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Susanna Lies in Ashes Full Album Lyrics

Relinquished - Susanna Lies in Ashes cover art

Susanna Lies in Ashes

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  55 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-03)
1. Agonized (7:33)
3 AM all clocks stand still.
Captured within a world of thrill.

I walk through the halls of endless torture,
where the sun won´t ever shine,
innocence fucks with indulgence,

where chaos and genocide entwine.

I fell for illusions of hope.
This dark carries the brightness

I´m searching for, I´m here to find

Driven by deep love and grief;
Misery cages the bliss

I´m searching for, I´m here to find

One step after another takes me away
from sanity and attitude.
I got rid of my pain barrier I built around me and grew hate as a substitute.
My inner twist became the drive, which I need to survive, when darkness overcomes.
I loathe the creeping death, for taking my wealth, and I envy the lucky ones


The light I used to see, when she was with me;
my days are all the same

Now I live in agony, since she has left me;

and I´m the one to blame...

I´d change me into anything you´d like me to be.
But you already loved me just as I was. You loved me implicitly.

The time is winding down; in a spiral into moulder ground.
Your spirit is encased by the twilight, leashed and forever bound beside...

How come, we got separated in a fight?
How come, I´m alone here night after night?

How come, your life had to end this quick?

All these thoughts make me so sick!

My love transcended all odds. I won´t bow to the cruel will of god.

Nihilation will overcast us and greedily devours...

My life, my ambitions, my dreams and my future, my faith, my perceptions, my hope and all comfort

There´s just too much left, I haven´t told you yet. A lot of pain. So many words unsaid.

There´s just too much left, I haven´t told you yet. This journey takes me to my limits, but my goal is worth all that.

It´s more than certain, that you´re still out there, crying for help. Your redeemer is on his way.

Just wait a little longer, my dear. Your redeemer is on his way.

Remove all fear and calm for a while. I´ve been cheated by death with a devious guile.

Sidetracked for a second, absent-minded and weak. What do you want from me? What? Speak!

I sing this lament for you; a lullaby for lost souls; an aria for all those gone.
A serenade of dying- forever agonized
2. Complete Mental Vacuity (8:53)
The eyes and the smile, the oh so warm embrace.

Completely gone, without any trace.

From now on, until I have no more breath

I`ll find a way to outsmart death himself.

One part is hopeful; one is still grieving;
no more help for me left to believe in.
I am mourning but also full of wrath
I´m on my own, during this path
God and all saints conspired against me -
I erased my perception - to resist the hypocrisy

I`ll search for this splendor

I`ll search for Susanna

Beneath the sky, a ray of bland colors is shining on dry acid soil.

A horizon with no radiance
and the feeling that,
my lungs are filled with oil.
Can´t forget her dead eyes stare

All grace is vanished into thin air
Can´t forget her dead eyes stare

Gimlet-eyed glances everywhere

Locked for only you, my darling; helplessly lost in the void.

I fell into pieces, as a new pain increases.
While my mind suffers under several diseases.
Pathetic and weak, guideless and bruised
an aimless traveler mentally abused.

My sore heart burns through my chest;
complete mental vacuity, at its best.

I watch myself tremble, stumble and fall.
Facing my visions makes me feel so small.

Victim of these disorders within me

I carve your name on my forehead. No misunderstanding where I belong.

Nothing competes to what we had. Our love was solid and strong.
3. Four Obstacles (6:56)
A sombre forest of mourningful trees
claw-like limbs with razorblade leaves
not one star, there is just night I see
only the dark sky above me

Steaming vapour through the heat haze
living entity with an eerie gaze
one thing impels me trough
the hope for a chance to free you

I´m here to redeem the gorgeous
pure beauty from her prison
the asylum for fallen angels-
built death of our salvation


Glass splinters on the floor
breaking under my steps
dizzying alleys of stone and some
unknown tracks
these high walls are oppressive passages
chalk paintings and disturbing messages
As I walk my way through the hallways and the thorns on the gates of my fate
I am not willing to fail

When will serenity find its way home to me?


