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Ratman | Full Album Lyrics

Risk - Ratman cover art


GenresThrash Metal, Speed Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Ratman (10:40)

...are you man or fool enough, to descend
into the sewerage? To pick your way through
damp narrow passages, where the walls are
covered in patches of green slime?
Millions of rats live in the world of musty
decadence, where the prince of drunkards is
waiting for you. Th disgusting stench of
fouling sewage will guide us through this
maze of darkness to the realm of the dull

Cheer up!

... and follow me down!

Welcome the the kingdom of rats!!!


1. Yeah, I'm the big star of the drain
Ain't nobody else
Mr.Daniels fucked me up
I just don't care, because I am the reign
I might be drunk but I say this again

Bridge: I'm the Ratman
Everybody knows
Don't forget man
He's a fool man
Never come too close

2. I'm a cool man, dirty rat
Steady on the ball
Stoned again, I raped a cat
Spit upon 'em all

Bridge: Stop, Shut up
No I don't
You show off
I don't care

Chorus: Ratman... Ratman

3. Plans to kill me end in vain
Unless you send a flood
I'm always dealin' cheap ratsbane
Because I know the cut
Put on my cape, creepin' subways at night
Lookout for something to junk and bite

Bridge: Stop, be quiet
What do you want
You! Beware
I don't care
Stop, you cheat
I will get you some day
You can't win
Don't forget, I'm the king

Chorus: Ratman... Ratman


...and now ratgirls and ratboys
I'll show you a very exciting new dance
Come a little closer!
And don't step on your tails
You'll need 'em yet

Now, shake your body, gimme your money
Hiss and squeak, stamp your feet to the beat
Circle 'round, drop to ground, toss about
Show your nails, raise your tails
Crack your tip, like a whip

Ratdance... dance the Ratdance

Alright... not bad
But here is some more

Ratdance... dance the Ratdance


1. Takin' shelter
Just around the block
Waitin' for my time is coming up
Tossin' tournin'
Don't know what to do
Delirious, unable to die

Bridge: I'm the Ratman
Everybody knows
Don't forget man
He's a fool man
Never come to close

Stop! Be quiet
What do you what?
You! Beware
I don't care
Stop, you cheat
I will get you someday
You can't win
Don't forget I'm the king

Chorus : Ratman... Ratman
2. Germans (1:27)
Germans are loud, Germans are free
Germans got a wall, always kickin' balls
Germans got cars, Germans drive fast
Germany rocks, Germany sucks

Germans need beer, Germans are drunk
Germans killed a lot, others did not
Germans don't laugh, but others still do
Germans are double, always in trouble

Germans are rich, Germans hate kids
Germans are fat, Germans are bad
Germans go west, some stay east
Germans got bellies...
Beautiful Vallies

Germans are loud...

Germans got RISK
3. Violent Science (4:06)
1. Over fields of molten rocks
The sun is going blind
Mental silence, poison dust
The air is small an' dry
This is the wasteland
The kingdom of rats
This the deadland
Where sorrow for sorrow will cry

2. Ratscoat and crowskin
Shapes without form
Paralyzed faces
Their features are torn
Helpin' each other
They going astray
And then an odd inner voice
Start its say

Chorus: Why, why
Violent science

3. Guilty - you create the bomb
You godforsaken fool
Crave for agony of death
Survival is your doom

Chorus: Why, why
Violent Science
4. Skid-Row Kid (2:55)
1. Beg steal borrow desire
A child's heart seemed to expire
No denying a city's a jungle
Rats in the backyard

2. Big city, Hopeless and rough
A child's life stone cold and tough
Little sneaker, alley sleeper
Prince of the backyard

3. No career, no tomorrow
A child's day of hunger and sorrow
All dreams lost and decayed in the
Dirt of the backyard

Chorus: Kid from skid-row
Tough heart, Hobo

Bridge: Backstreet boy
Got no joy
But knows how to
Cheat on you

Chorus: Kid from skid-row
Backyard, black-heart
Kid from skid-row
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