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GenresStoner Rock, Hard Rock, Stoner Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-08)
1. Regulus (6:25)
Ignition beyond the stratosphere
Restriction, find a way out of here
Fire-thrusters leave the planet behind
Millions watching as the smoke unwinds
White light, centre of the universe
Computer leads us on our course
Hydroponic procreation
Cryogenic sleep rejection

Ride the wave of the supercluster
To the heart of The Great Attractor
Ship sails on winds of light
Dark matter, clouds in sight

Destruction in storms of gravity
Propulsion into finality
Cold vacuum beckons end
Vast space reveals itself
Black hole, entrance to the other side
Dimensions where the universe collides
Journey on to unknown times
All of life and space entwined
2. Son of a Witch (5:36)
Change is a-coming
Black clouds in the sky
The weight of portent
For you and I

Your dreams how they burn
Held in my hand
Hate and self-pity
For castles made of sand

For the fire in the night
And the end of life
That you take for the sake
Of your selfish pride
So you cry and you pray
And life slips away
As you reap what you sow
That's the way it goes

The sun it has risen
A fire in the air
Fuel for the ritual
As eyes that only stare

True hypnosis
Communion is complete
Your dreams in my hands
Your soul at my feet
3. Raymond K. Hessel (3:37)
Beyond my control
Fear drives me on
No longer am I a slave to my uncertainty
Set free by a gun
Sweat, steel and blood
Forever in debt to a madman
What's come over me?

Instinct to survive
Run, fight or die
My choice denied, I'm fuelled by pure necessity
Confusion reigned
My mind's unchained
The answer's clear for the first time
Right in front of me

What do I want to be?
What do I want to be?
I'm finally free
Run home Raymond K.
And live another day
Seize the life that was always meant to be
4. Blunderbuss (6:41)
I close my eyes
And take a deep breath
The decision has been made
Your life has to end

No law can reach us
Answer to my blunderbuss

With a thunderous roar
You can hear me coming
There's no use in hiding
I can see them running

Now your time is near
And you're face-to-face
Black abyss of the dragon
Close enough to taste

Put down your bible
Put down your wine
Put down your loaf of bread
There is little time

Set aside your spirits
Stand where the gods can see
Feel the weight of my blunderbuss
Seek the man who took my woman from me
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