Just as I was out, there was the ascent.
I nearly lost my last encouragement.
Sharp edges on every side,
cliffs so intimidating high.
No equilibrium when I look down,
out of balance- I can`t see the ground.
Losing senses gaining height.
No single shelter in sight.
But I will go on…on and on!


Prior to the end
in these endless sands
prior to the end
trapped in the quicksand

Dune landscape, wasteland scare
in the most arid nightmare.
Intense sun-drenched boundless expanse
one life depends on how another ends

I feel eternal pain in every pore
on its way into my core.
Pure sorrow and even more;
my inner shape is forever sore.


Whatever may come, I weather the storm
I feel her close, the tracks are still warm

I heard a noise and cast a glance
Sirens in the distance
4. On Cathedral Stairs (4:49)
A crisp cold is shivering through my marrow
Crows hailing from the sky like black arrows
I`m trembling guideless for you my dear
Beloved spirit I feel you are near.

The foul hands of death embracing
the pure and the brave
I came to shatter whatever put you
in this astral grave

The darkest depths of hell
couldn´t prevent me from seeing you
but this makes no sense
I can´t remember this scenario

Riveting sermons lie in the past
they were not meant to last.
Those words don´t give consolation
in such a devastating situation
Brought back to this scene
the reason for my haunted dreams
It´s all coming back in streams
her anxiety and her screams

With slow steps towards pain
there she lies, the beauty slain
Nobody is left, to remember her name
But in me, the memories will remain

I found her lying on the cathedral stairs
veritable soul interface
no forgiveness at all
for justified angels that fall
facing the glare that shines in her

Let her go. She belongs to me

Crimson pearls running down on her cheek;
these rubies` glance has become so bleak.
Leeches are sucking from neck and chest.
This is no place for a girl to peacefully rest.

Her fading body on my shoulders looses weight by every step.
The farther I go the lighter she gets!
5. Vague Recollection (3:47)
As her shell was devoured by darkness,
a silent whimper remains in the air.
As her body burned out like water on hot stones,
I had a long overdue epiphany.

Mesmerized by her face when she smiled her kind grace
feelings stuck and laced redefined but so displaced
Impressions of a marvelous girl blurry thoughts unfurl
feeling stuck in a swirl my heart has become a black pearl

Dream or hallucinosis
tearing my condition day by day
mental devastation
pollutes my fantasy and slowed it as clay

A phantom pain of needles driven into my eyes
I am lowering my head realizing her demise

As I thought of salvation from being forsaken
under an obligation to pursue and find truth
I passed all obstacles that stood in my way
to annihilate this suppressing wrong faith

Mesmerized by her face when she smiled her kind grace
feelings stuck and laced redefined but so displaced
Impressions of a marvelous girl
blurry thoughts unfurl feeling stuck in a swirl

This is a conjecture the last bastion to reconsider
all of my nerves are quite frayed so lost in a baffled way
In Search for Susanna in a haphazard manner
my final soul dissection a vague recollection

This is a conjecture the last bastion to reconsider
many alternatives to contemplate
so that this goddamn duality incarnates
6. Rouse from Slumber (5:34)
7. Padded Cell (6:04)
in varied forms
I never knew anything like it before
my chest became this open wound
with a clock inside obsolete and sore

Marooned by these walls,
I await some change.
Disturbed by the calls,
I´m feeling strange.

They told me stories of oblivion
that I couldn´t cope with it
and that I´m not able to admit

She was my sun, my only friend
beautiful, kind and decent
All I had, now is dead

The one-eyed leader of the white flock offered a deal.
My psychosis he said is impossible to heal.
He trades freedom for his reputation,
´cause he couldn´t get on with the situation

Unpleasant stay my awareness decays.
Now I can see the light through the steaming haze.
New possibilities are the only things that matter to me.
I choose my path – onward discovery

The taste – of fingernails when I cowardly hide in the corner
the taste – of fingernails when she cowardly hides in my rotten core now

In my still rotting core
8. Rehabilitated (8:50)
9. In Ashes (3:38)
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