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Human's Understanding Full Album Lyrics

Revoid of Existence - Human's Understanding cover art

Human's Understanding

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-06-14)
1. Truth of The Darkness (5:59)
Essence is hidden behind our power
The truth witch one is given by the Dark forces
I can send you right back
And a grave will be your home
Why am I punished? Nameless e my sin!
My thoughts are messed up, consciousness is sick
You are torturing me and scoffs
Why should I suffer?
Bible’s dogmas you took for granted
But turned away from us
You rite called us out from Hell
And you, moron, put an end to it
Bible’s dogmas, out from Hell
Demons are lashing their souls
You are doomed to suffer and pray
You’d like to be in Heaven
But you gonna serve in a Hell
For a long time had been moralizing
An old Devil to the innocent slave
And the blood fall down from the sky
The Evil gave birth to the darkness
What is it? Truth of a stupid lie…
David, try to understand
You are just a louse for them
Face the bitter truth
Все мы ничтожны в своем бытие
Правят миром чужие пророки
И только смерть хороша на Земле
Она вечна и нет для нее срока…
Why am I punished?
You are torturing me
Why should I suffer?
2. Human's Understanding (5:07)
Suicide ideas
Creeping in my brain
Fated to take out
Once and once again
With mask of careless
Denial the complaint
You promise to understand
Reliably closed in a cage
Words of a consolation
Aggravate my revenge
Whether you will find me
Dead on a rye field
Smell of decomposition
Carried by a wind
Lukewarm stain of soil
Murdered blood in veins
Devouring me from within
Back to initial domain
I swear I will lay down
Dead on a rye field
Smell of decomposition
Carried by a wind
An empty talks will done
Words are not a valid
Most of you will come
To my final way.
But while I still stand living
Hope for you and pray
Oh, please God help me
Or mate me and a grave
To see off. To cry. To regret.
Not noticing so much
We leave day after day
Misfortune is so cruel
Transforming bright to grey
3. The Dream (5:36)
The body's got tired
Searching for the rest.
Your dream makes
Your eyelids lead
Your thoughts are gone somewhere!
The human won't exist there.
The soul flies away,
Your freedom in the other world
It is almighty. But it serves
To the other who are Braver, kinder and better
Braver, kinder and better!
Dark lord creates legions
The Armageddon’s time
Is approaching under twighlight...
Damned millions of demons of Evil in Hell
Waiting for the command of sovereign.
The dark power will call you
And Irod be your guide
The world is ruled by the Great Beast
That'll come out from the inside
Evil spirit will rule the world
Your soul is the key
The key from the Gates
The key that generates hate
The Evil has chosen you
You'll wear the forbidden path
Just reveal the forbidden path
Roaming among the demons
The black magic power has enslaved your will.
You'll become greater from others
And grieve at the doom that you feel
You serve the light, we serve the Seth
You serve the light, we serve the Seth,
The Demon of death and lie.
In the infernal flame, there is no sunrise.
Don't search for the exit here
Your body won't wake up in the morning,
The blood will dawn from the sky
4. Insignificant (Devil’s Sunday) (4:14)
A new day comes. Blinding us
So it’s indifferent. Will Dies so fast.
I’m again alone in my home
Anybody!! This is Devil’s Sunday!!
I should approach to a window closer
I should look at the perverted sights
Noon crowds insane soak thru under rain
They eyes are overflown with lies!
I hear the cry. It’s a Lunch time
Corn-flakes – only first place
The dim light and the fly flies
I should kill! Or will spoil nerves.
Rustle of my broken TV
This has left me alone. Just set me free
Substitute the world is the devoted friend
Losing all hopes in a dangerous lane
It’s pressing on me. That one breaks up
Alone in a room you will see me
You think I am motionless? Annoying mistake
And a bright flame inside
Burns me scarlet jets
I’m the prisoner of this world
There is no time for regrets
I feel weariness. I need’s some rest
Has lain near. But that damn fear
Makes me doze in dead silence
My wadded body. Still Devil’s Sunday.
Alone in a room you will see me
You think I am motionless? Annoying mistake
As the knife pierces my hearing
A human shouts so loud and near
I shall approach to a window closer
But no one there. This world is frozen
Empty. Helpless. Desperate.
5. Desecrating of Conscious (5:42)
View in my eyes of insane raging world
Anguish your mind by the pressure
By the outright talks humans able to take
Gain insight into the God's purpose
Depth inside comes new origin
Annihilation of human’s substance
All we created just unholy mud
By the Burial Cross that is mutilate faith
There is wild beast basement enslaving
On the burial ground exhaling the evil
Sprinkling the fluid of magic spell
Refund you back to the past
Depress by the charming majesty
Scattering around splinters of faith
Mould-grown all shabby foundations
Look around the world
This is burning the flame of eternal war
Fly apart as the ashes of souls
And you decide who will rule there
Desecrating of conscious
Taking with them their useless keepers
On the ruins of faith born of a new life
The new mankind
6. Crafty’s Revelation (6:02)
Heed, David, please be wise
What must be done to let it bee?
Thought away all your doubts
All that you have is a gift of fate
You’re surrounded by foes
You’re alone in this world
Go on praying whole night and day
But God won’t hear you words
The wait. All you need
Is more faith and will
Patience is gone –
People’s vice
Commotion will oppress you
Your soul is doomed to suffer
But the river of time is still flowing
And everything will be summed up
And when come dawn thought the gates
Black smoke will cover the earth
Cover the earth!
You’re afraid of death as if it were a fire
But nothing is as beautiful as death
And if you’re oppressed by reality
See the light of sepulchral life
Unbelief – it is your blame
You become a slave
And you die as a slave
But life is given only once
No! Our souls are not immortal
Eternal life it’s holy lie
Oblivion is waiting for you
Learn it, you’re a stupid flee
7. Illusion of Freedom (Escape) (5:29)
Life!.. Death!..
Oh my freedom, oh my light,
I’m dreaming and see my reality.
Chasing away messengers of Hell
Resurrection gallery – salvation from insanity.
Bloody tortures – massacre.
And there is no way out of there
The almighty creator of serenity.
Let me chose the way to die
Fire, oh no! Please, no!
It’s all over again. Tortures agony – delirium,
Dark forces trail…
Bloody tortures – massacre.
And there is no way out of there
The almighty creator of serenity.
Let me chose the way to die
The chase gonna get its sacrifice
Palms and claws will kill me
Angels are drinking my tears
Let me stay with them
But I can’t, I am the victim of violence
Of anguish and tortures
The soul is without absolution
A dirt reaper
Fire, oh no! Please, no!
Deception – for darkness
Paradise – is a vengeance
Holy thing – is a shit, food for the weak
I wish I were dead right away!
Death needs no cash
It’s devours flesh
Soul is the embodiment of death
Life is an anguish of a soul.
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