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Daphne Full Album Lyrics

Ruins of Elysium - Daphne cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal
Album rating :  60 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-02)
1. Daphne (10:21)
The Gods envy us, the mortals
Helios, Jesus
Our people

Scream, witch, we will burn your body
You should know much better, Daphne

Daphne, tell me
I can’t see
Why love is forbidden
Daphne, my Queen,
Wasn’t thee
Whose blesses were given?

My body is a vessel you can own
But not my soul

Born not as a human,
Only a woman
Under the sign of the knife
Held in chains for my entire life

The hammering storms of mortal judgment
I raise my head above and on my enthronement
I’ll bring life and end the silence
In the spectacle of life
To this world ruled by men

Under my veil I take pride of this notion
Even by knowing this word has nothing for me
I lost my life in a failed abortion
I’m tired of being raped continuously

Under my veil I take pride of this notion
Even by knowing this word has nothing for me
I lost my life in a failed abortion
I’m tired of being raped continuously

From the cradle to the chambers
Prison bars made of oppression
Wrapped Rosary, set to embers
Lucifer’s sexual connection
We live on a phallus shaped world
Where virginity’s made of gold
It’s your fault, don’t forget it
Daphne, you were the one to bite the apple

I am the goddess of fertility
Red Queens don’t need virility
The matriarch, the monarch, the empress
The witch, the vixen, the temptress
I am the queen of everything

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is not fair between us all?
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who will save us from them all?

While you dance in fluttery pirouettes
The demeanor of reality you act
I am the music for my performancer
The violin, the piano, the cello, the soprano
Whichever form you desire me to take
To take part in this sadistic masquerade
Because you are the Queen of a land where there’s no King
Every woman in this world carries a scar
Banally placed in an altar from afar
But still you rise and fight,
Like this melody of mine
Beautiful Daphne, I am with you in your march

Free me from my chains and let my dreams be boundless
Let me just for once not be ashamed of my body
I shall bear no more, inside my womb, repentance
No cross, no judgment, my freedom is my sentence

Daphne, my queen, wasn’t thee whose blesses were given for?
The blesses are given to you
2. The Greatest Jubilee (4:39)
This doesn’t sound nearly
as poetical or comical as it should
Alighieri sees me as a dishonor
Cursing me from the gates of hell

Requiem for the sclerotic, possessed by torpor
The body in the madhouse is not of an immortal
I challenged inquisition,
Politi-comical commissions
Protested divinity into senseless matters

My tragedy has been pointless for so long
But I write and poetize it in an epic song

Sempiternam jubilaeum
I leave this world to crumble alone
And take refuge in my mind

Abridgment and sentient
About my devotion
Wet, in my bed, around a thousand emotions
It’s written on my bible
The evangel of the snake
The ophidian sacrament
Vulgar, hedonistic, indecent

Sempiternam, jubilaeum
My overdose is from stars, not from crack
There is no boundary I cannot wreck
I’m covered with petals,
Gold bravery medals
And I’ll be honored by all

I’m much wider than your simple eyes can see
Or you fathom to believe in the greatest jubilee
In your world so precious, my beauty is atrocious
Reality is met only with lies
Evil has many faces, many forms,
In blood and pleasure I rule the destruction I adore
While I inject it down with gore

Freedom entwine my senses
I’m the dusk flirting with dawn
Cause I’m not constant with my passions
Sometimes love’s just too ethereal
I’m young and my time’s getting short

Sempiternam jubilaeum
I cry for every apostle In Hell
I climb on my serpent and bid you Farwell
The vipers are coiling, The opus is rolling
In the palace built in my mind
3. No You're Not (4:07)
You said we’re cursed, we have no way
You said is a sin to be gay
We’re aberrations on the Earth
That we’re immoral, bound to fade

Preached millions the law of hate
To innocent love you brought disgrace
Said we were hated by your God
That we were all condemned to rot

But no, we’re not!

You said for us would be no time
Made us feel rejected all our lives
Forced us to be ashamed and hide
Said we were too weak to fight

You put a note on a boy’s mouth
And broke his legs, his arms, his heart
Said we were nothing but a plague
A plague you’re gonna exterminate

But no, you’re not!

Rise tonight, rise and fight
Ask the judges if they don’t hold secrets
Stop the violence right now
I refuse to live in a hate filled world
You say you’re gonna reap us and tear our lives apart
But your God is on our side, so guess what?

No, you’re not

I was kicked out from home
Leave my children alone
Drop this lamp, stop hitting me
You’re killing me, you are breaking my bones
Another teenager is dead
Raped and spanked to learn how to be a man
Take the job and the hopes from this fag
Abuse left scars on my body and my head

But if you think you’re gonna stop us from fighting for our lives
I scream and I scream high:

No, you’re not!
4. Lavender (Daphne version) (5:07)
There is a spirit of a mother
watching her son from afar
In a place where love is meaningless
And black clouds cover the stars

This melancholy's so cruel
Nor romantic nor saint

Tell me, oh God, my lord
To where have you taken my friend?

Read me, trace me
My abilities, disabilities
I flew with him through skies of longings and desires
I’ve been but a listener to his dubious strategies
There are no more lies when a friend dies
But I pray so I can meet him soon

I may’ve been a liar
An attacker or defender
Imperfect masterpiece
For as long as I remember
If I have a death wish
In this home where I'm slender
Bury me in the tower
In the city of Lavender

Ghosts are real, orphaned spirits
We are all saints till the countdown starts

Read me, trace me
My abilities, disabilities
My hope was lost when the best part of me was buried
There’s nothing else to lose
There’s nothing left for me

I walk in the wastelands of my torments
Now I’m falling from grace so fast
5. Largo al Factotum (4:33)
6. Crusader (6:56)
Revelations running through my mind
Grinding my gears,
Deconstructing what I thought was right

This crusade fatigates me
But I can’t give up

It was no divine intervention,
It was no hallucination
But rather illumination from a decaying social abomination

Shall I resign to my old convictions?
They no longer belong to me
As I change myself from this prison
So does the world as I see as it should be

This crusade fatigates me
But giving up is not an option

Such hurricane of feelings
My faith, my being in slavery
Calls up to hold your ground and fight, with bravery

Shall I alter my whole vision?
It no longer resembles me
As I change myself from this prison
So does the world as I see as it should be

Deep in abyss of soul
Lie heavenly aesthetics
But human ethics brought the downfall
Of holymost places

Hold my hand up to the crown of old Jerusalem
Soldiers, sacrifice your lives
And in your own demise
Turn yourselves against all of the lies
And now heaven shall fall

Do they really fight for your own good?
Do they really want the world’s good?
What's hidden in their wishes?
Find the truth and soon,
You’ll see, heaven shall fall

A real change, modification
Or an obscure continuation?
Clarification, now I know heaven shall fall
7. Epilogue: Meadows of Elysium (3:49)
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