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This End Up Lyrics

Rampage - This End Up cover art

This End Up

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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-09-23)
1. Bloody Leg (3:28)
Die - DIE!!!
When I see you wandering around
I see you in the road
Now I see you under my wheels
You are like a choad
Now I'm laughing as I hear you scream
I see you die
And I'll laugh when I see your momma
See her cry when she sees your

Bloody leg
Bloody leg
Bloody leg
Now you die

Bloody leg
Bloody leg
Bloody leg
Ha ha ha ha
2. Born in Hell (3:02)

I was born in the fire
To rule you all is my desire
Bend your lives to my will
Drink your blood to have my fill
Crush your bones, smash your head
Leave you bloody, broken, dead
You are all my playthings
Slaughtered angels, broken wings

Born in Hell, take your life
Born in Hell, Antichrist
I have brought god's death knell
I was born in Hell

Yahweh's sons scream and crawl
Angels down from heaven fall
Cast them down from the gates
Damn them to unholy fates
I have won the eternal war
Good shall reign fornevermore
Torture him, endlessly
In pain for eternity

Born in Hell, take your life
Born in Hell, Antichrist
I have brought god's death knell
I was born in Hell
3. Ticket to Hell (3:02)
I want to meet Satan face to face
So I'm gonna kill the human race
The devil's my conductor, this ax is my train
My fare won't be paid until all are slain

I kill people, I kill them well
This will give me my ticket to hell

Hear mommy cry, see her pain
Look at my ax and see baby's brain
I kill people, I kill 'em left and right
Me and my ax, we fuck 'em up right

Killing babies by the midnight bell
This will give me my ticket to hell

It's the midnight bell
4. Satanic Symphony (4:20)
5. Satanic Death (3:37)
Satan's will from below
Calling you to die
Crush and butcher, hack and maim
Hear you scream and cry
Use your blood in his rites
Drink it warm and fresh
Use your flesh in sacrifice
Give to him your death

Slice - crush - chant - suffer
Satanic Death

Rip away your crucifix
God can't save you now
Vomit on his bastard son
Before me you will bow
Cause you pain and agony
Until your last breath
Add to Satan's glory
Through Satanic Death

Murder - butcher - for Lucifer - suffer
Satanic Death

Chowing down on your entrails
Wash them down with blood
Through my body, through my veins
Power starts to flood
Through the power from below
The world becomes now mine
Rule it in his evil name
Until the end of time

Evil's price - sacrifice - human mice - suffer
Satanic Death
6. Heaven's Gate (3:59)
A madman's will where mine is weak
He'll take my soul for his to keep
We lounge around in Platonic Love
Waiting for the sign from up above
We are from a higher plane
One day we'll ascend to where there's no pain
When we see the sign on the proper date
We'll shed our bodies
For Heaven's Gate

The sign is here, the time is come
Let not my will but yours be done
A whole life wasted, but now I've got
To throw it away without a second thought
We're just things with which you play
You have your fun, then you throw us away
But if there's justice in our fate
We won't see you inside
Of Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate
You've led us to hell
Through Heaven's Gate
7. The Spectre (6:21)
Cards, orbs and ouija boards
Have summoned me and my demon hordes
Power, wealth, complete control
All for the mere price of your soul
Why do you fear, why do you doubt?
I am summoned to help you out
I will do whatever you say
From now until your dying day

I am summoned from below
To serve you day and night
All the wrongs in your life
I will set them right
You master my satanic power
Coming from below
But when you die you'll come to hell
And I will claim your soul

You can't get out, a deal's a deal
I don't care how you feel
You say, I do; that's what we said
It only ends when you are dead
Don't send yourself to an early grave
You'll only sooner become my slave
You'll burn in Hell and do my will
So while you're alive, have your fill

Guilt and fear cripple you
For allying yourself with Me
Chastisement, self-punishment
Suicidal tendencies
Only one thought is keeping you
From your funeral bell
You know it's better to reign on Earth
Than to serve in Hell

Do you really want to die?

Slit your wrists, drown in drink
I don't care how you come to me
Kill yourself, I want you to
And soon you know that you will too
Shouldn't mess with what you don't understand
Foolish, wretched knave
Mortal fool, now you die
Only to be my slave

Work, slave, toil, sweat
You've had all the fun you'll get
You will serve my will forever
Hurting always and resting never
No second chance, you've made your choice
Now endlessly suffer, never rejoice
Millions have died by ouija boards
To serve the Spectre and my demon hordes

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy all you want
You can have it all
Take! Take! Take all you want
Before me you will crawl
Run! Run! You can't get away
I pursue much faster
Fight! Fight! It matters not
Now I am your master
8. Rampage (3:55)
Death and destruction is our claim to fame
The name of the game is causing you pain
You can't stop us so don't even try
We'll only crush you down and laugh as you die
You better run when you hear our battle cry


