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Void Full Album Lyrics

Reincarnation - Void cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-11-09)
1. Fucking Race (4:37)
You come to me for resolving oye of your craziness.
Your macabre thoughts fills me of hatred
This time I'll do it for my pleasure
It will be a pleasure to kill which has killed you
My soul forgot me, my time is over
The blood stopped to run by my veins long time algo, I only have hatred
The seed of hatred is back anda I can promise you pain and suffering
The dark is warm
Too late, don't you think?
Now this is my time, this is the end for everyone who has not believed
I'll crush your ears with screams of agony
Torture from beyond, are you ready?
Feel what I felt, drink what I have drunk and die in agony
It's not a nightmare, it's as real as your agony
Fucking life, fucking race, you are undesirable and always would be destined to be alone
God is dead, you are dying. I never have born, I never have died
I always be in the limits of this world and from beyond
Fucking life, fucking race
2. Anthems of Hatred (4:58)
Fucked by the destruction, fucked by the violence
There's only echoes of hatred
You shall not adore false images
All is gone, you and your false beliefs
If you have to believe in somebody, that's me
If you have to worship in some god, I'm your god
What's up? Motherfucker, what's up? Motherfucker
I'm god and my own world. There's only anthems of hatred
In my mind there's a thought which is to finish with you
I'm going to kill you, I want you to die
With your eres I could look towards the past
Do you believe in death? There's only anthems of hatred
Look me, I'm who judged. Look me, I'm the reflection of the death
The time has finished for you. No one will believe in your hypocrisy
You against the death, she never has rivals
Look my face and tell me how many cocks you have estén
My sanctity, I'm who judged and your punishment is the life
3. Void (4:11)
Devilish silhouettes trying to wake me of my deep dreams
Anxious by devouring human flesh, waiting my sign to unleash the fury
The army of darkness is disposed to satiate the thirst of power towards the mortal
Everything is turning what they always have desired, Hell on earth
My sign will be to punish the weak, there's no mercy
Your impure thoughts have lifted to my faithful descendants of the obscurity to satiate their lust
Absorbing your weak forces, make us more powerful
There's no one to stop us, not your god
We are not the devil. We are your other half. Your darkside that you don't want to know
You are punished to live in darkness, to the eternal suffering
Not to feel, not to see your face. I want a corpse, I want to satiate my appetite, you ask for mercy but there's no piety
Eliminating all what we have believed
Slaves to the master of obscurity, triumphant slaughter, throne of corpses
Your impure thoughts have lifted to my slaves. We are your most obscure sido. You always will carry it with you
4. Subhuman Level (3:17)
Subhuman level, it's as If the world was not such world. There's odor of putrefaction. I feel alone, I don't feel the presence of other as me. There's only symbolics showing the superiority of other race. They have exterminated all what was the human being. They have lived between us. Ever since the world is world they have dominated our world. Animal instinct, we have been sacrificed for nothing. Subhuman level, we will never return to be what we were. The signs show us that the human race was going to be exterminated for not know the message. Dark figures claim for our souls. We will never rest in peace, we will never return to wake up
5. Drowned in Blood (4:22)
There's a killer in each one of us, someone lets it to leave. I'm Hell and Heaven. I feel hatred and anger. I see as you die. Drowned in blood. Your neck turns in a river of blood. You are in the limits between life and death. Your vision of this world went disappearing. There's only regards. Show me your respect. You have returned to the life and this time will be better. I see to me reflected in your eyes and it pleases me. You are drowned in blood. I feel hatred and anger. I feel your look nailed as a knife. Your agony is my life. You are suffering by the other. You must pay your punishment by having born. I see you drowned in blood. All my victims feel my power. I'm the death. I'm which you must hate. There's a darkside in each one of us expecting the opportunity. Your suffering, make me happy
6. Weed for Everybody (3:52)
Smoking my first joint in the morning. I feel tranquility and harmony. Everything is a big field of marijuana. Everybody is fine. They all are smoking weed. Hey bro' smoke. What the fuck. The hash is gone. I'll have to buy again and these fucking clockers make me sick. Hey you think I'm insane. Right, I'm insane for the weed. I'm too high. Bro' take a smoke. Weed for everybody. My mind is cleaned of all these synthetic shits. I live in my own world. I'm my own god. I have my own joints and my friends are along with me. The weed has helped to me and now I can see the reality. Greed and ambition. Everything is rotten. The weed doesn't lie. Talk with her. You think I'm insane but look yourself. Guy you suck! You think I'm insane. Fuck you motherfucker. I love to smoke weed and hash is my passion. Weed for everybody. Smoke, feel bro' weed!!
7. The Horror Within (3:02)
Submission by the horror. Embryoes of death are waking. They are disposed to annihilate this world. There's no way to stops them. The chavos is arriving. Damn bastard, your rotten mind is nothing but shit. Your fucking bodies are nothing but food for dogs. Deniega redemption, the horror within you are damned. Your religion is false and you'll be the first one to die. We will pull out your skin for blessing our wisdom. Your eyes will be our trophies and the rest of your fucked body will be our holy food. Denied redemption. The horror within
8. Anger (4:04)
I wanna drink your blood for feeding my anger. I'm walking into the siniestro night. I have discovered the secrets of the dead. In the God's name. What god? Yours or mine? I only want to see as you rot in Hell. I won't forget. Feed my anger. Each day I got more hatred against you. Anger, anger. That's all what I need. My soul doesn't rest in peace. Only your blood could calm my anger. Your entrails are my food and your blood my way of life. I don't know what or why but I need to take a fucking life. I must to feed my anger with corpses of fresh blood. With your death. I wanna eat your heart. In the God's name. What god? Yours or mine?
9. Diabolic Marijuana (5:11)
You say it's shit when you have smoked. Why do you forget the weed? For you or for the People. I don't give a fuck. Nothing but a god joint of marijuana. Smoke until you can. You won't die for smoking weed. So you know. Smoke weed. Smoke weed until you can. The world sucks. Be realist and fight against the hypocrisy. Weed out the sick. There's nothing to fear. I'm your master. I'm possessed by the weed. Hey fucker pass me the joint. God is gone and I'm here with me hash. God died by overdose. There's only a way to make the right things, legalize pot. It can save the planet. No one has died for smoking weed instead of someone legal shit will stop your life. Help me to make this a little bit better. Smoke weed and fuck the world. God died by overdose. Smoke weed and fuck the world
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