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When Shadows Fall Full Album Lyrics

Reflection - When Shadows Fall cover art

When Shadows Fall

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-16)
1. Entering the Sea... (0:40)
2. Mistress of Sea (4:25)
Into the fury of sea we sai
Alone once again
We sailed across forbidden lands
Too late now no turning back
The pounding storm tore our sails apart
We seek for your help my Queen

And reborn through the ashes of fire
Mistress of sea come to me
Silver arms golden wings eyes of fire
Mistress of sea shelter me

The lack of hope is in our eyes
How can we survive
The only hope is you my Queen
Release us of every sin
Oh mighty one we lay our hope to thee
We rest in your hands and kneel

Oh might Goddess of the ocean
Lead us to light
Our redemption in your hands
We pray, we repend,
Release me from my sins,
Before you we kneel,
(We kneel) for the Mistress of Sea...
3. Ghost Ship (4:20)
The black flag is hanging again to the mast
The cannons of doom will echo!
The mystical see keeps the souls of the cursed
The full moon is calling them...CAN YOU HEAR?

Shapes of men like shadows appear...
From the fog hear the sound...THEY'RE CALLING YOU!
These rotten white sails...The ghost ship appears!
From the crimson horizon there's no return!

Tonight the fear shall reign!
They're cursed in the womb of the earth!
Lost souls seek for blood and we'll pray...

The ghost ship is sailing tonight...
4. When Shadows Fall (4:30)
When sun surpasses horizon
And light abandons the sky
When shadows are falling behind me
The idols of souls are haunting me

When last rays of light come fading
I struggle myself to survive
The nightmare is facing the mirror
Familiar face...my torture mind

When shadows fall... The mirror's call
When shadows fall... The sin is born

The face in the mirror is watching
A cold breath is blurring his face
A whisper that's breaking the silence
Reminds me the sins I've made
5. Whispers of the Lost... (1:06)
6. Lost (4:08)
The mist on the sea
The last hope that dies
The lust seduced me from paradise

A lunatic's dream
Confusion of mind
My soul is trapped in the web of time

Lost but never found
Swim but never drowned
Lost but never found
Scream without a sound

An innocent man?
A madman's obsession?
Am I forgotten from God's creation?

A tear in my eyes
My longing salvation
Insanity come as my own redemption

Lost but never found inside the shadows I live bound
Forever trapped inside my life
Can't seem to leave this hollow ground
7. Desert Land (4:51)
Defenders - FIGHTING!
Orion is burning
The ancients calling...DEATH!
The slaves slaughtered
The sky is falling
The altar is waiting...BLOOD!

Desert land...I'm dreaming of
Desert sun...Is burning me in
And cursed me forever!
Desert moon...Is haunting me
Desert nights...They're calling me back,
and fly forever...

The tomb is opened
The Nile is bleeding
Empire is falling...RISE!
Unspoken whispers
Medivial knowledge
Diviners predicted...FALL!
8. Soul Salvation (4:51)
In the bed of pain, lies eyes drained
One thought for me, is it her fate or God's will?

Spare her one last breath
Could we cheat on death?

Light the dark with your light
Light the dark with your light
Eternal sleep, salvation of soul

Soul salvation
Salvation of soul

In an empty room, your tomb my doom
Do I play for my sins?
She whispers my name, my soul weeps!

Feelings left in rain
Become eternal pain

(The) life of mortals end
Will we meet again?
9. Eyes of the Night (5:12)
Feel the night, as light is fading and darkness is falling
See the eyes, don't try to hide you cannot escape

All the secrets and sins, All the fears and dreams

Feel the night, as light is fading and darkness is falling

All the secrets and sins, All the fears and dreams
You cannot escape from the eyes of the night

See her face, as pale and white her eyes are watching
Hear her song, her voice like music is taking you away

All the secrets and sins, All the fears and dreams

Feel the night, as light is fading and darkness is falling

All the secrets and sins, All the fears and dreams
You cannot escape from the eyes of the night
10. Serpent's Eye (4:00)
Darkness is falling in my dreams
The world of the shadows is calling
The mystical places of sleep
The Dream lord invites me to join

Darkness is falling in my dreams
I'm falling in other dimension
No Demons or Gods can help me
There's nothing here - only depression

There is no pain in the land of no name
The eye of the serpent is watching
Into the dream you shall never win...
The eye of the serpent is watching

Darkness is falling in my dreams
The serpent now looks me in the eyes
The guardian of dark world are here
The council condemned me to die...
11. Kingdom of Fire (4:48)
Come closer, to my world, up to the sky
Where heroes and dragons, calling you tonight...

Come closer, to my world, only the brave would dare to fly
Just shadows and whispers, none has ever heard them cry....

In the kingdom of fire, the celestial sire
In a mystical mourning, hear the sorcerer's warning
And ride with wings of steel....
in the kingdom of fire...

Come brave ones, hear the battle cry, the time has come for you to die
Gentle warriors, sky dressed ones, come on and face the glorious light

Victorious legends, hordes of honor, your tales will be sung to the end of time
Come right ones, immortals, with (the) sword in hands you were meant to die!

Through oceans of time we have traveled!
Through mystical paths we have walked!
Through battles of blood we survived!
Through earth wind and fire we fight!

We ride for the kingdom of fire!
It's time for the kingdom of fire!
We ride to the kingdom of fire!
12. Mistress of Sea (Orchestral Version) (4:50)
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