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Another Dimension Full Album Lyrics

Razorwyre - Another Dimension cover art

Another Dimension

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Speed Metal
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Submitted by level 10 형블블 (2014-07-24)
1. The Conjuror (Shaman's Wrath) (3:40)
From the chaos come to gods - they are present in all state of men
Compelling us to love, to war - from chaos or the end
Discovery, clairvoyantly - draw from the three sources
The third way, created magician - I am, but I am not
Well I am, and I'm gonna torture your soul

Taking your aura - I am eating your soul
My spells condemn you - and they'll take you to hell
I command - the universe's power
Casting black magic - well I'll see you in hell

I'm gonna see you all in hell
Well I'll see you, well I'll see you

See you in hell
2. Knights of Fire (3:23)
Pounding metal, pounding steel - blaring the track we ride
Descending through darkness - and start the attack
With iron chains and whips of fire - in the night
Echoes of hoofed thunder ring out

Storming our way through the night
Knights of Fire

Backstabbed, betrayed, played for a fool
The soothsayers doom prophecy fulfilled
Heralding apocalypse
We move faster than the wind, more rapidly than storm clouds
Arms to the elbows in blood
Chains crack faces, torches burn maimed
And we cry like a lion

Storming our way through the night
Knights of Fire
Voice of iron, like a lion, knights of fire

In relentless rebel attack
Cities burn, in time we will come back
The voice of iron and chains of blood
Dark horsemen slaughter all
A pure steel revenge
With iron mace and chain
Blood seeps through the grounds of the lands we claim

Herds of captives are dragged away
You don't know our customs but that is our way
Obscure horsemen so you better pray
We plunder, we torture, and we'll make you pay

We're the Knights of Fire
3. FOBF (6:26)
You are the long range sniper - deadly to the core
But number two's comin' after you and
You gotta settle the score
You're treating men like trophies
Burnin' all the rest
Showdown of the mighty contract killers
Putting you to the test

Fight or be fucked
You've got to fight or be fucked

Double crossed and stitched up
A betrayal close to home
Ice cold gaze and deadly sharp
Escape and have their backs to the wall
Invincible with no fear
Burning them all at the stake
Focused on steel, machined to perfection
Gonna take you out of the race

From the bell-tower to the balcony
Will you pull the trigger, will you bring him to his knees?
Two men vie for contract
One's just go to go
Gunning down in the heat of the night
As the blood begins to show

Perched atop the bell-tower you lick the shot that brings him to his knees
And strikes through the middle of his heart
Picking up the rifle case you exit, sneak out through the backdoor
Never, to be seen again
A perfect shot, a perfect lie, a news event, the devil in disguise
The victor of dealing your death
4. Nightblade (4:42)
Sitting round the campfire site, the night begins to burn
Reflecting on the long lost times of sadness, despair it comes to death
Not aware of the lurking danger, knife wielder stalks
Lurking in the ice cold night, from black comes creeping
Come creeping death

Years of sadness, times of death, a life of isolation
Sick fantasies start to circulate and spiral into black
No escape from the lurking danger, knife wielder stalks
Lurking in the ice cold night, from black comes creeping
Come creeping death

We'll I'm hiding - I'm creeping in the night
We'll I'm lurking - lashing, waiting to slice
You know the danger - you cannot escape the plight
While I'm lurking and running - creeping up through the night
5. Another Dimension (Of Hell) (5:03)
I wake up screaming, they're dragging me, I'm falling down
I try to wipe the cold sweat, from my brow
Where will I end up? What lesson to be learned?
I'm trapped forever, underground

Shaking the cages, another exit blocked
Despair goes on forever, my sense of time is lost
Exploring dark caves, wandering in the night
A sense of deja vu, have you been here before?

