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Back to the Kult of the Tyrants Full Album Lyrics

Quintessenz - Back to the Kult of the Tyrants cover art

Back to the Kult of the Tyrants

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-12-19)
1. Reinflame the Stake (1:41)
Hell's hordes now are gathered for this sacred rite
Lift up your sword to the reincarnation of evil
The glorious rebirth of the antichrist...
For darkness shall fall upon the weak and false
For thou shall reign in eternity... thy name be praised by the tyrants
And thy hate be our source of power!
Sacrifice the virgins, let them kneel and bow down before you
Let them be impaled by purity, by steel and by bestial lust
Let their blood fill our chalice, praising the kult of the tyrants
For this ancient rite once more has begun...
Set the torches afire and reinflame the stake!
2. Back to the Kult of the Tyrants (3:37)
The winds of the old arise through the plague of time
The ancient horrors, the only hymns divine
Coming from the mountains.. from the eternal frost
Left there in total grimness! Disguised. Torn and glossed!

A pounding strike of thunder and the halls start to shake
Tear down new monuments! Reinflame the stake!

Call for the inquisition! Praise the upheaval of darkness!
Call for the ancient Kult! Praise the war of hellish steel!

Back to the Kult of Tyrants!

I lay down my soul to thee! Sacrifice my flesh to your chants!
For you shall reign in eternal glory...
For you shall stand 'till the final hammer strikes!
Fuck off new idols, new ways!
On modern entity I shall spit!
My blood for morbid metal! Let chaos reign over this earth!
3. Nekrowhore (2:46)
The moon shines bright, the graveyard's shadows grow
Lady lust... Follow the red path through the snow


The werewolf's cry out in the eternal night
Nekrowhore awaits the demon's raging pride

Her eyes are gleaming, the desire of the dead
The emperor's steel is driving her mad...

The old are chanting out to her infernal glaze
The thunder's roaring! Follow her enchanted blaze!
4. Sepulchral Desecration (3:41)
The sacred gates of heaven, crushed by the blackened spell
Guardians and angels, raped by the hordes of hell

Ugh! The Fire! Death and Mutilation!
Ugh! The vengeance! Sepulchral Desecration!

Invade Jehova's halls! Torment all holy vaults!
Raise the banners of Satan as ripping death assaults...

Heaven's on fire, the wooden stake starts to burn
Piles of corpses crown the slaughterlord's return

Virgin Mary, get down on your knees
That holy whore should be easy to please
Jesus Christ, hammer your cross!
Invert the funeral, Tear down all your gloss!
5. Black Metal Holocaust (3:50)
Witching Hour strikes and the moon is shining red
Unholy words are cast upon the living dead
The old are gathered around the infernal shrine
Come on and praise the old and evil morbid time
Oh, the darkness! Sacrilegious force! Infernal War!
Oh, Black Metal Holocaust

The spell is summoned and the hordes are out for war
Infernal Witches, Bestial slaughter they adore
Come from thy throne and bring the final genocide...
...The glorious metal horde awaits Hellhammer's strike

The messiah crucified the virgins beg and plead
Unholy funeral, corpses hang for all to see
The fields are drenched in blood, they fill the mighty skys
Hell rises out through night: Hail Satan 666!
6. Ancient Rites (3:41)
The freezing moon shrines bright! Hear the church bell's sound!
Through the midst of frost Hellhammer storms!
The old and ancient kult... Ritualistic slaughter mass...
Feel the knife of doom!
Ancient Rites

The virgin's blood is spilled, evil spirits inhale the souls
Relentless metal death... The great kult returns!
Vengeance from the old! Blood covers the tomb!
The pentagram burns in the night
7. D-Beat Hammer (1:42)
An ancient wind arrives and discharges the unholy hammer
D-Beat death awaits you now! Kill under the Black Metal banner

The D-Beat Hammer! The D-Beat...
The D-Beat Hammer! Oh, brings total death!

Untight to the max... Feedback rules the sound
Hellish demons overkill, D-Beat Hammer is unbound

The D-Beat Hammer! The D-Beat...
The D-Beat Hammer! Oh, brings total death!
8. Wings of Blasphemy (3:38)
black wings darken the holy light
On the back of all evil, a majestic flight

A Ride On The Wings Of Blasphemy

Through the depths of the night I shall create
To bring Armageddon, to seal their fate

As I go down through the clouds of doom
I will bring you death, I will bring you gloom
9. Hail the Hordes of Eternal Death (3:29)
The thunder strikes at dawn, the twilight fades
Hordes on their unholy path! Violent slaughter dominates!
Obliteration, Death! The hammer is ripping up the sky!
Fight all sacred souls... It's time for angels to die!

Hail the Hordes Of Eternal Death
In the dead of the night thunderstorm and hate swallow the light
Hails the Hordes Of Eternal Death
Lead by the pestilent whore! Disease and pain herald total War!!!!

Angels cry in torment... Bow to the bestial raid!
Crippled bodies lay... Accept your hellish fate!
Holocaust in heaven, Light up the false!
Execution of Jesus Christ! Burn all holy halls!

Satan! Guide our way! Crush the altars!
Leave all chapels in decay!
10. Iron Hammer Sacrifice (5:12)
The priests are tied to the stacks of doom
Witches cry out in pain
Slaughter the lams of Jesus Christ... All virgins left profane
Hell's Hammers came crushing down
The world is ruled by hate
Vulcanos cracked, the glorious fire, Humanity's final fate!

The glorious strike... The final sacrifice...
The iron Hellhammer...

The last thunder struck! Total genocide! Let thy hatred crush!
The Iron Hammer Sacrifice
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