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II: a Way of Life That You Can't Understand Full Album Lyrics

Rotten Light - II: a Way of Life That You Can't Understand cover art

II: a Way of Life That You Can't Understand

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDepressive Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > R > Rotten Light Lyrics (20) > II: a Way of Life That You Can't Understand Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-02-26)
1. Torn by Anxiety (5:39)
Can I touch it again?
The lost feeling of happines
The senses destroyed once
The mark in my skin

Why I cant reach it again?
The peace torn by anxiety
The Illusion of life
A rest for my mind.
2. When the Time Came (5:43)
So The Time Came
I can't step forward
I can see my pain
Bleeding from my wet skin
I touch the water
But I can't feel the shock

Where is my desired end?
So The Time Came
But I failed again
Once again
I live and awake!
3. Essence of Nothing (4:35)
I let the fear consume me
Now, I cant reach the stars

I still swam in darkness
Still warm by the embrace of death

Searching for something that may never be known
Perfection is an essence that can be only found here
Not a poem, not a razorblade, not a song
Not the pain, not the real love
Not a colour, not a smile, not a word

Only whispers in a plane of silence
4. Below a Broken Life, Peace Seems Eternal (4:50)
5. Dreadful Depression (4:25)
Drowning in my misery
Silence over take
I am the one falling
Deeper and Deeper

Rain drops piercing down on my conscious
I stay curled in my fragile state
I remember this, by my scars
This feeling that I wanted to destroy
Its always there in me
Its calling me
Its killing me
6. A Way That of Life That You Can't Understand (5:38)
More hopeful pills today
Trying to appear
Trying to cure
What have no solution
What is my conclusion

To hurt myself unlimited times
To hurt my mind until I can't get back
With actions that bring the everburning pain
A way that you cant see
A way that I cant understand

Pain for the soul
I will come back
Pain for the heart
I will fade out
Pain for the body
I will bleed
Pain for the mind
I will scream

I seek to see why I am still living
I do not speak nor do I try
Are you sure, you want to understand me?
7. Last Days of September (4:41)
I will remember this last days
I will amass the memories
There's no doubt you really care
But it's your heart you can never share

Our love, unreal as our farewell
Remember, for me, the last days of september
Remember how pure it was
8. Pain Overdose (13:44)
I don't want to see
I don't want to hear
I don't want to feel
I don't want to scream

No sign of anyone who can help
No sense of feelings or of myself
My world is so empty
All what's left is pain

I wish I was blind
I wish I was deaf
I wish I was silent
I wish I was dead

My world is so grey, my world is so empty
My illusions are faded, my dreams are gone
I'm drowning at the bottom of the deepest ocean
All numb, can't feel a thing
I cut the pure memories
Spreading this psychotic nightmare

I don't want to see (But I want to feel)
I don't want to hear (But I want to scream)
Make it stop (Impossible, you have to feel it)
I can't take this anymore (I want to hear your screams)


I spent the time carving myself with a knife
But the pain, the dark never goes away
I just want to get by I don't care if I have to die
You don't know what it's made of..
Flashes of light come by, one, by one.

From the first moment it was all grey
Same colour in different tones
From the first moment it was all a lie
It wasn't real, it was never real

My senses remain in pieces of nothingness
This broken mirror can't reflect my soul
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