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Rigor Mortis Lyrics

Rigor Mortis - Rigor Mortis cover art

Rigor Mortis

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  86.3 / 100
Votes :  11
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Submitted by level ― (2011-02-12)
1. Welcome to Your Funeral (3:30)
2. Demons (4:04)
We are instruments of evil we come straight from hell We're the legions of the demons that are haunting for the kill Cathedrals are now cemeteries doom is all you see We have come to take the world and give you misery We are pestilent and contaminate the world And make tombs of your cities We come bursting through your bodies, rape your helpless soul Transform you into a creature merciless and cold We force you to kill your brother eat his blood and brain Shredding flesh and sucking bone 'til everyone's insane We are pestilent and contaminate the world Demonic legions prevail -Repeat 1st verse- We are pestilent and contaminate the world And make tombs of your cities Demons! (4x)
3. Bodily Dismemberment (5:18)
Welcome to my room my dear I'll show you a good time It's too bad that you never heard my fetish is a crime There's no need to worry bitch, just lay there and relax And as you reach your climax I'll be reaching for my axe! Chorus: With five easy slices, you're in six lovely pieces Bodily dismemberment as passion increases So you wanna play games do ya? Well just who do you think you're fucking with?! You see I've learned everything the hard way Yes I've been through hell and back And I believe the time has come to show you why you're here You see the weapon in my hands and you know your death is near When I tied your hands and feet you thought it was exciting But now you know you cannot stop, your body's disuniting Chorus Who's laughing now you whore? You had your chance, and that's it! Expect no mercy from this maniac Well you're fucking history bitch! First I'll slice your tender leg off just above the thigh Then I remove your slender arms my passion running high Last I will decapitate your pretty little head A masterpiece of blood and flesh lies twitching on my bed Chorus Why do you make me do these things? When you know I never wanted to hurt you But no, you wouldn't listen, would you? Well you stupid fuck, look at you now!
4. Condemned to Hell (3:40)
I knew my destination from my moment of birth I'd live my life my own way and wreak havoc on Earth Through my entire childhood most everyone could tell I have no earthly master 'cause I'm condemned to hell! My moral violations are proof for all to see My life is just a journey to where I oughtta be There are evil wicked forces within my every cell Which always reassures me that I'm condemned to hell! Hell - Is meant for me Hell - Is where I'll be Hell - The place I'll roam Hell - My final home To many I'm a demon to others I'm insane But all who dare confront me are brought to death in pain I always kill them slowly I love to hear them yell I slaughter without mercy and I'm condemned to hell!
5. Wizard of Gore (3:56)
Beckoning victims to his horror show into the chamber of pain Not realizing that soon they will die killed by a man who's insane Prisoners scream as their blood starts to flow body parts fall to the floor Choosing the pieces that he wants to keep, he is the Wizard of Gore Ends your life slicing with his knife Say goodbye it's your time to die Bone collections, tissue samples Buckets of blood, bowls of eyeballs Find new ways to destroy Watching death is his joy Now since the end of your life on this earth you have begun to decay He looks upon you with a madman's grin and watches you rot away Time for the next helpless victims to die screaming like never before Laughing while pulling their tongues from their heads, he is the Wizard of Gore! Makes you die with no reason why Craves your blood, he will have your blood.
6. Shroud of Gloom (2:42)
Lying rigid on a table trying to move, I am not able On my face a blood stained cloth I am dead but I am so pissed off Chorus: I will possess my shroud take life for which I vowed Choke men into their tombs I am the shroud of gloom I will not stop 'till I am satisfied Sending victims to the death zone squeeze their throat breaking the neckbone Pulling entrails out of their mouths take revenge ripping their guts out Chorus In the dark alleys morbid actions rotting corpses give me satisfaction Senseless murder I have mastered cruel vengeance killing those bastards Chorus
7. Die in Pain (3:56)
Born on a battlefield and baptized in blood You took your first steps in the red reeking mud Killed your first man at the age of thirteen Life's lessons taught you to be cruel and mean Chorus: All your prayers are said in vain You live by the blade, die by the same DIE IN PAIN! Soldier of fortune selling your sword Leading to battle a barbaric horde Showing no mercy to those you attack You kill without feeling and never look back Chorus Vengeance and hatred was all that you knew Stealing and killing was all you could do Living and loving the life that you led A life that has left you, nothing but dead Chorus
8. Vampire (5:00)
Black is the night full is the moon Picking the flesh from my teeth The thick fog rises midnight is soon Prowling the streets stalking for meat as the necrophiliac You cannot hide because I will find you And you will rot Approaching my victim I make my advance My eyes have her entranced With hands cold as death and skin white as bone Fangs are injected draining her blood the whore lies in pain With ripped out tendons and the marks of hell She will rot The thick fog is rising up to the moon The coffin opens I am the one who rises from the grave To drink the blood of the living Feeding the maggots leftover fleshIt's frightening to know that I am dead And as the prince of hell I'm calling you Blood on the floor, blood in my mouth I love the taste of death Decaying afterbirth falls from her face To all of you people who do not believe In my sorcery from hell Held in my bondage and tortured to death And you will rot!
9. Re-Animator (3:23)
He seeks fresh bodies in the morgue to test his new creation Injecting serum in the corpse for the hope of re-animation He has conquered brain death, welcome back to life! Chorus:Re-animator, re-animate me (4x) The human dosage factor is unknown a super charged zombie awakes Becomes sort of a blood blithering creature everyone's death is at stake They will give him power, he will give them life! Chorus I'm not insane, I'm dead, but he gave me life! Chorus
10. Slow Death (5:33)
I'll take your life in my hand
As you follow my command
Now you breathe your final breath
Slowly I put you to death

Now you know, all you fear
As you wait, is coming near

'Cos you can't see me, so you will die!

Your clothes will be ripped away
The madman starts to play
You will be skinned alive
Cooked in fire 'til you die

Now you know, all you fear
As you wait, is coming near

'Cos you can't see me, so you will die!

I have this knife
It's a good knife
Well, what have we here?
You all look a little scared
Or should I say prepared
For you may be our next meal
Casey, rip off their flesh
Mike, drain me a glass of blood
Harden, prepare to make carcass stew

Screaming in terror, now you know your death is near
The skeleton in the black rope, with his scythe will appear
I've cast the shadow of death, on you to make your end
And when rigor mortis sets, we'll do the whole mother-fuckin' thing again!

Now you know - slow death!
All you fear - slow death!
As you wait - slow death
It's coming near

Carved forever on your back
Initials of the maniac
Seen forever in this place
The story of your rotting face

Now you know, all your fears
As you wait, is coming near

'Cos you can't see me, so you will die!

Prepare to meet your slow death
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