Into another dimension
A gate into fires of hell
And you're fighting through steel
You'll never escape, find a way out

Wandering round in the cold black
Gettin paranoid you can never turn back
And you know . it's out of your control

A strange dark nightmare haunts my dreams
I awaken to the sound of my blood curdling screams
The phantom controls the gate that seals my fate

Shadow dancing dark robed figure
Call of the puppet master
Sealing my fate he leads all others to torture

Oh the phantom - he's the one
6. The Infinite (1:24)
7. Desert Inferno (5:22)
Racing through the heavens, fighting through the sky
A warplane of metal and steel
There will be no escape - from the blazing firebombs
Hundreds of allied war machines
Flying through the heart of the beast
A payload of hundreds of tones and fires on the field

Gallant we fly over blue painted skies
To cut off the oil fields
A shimmering squadron unparalleled
Nobody will stand in our way

Fight! Fire! Release the bombs
An inferno left in our wake
Black plumes - a scene straight from hell
Releasing total devastation

Across the Mediterran sea
An inferno of volcanic fire
Through blazing skies louder than thunder
Crippling the beast as we fight
Many shot down , will you survive?
Dodging white hot flak fire
How many will ever make it back, to recount the horrorific tale?
8. The Fort (4:43)
Gather round my children
I'm about to tell a tale
Of long lost souls in another world
1893, manning the fort
All soldiers to their loyal stations

What apparition is this on the horizon?
A sole survivor tells a tale of horror
So black you'll scream

Awaken from the nightmare screaming
Hope it was a fevered dream
Escaped, they no longer hold me back
A horde appears, acting like animals
FOreign legion must take on the siege

I am in my place I'm ready to fight
Taking on the undead, taking your life
The howls of the undead sounding a scream
I can never turn back, it a fort under siege

The fort is under siege
Batten down the hatches
The undead are in a swarm
Supplies are wasting
Will you hold out or will you go?
The insanity takes its toll
Stranded in the desert
A tale of horror few will ever see

Days pass by as you hear the moans
Corpse ripping flesh down to the bone
As sandstorms obscure all known trace
You will never leave this place
9. Speed Warrior (4:15)
Warrior of the highway, I will never relinquish my fight
The straights I'm bearing down, forever - this is my life
Thunder under blackened skies, wet the desert rains
My title in eternity, forever - this is my life

Here he comes now - his eyes are ablaze
Riding free now - he won't live in a cage
Blasting steel proud - triumph in the race
The hammer, comes crashing down
On the highway

Vanquish my enemies, eternal victor
Riding out victorious, supreme warrior
Eternal conquest, raze to the ground
Steel speed warrior - forever

Living wild and living free
Racing all souls in the realm
Burning all my enemies
Razing your soul to the ground

Your futile attempts to bring me to the rope
Dreams that lie shattered and torn
I'm racing forever, I'm going alone
Invincible - Speed Warrior
10. Windcaller (3:49)
Walking in the darkness
Winds through trees begin to call your name
As the pathway narrows
Hear the voices echo overhead

Don't know why, I'm frightened
But I know they're after e
As I forge my journey
I hear voices in the trees

Every time I come this way
The shaking trees begin to call my name
Why don't they let me be?
When I look back in the dark
I feel they're there
An icy hand of death
Will touch my neck

When I fear them calling
Why do they call my name?
As the spirits whisper
When every time's the same

I hear them call my name
Why do the call my name?
Will they ever let me go?
11. Hangman's Noose (3:36)
Being lead down through the dungeon
A dark and musty smell
As the dying light shines through
The rotten boards to hell
Condemned to a short life on this Earth
A twisted mortal soul
Fantasies of a daring escape fill my brain
But can I escape?

From beyond the grave

There's no escape
From the hangman's noose
Thought you could never be
You'll never know

A defiant look of vengeance
Plastered across my face
As I drop down the trap door I swear
You'll all feel my rage
Whirlwind of flames will rise
As I torch you from the grave
My dark stormy presence
This dungeon, it will raze

Vengeance - from beyond the grave
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