It's all over when we come to town
Don't bother hiding 'cos we'll hunt you down
The hounds of Hell nipping at your heels
Torture is the last thing you'll feel
We're gonna laugh 'til we hear your dying squeal

We're Rampage -- thrashing rage

Torture, pillaging, bringing death
We'll even steal your final breath
We're on our way and boy, we're pissed
When we bring down our mighty fist
You can bet you won't be missed

9. The Gates of the Abyss (4:58)
Now you're at the end of life
Causing people pain, misery, and strife
You hear a hellish sound
You're not floating up, you're sinking down
Down into endless night
You find yourself seized with eternal fright
Filled with terror and fear
"Abandon all hope, who enter here"

Your only chance for Heaven
You have missed
You are falling through
The Gates of the Abyss

The hallways of hell are filled with evil souls
In punishments so grotesque
Screams fly up from the pit down below
The air has the stench of death
The winding tail of Minos the judge
Crushes you and casts you down
The tortures all befall your weak little soul
In blood you'll boil and burn and drown

Your only chance for Heaven
You have missed
You are falling through
The Gates of the Abyss
The Gates of the Abyss
The Gates of the Abyss
You are falling down

You are now enslaved by Satan's mighty wrath
No hope of redemption for you
All that fills your days, endless torture and pain
No return to the life you once knew
Forsaken by God, left to rot
Hell is your eternal reward
He says that He loves you but He casts you down
So what do you worship Him for?

Your only chance for Heaven
You have missed
You are falling through
The Gates of the Abyss
10. Six Bells at Midnight (5:25)
Chiming fills the air as the time draws nigh
Thirteen of us gathered, virgin's time to die
Black-robed evil priests summoning from hell
Satan's first-born son to bring on God's death knell

The chiming of the bells, signaling the rites
In this evil mass we'll end the world tonight

Chanting incantations, weaving evil spells
Summoning our Master from the depths of hell
Tie the virgin down on the altar spread
Gift for our lord Satan, to leave her raped and dead

The chiming of the bells, signaling the rites
In this evil mass we'll end the world tonight

The stars burn black and the moon is full
The virgin starts to cry
Plunge the knife into the bitch
Feel her twitch and die
The warm blood spills onto the ground
From the chalice in our hands
We drink and beg lord Beelzebub
To conquer all the lands

Evil starts to rise, as the six bells chime

A winged shape in the skies above
Down to us descends
Lucifer with rod in hand
Signaling the end
Enslave the world with chains of steel
Leaving us to rule
Slaughtering the weak and good
God's misguided fools

Evil starts to rise, as the six bells chime

Six Six Six

The promise of eternal rule
Leads us through this mass
When our lord ascends from hell
Over no one will he pass
To our coven he will give the world
And immortality
And he will rape the souls of good
For eternity

Evil starts to rise, as the six bells chime
11. Eye of the HellStorm (Disjecta Membra cover) (5:29)
12. Jailhouse Rock '98 (The Emperor Mix) (2:47)
(Who the hell added the wrong lyrics? Did they even LISTEN to the fucking song? Here's the right ones - Vic)

Warden threw a party in the county jail
Prison band was there and they began to wail
The band was jumpin' and the joint began to swing
Should've heard those knocked out jailbirds sing that rock

Everybody let's rock
Everybody in the whole cell block
Was dancin' to a jailhouse rock

Jon Nodtveidt and a guy named Vlad
Shot an algerian in the head
The Judge thought his alibi was weak
So now Dissection is up shit creek but they rock

Yeah buddy, they rock
Jonny's on the old cell block
a'Dancin to the Jailhouse Rock

Next cell over is a guy named Tchort
Played bass for Emperor in '94
He made some churches go up in smoke
But it could be worse, he could be on death row, but he rocks

Yeah buddy, he rocks
Tchort is on the old cell block
a'Dancin to the Jailhouse Rock


Speaking of Emperor, remember Faust?
He banged them skins, man, he rocked 'em out
Some stupid fag tried to drink his cum
He killed that fag so they took his drums but he rocks

Yeah buddy, he rocks
Faust is on the old cell block
a'Dancin to the Jailhouse Rock

Little vargie-wargie knocked off the Big E
So now it's Mayhem - R. I. P.
Got sent up the river for twenty-one
Now he takes it in the ass and he swallows cum

He sucks cock
Yeah, man, he sucks cock
Vargie's on the old cell block
Suckin' on the Jailhouse Cock
Lickin on the Jailhouse Cock
Drinkin' from the Jailhouse Cock
(fade out)
13. Witches' Sabbath/XXX (Nasty Savage cover) (6:00)
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