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In the Void Full Album Lyrics

Rùsùah - In the Void cover art

In the Void

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2012-04-04)
1. I Am In The Void (3:50)
now you leave me
now you ignore me
i feel the vain
the void for my life

i dont know you are but
i'll give you everything
i sacrifice my life for you
i'll do anything

i'm searching for your existance
2. Dance With Satan (4:02)
you hate me
you hit me
you leave me
you throw me
you make my life so hard

it's time to dance with satan
it's time to sell my soul
you've ignored me then i'll ignore you god
i dont care anything with you anymore

take me in my way take take me away
now i know you hate me
now i know you have no mercy
3. Run The Demons (5:12)
i feel your hate
i feel your anger
but i don't feel the dark inside

i see your pain
i see your sadness
i don't see your demon wakes to run

let them growing up let the pain turn dark
your world has gone your life is death
feel your pain feel your sick
there's no hope in your life
there's no life in your heart

4. Desperate Cry (4:18)
i feel the human pain
i see their blood
screaming in their dream
standing in their nightmare

they are praying
and hope a smile of God
but they don't get anything
trying to take a breath again

running from the nightmare
they are sacrified
running from the nightmare
they will be death
running from the nightmare
i will go there
running from the nightmare
i'm going to die

desperate, i am crying,
desperate, become madness
desperate, i am crying,
desperate, i will suicide

they are sacrified
they are rejected
they are ignored
they are death
5. All Is Done (5:42)
all is down
everythings you've taken
i cant breath
and i am sick
i will hate u in my life

i am nothing but i have all the pride

i wanna stay here till i die
i wanna stand to keep my pride
take my last breath if you want it
so you can laugh at my death

i life for what?
i don't know anything
this is not true
life is pain

all down
everything's gone
all down
i just fight for my own
all is done
6. Galav (3:50)
lelah menjerit dalam keputus asaan
menapaki sebuah awal kehancuran
ingin berhenti ketika dirasuki sebuah keraguan
setan tertawa manja dan berbisik di telinga

serahkan hidupmu

menatap dari masa ke masa
semua seperti binasa
setiap mata memandang hina

akhiri dengan kematian

lelah tak berdaya
menyeret langkah yg renta
ingin halalkan segala cara
wujudkan semua walau harus menjual jiwa

akan kah ini jalan yang aku pilih?
atau kah ku akhiri ini dengan kematian?
sementara ku tak dapat memilih
jual jiwa yang telah rapuh, persetan dengan tuhan
7. Welcome To The New World (5:14)
many people you killed
and you don't see what you've done
destroy !!
war !!

you killed million soul and you smile
you rape our nation and you said "peace"
that's great no one can stop you
that's great no one dare to insult you

you hurt the mother earth
you rape our dream
you killed our nation

feel our pain
you will see life in grim
and you will enter the nightmare

now we die

this is the new world
this is the gate of hell
there's no more life
there's no more tears
8. M.L.G ver.2 (4:16)
i know however i cried
you won't come back here
however i miss you
i can't meet you again

how are you there?
since you left us
i want to meet you
i want to see you

you were going to the heaven
here i sing a song for you
here my tears for you
wait me to follow you

here my tears for you
wait me to follow you
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