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The Devil Strikes Again | Full Album Lyrics

Rage - The Devil Strikes Again cover art

The Devil Strikes Again

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal
LabelsNuclear Blast
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  5
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-28)
1. The Devil Strikes Again (4:25)
Echoes of evil sound through my head,
I can't believe it 'cause I ought to be dead.
Head for disaster, I've done before.
Go back to my master, I just cannot ignore.
All of these years I have tried to resist,
Now I just see it will always exist ...
Hell, what a night,
Now the devil strikes again
Faster than light, back into my life.
Hell, what a night,
Now the devil strikes again
Faster than light, back into my life.
The devil will strike back again!
Out in the black night, back to the grave.
Focused on that sight I just live like a slave.
Ban it from my life, it's lying in wait .
Cursed from my dark side,
Now I know it's too late.
All of those years...
Hell, what a night ...
The devil will strike back,
It's blackening my mind once again!
2. My Way (4:23)
Heart over matter, no more excuses tonight,
The earlier the better, let us just put it all right .
It is all moving, time's running faster each day.
No more abusing, let us get better this way.
'Cause in the silence I hear my heart scream
Louder and louder each day.
I am afraid I am losing my dream,
Reset and start once again!
Give me my way or no way at all!
It's heaven or hell!
Just my way, it's my final call,
It's heaven or hell!
It's my way or it's the highway,
It's my way, it's heaven or hell!
You can't repeat it, life is a one-off-shot thing.
Don't leave me bleeding,
Let me cure my broken wings.
'Cause in the silence...
3. Back on Track (4:23)
Awoken from a winter's night,
Shake off the dust and wipe my eyes.
The rays of sun in early spring
Melt ice and snow, surround my skin.
I just can't recall the times,
I was unconscious, black in mind.
The demons of the past are dead,
It's about time to lift my head.
In this life we all get our chances,
Just be clear or they will pass you by.
What you send out will be reflected,
What you ask for, there is a reply
Back on track, we're gonna turn it all around,
Heading for eternity, get ready for attack.
Back on track, we're gonna turn it upside down.
We're heading for eternity,
We're gonna get it back…on track.
The lonely years are gone, you see,
I'm stepping out, you're here with me.
I have denied myself too long,
Was present but my mind was gone.
It's my responsibility
For what I started, now I see.
And then the here and now will be
The essence of our history.
4. The Final Curtain (4:13)
Fear is epidemic, brutality and lust,
Humanity is drowning in the dust.
Disasters of the future –
The heritage of the past.
No one knows how long we're gonna last.
Do you believe me, the times are getting rough,
This will be the end, the final curtain falls.
Would you believe me,
We've had it all too much
This will be the end, the final curtain falls.
Servant finds a master,
The master claims he's god.
Break the circle and trust me, he is not!
Once a stone is rolling
You cannot turn it around.
Unstoppable it's crumbling to the ground.
5. War (4:24)
In the eyes of the big global players everything's alright,
It's their god-given right to abuse us,
So thank you and good night.
In the world's biggest money machine
They're delivering the fuel.
Let there be some collateral damage,
That's their pervert rule,
Yes, that's their perfect rule.
That little girl in ruins
Gets a roaring lullaby.
And we all close our eyes,
'Cause it's our war
Just war, killing everyone
That's war, just war, let 'em jump the gun
War, our profit for their lives
Endless war, can religion justify
Holy war, and we sacrifice the truth
For that war, yes it's cynical but this is our war
In the world of elected deceivers,
The lobbies on their heels,
They will claim that we need the employment
To justify their deals.
And all those with no access to power,
They slay us with their gods
But their hate makes them even worse
Than all what they hate the most,
Now everything is lost.
The little girl in ruins,
She won't wake up to the day.
And now we close our eyes,
'Cause it's our war
Just war, killing everyone
That's war, just war, let 'em jump the gun
War, our profit for their lives
Endless war, can religion justify
Holy war, and we sacrifice the truth
For that war, yes it's cynical,
It's all so cynical,
'Cause this is our war!
6. Ocean Full of Tears (4:04)
When everything in me is dead
There is a void inside my head.
And my direction disappears
To leave me drowning in my fears.
Then from the ashes I will crawl,
Just to find myself in free fall.
It's like the tumbling of the dice,
My life is spinning in your lies.
You've turned my world from upside down,
All I have lost just can't be found,
My inner self's an empty shell,
How can I break free from this hell.
So many dark and lonely nights,
So many cracks I've tried to hide.
You leave me shattered in disgrace,
I'm disappearing in the haze.
I can't get over you,
You're an ocean full of tears.
To free my head from you
Needs an ocean full of tears.
I don't expect you to believe
How much my life's disturbed in grief.
Still I can't tread on safer ground
As all your poison's still around.
Time is a healer, so they say
And I can't wait to see the day
When all the truth will come to light,
When finally wrong turns to right.
7. Deaf, Dumb and Blind (4:18)
Have you ever read between the lines,
Can you see, we're heading for decline.
We declare to be the crown of all,
Don't you just forget, all kings must fall.
Don't you think it's funny,
Who do we think that we are.
While we cannot save ourselves at all,
Save us from the fall.
Are we deaf and dumb and blind?
As we mistreat our kind.
Are you deaf and dumb and blind?
You could be the next in line...
Do you ever feel superior
And divide the world in good and bad?
So we wipe away what we don't like,
Who is not our friend, he shall be dead.
Deaf! Dumb! And blind!
8. Spirits of the Night (4:52)
Face of horror, walls of death,
The depths in our mind.
No tomorrow, evil blessing,
The horror of the blind.
I have looked into your eyes,
I didn't recognize.
There only was a blackened shadow
Screaming as it dies.
Waking to the light,
Perception makes me scream,
'Cause reality
Is worse than I could dream.
The spirits of the night live on and on,
The visions of that dream, it won't be gone.
The spirits of the night won't leave me,
The spirits of the night, they live on and on.
Come the morning, help me breathe,
I must escape the night.
Let me just abandon this,
I know it wasn't right.
Like a cancer in the flesh
It's eating up my brain.
Just a spiral downwards bound,
All hatred turns to pain.
9. Times of Darkness (5:21)
See the fires, smoking guns,
Death is all around.
No desires on the run,
Misery we've found.
Everyone we've seen
Has been through hell,
Had that war in their eyes.
Total darkness, no more tears,
End of all we've known.
Reign of madness, reign of fear,
What have we become?
Is there a way back?
Can we forgive?
In these times of darkness
All humanity had died.
Thirty years that war was raging on.
In these times of darkness
When mankind denied itself,
Burned into the memory of all souls.
Empty faces, hollow cheeks,
All the hope is gone.
For survival we're too weak,
This war can't be won.
All this endless death, it was in vain..
10. The Dark Side of the Sun (5:56)
In my nightmares, when I die,
I just see my long forgotten, breaking eyes.
I'm afraid I lived a lie,
My life's challenges, I never did reply.
All so many doors I haven't tried,
All those wasted chances, 'cause I was afraid.
All the people that I never reached a hand,
'Til it was too late, I'm on my final stand.
I'm the only one
On a journey to the
Dark side of the sun
I'm almost dead and gone
On my journey to the
Dark side of the sun
Nothing will be won
On my journey to the
Dark side of the sun
I'm eternal gone
On my journey to the
Dark side of the sun
That's just our eternal fear,
To have left out our chances while we're here.
And we find our spirits clear,
But the flesh is weak and rotten, it appears.
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