glorious pilgrimages
Fighting, singing, dancing
Hurtling with a smile on our faces

I pray to the starlight gorgeous of this galaxy
Make this tale of disgrace an empty page
Leave only the memories of those blessed by the splendor

They poetize about the song of the cosmos
A melody sang by astral bodies and stars
Starlight, the compass of all navigators

And navigating I fantasize
Drifting to the core, the seed of the universe
We all have a mission, a light inside us all
Materializing in the hopes
That keeps our worlds alive

Oh, gorgeous meditation
My therapy, my kiss
The honeymoon, my fall, my bliss

Oh shooting stars whose shine I finally can see
For now, I’ll just seed the hopes inside me

Seeds of chaos and serenity
A rain of comets forsaking the past
Bringing new loves, bringing new hopes
May those finally last

The millennium of the new life is here
Stars will begin to rise, so said the seer
I pray to the starlight gorgeous of this galaxy

Now, a new world will be born

I’m lost in the endless black of the universe my adventure begun
In the world of souls lost in the valley, a mere drop of dew

From death always come hope and rebirth
So said the cosmos, the ruler of all

Light will glow from this nebula
Grow, sprouts, grow
Raising new life
Born from the Milky Way, chaotic beauty
Castle of the queen, queen Serenity
Astral deities, Helios and Selene
The answer is here, I’m part of the
Building of Stars
(Born to be bright)
The Building of Stars…

You are the most magnificent star to shine through the eternal splendor
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