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Tentacles of Horror Lyrics

Putrevore - Tentacles of Horror cover art

Tentacles of Horror

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-10-17)
1. These Caverns Breed Filth (5:16)
In caverns darkly
A yeesting shape takes form
Abnormal fungoid being
Growing terribly and rapidly

Without the flesh of man
This beast is moving fast
A misshapen heap of sickness
Creeping up on larvaefeet

The rising of the sickening
The earth itself it moves
As millions of tons of filth
Blasts through the soil

The filth is covering the earth
Expanding and procreating itself
An amoeba of giant proportions
A festering feeding hell
2. Unspeakable Madness Beckons (4:54)
The burning ashes of the ancient
Still covers the world smothering
A breath of putrid life
A gasp of undeath lingering

Hybrid monstrosities awakening
These aeons have been mere sleep
To awaken and to feed
To devastate and breed

A world in flames raging
Skies that vomit sulphur
Tentacles pouring from the clouds
To sweep the soil clean of life

And as they now return
Unspeakable madness beckons
Your life will be their price
As they slowly suck you dry
3. Gable Window Portal Pt. I (3:13)
mere travel to partake
And by pen take down
Certain horrid notes

A journey at hand
Wich should not have been
An entrance discovered
That should have been kept closed

Second storey study
Something amiss in this room
Covered up at the far end
The gable window

Right there and then the visit should have ended
But the host had gone and curiosity took over
Human stupidity galore
Breathing heavily the windows now was opened
4. Gable Window Portal Pt. II (5:05)
Mounted into the wall
But on the other side lies another world
Drawn into the vast lands
Of a horrid afar place

Caves and subhuman beings
A desolate place and stalking
Something horrid is awaiting

And out of the darkness
Out of the cave
The rushing of a sickness breathing
Towards this world

Gable window portal
A portal to another realm
Close this hole to hell
Or suffer forever as slaves
5. Through the Vortex to Aeons Past (4:11)
Catapulted back through time
To be the vessel of the traveler
Those who crawl though the aeons
To hunt and gather their spoils

A trophy adorning the ancient halls
A human head on granite walls
Into the catacombs of the olden breed
You hang now mounted

Dug into your skull
For the spoils that they crave
Dragging out your insides
To feed their needs

Through the vortex
To aeons past
Hunted through time
The prey of the ancient
6. The Rotten Crawls On (4:20)
A smudge in history we are
A speck of filth on the map of this soil
Crawling forwards to ensure our little reign
To claim our kingdoms

This putrid artefact called man
A breed that should not be
The little climbing and clawing primate
That has somehow clawed itself to the imagined top

Little do we know about the vastness of nothingness
The total annihilation of time and space
On the verge of the abyss we linger
Justs as maggots we slither

And the rotten crawls on
Seeking a kingdom to reign in spite
Of the futile rotting that we will slowly come to know
7. Hyperborean Dreams (4:52)
A vast and unknown land
Fields that open further up
These wide horizons multiply
These are lands untouched by today's men

Traveling the skies at night
Drawn back though aeons of time
In dreams you find yourself
Back in the realm of hyperborea

The mighty mountain tower
These vast lands are calling out
Your inner self in drawn here
Something that you left in the past

Deeper into the sleep
Soon you will find it so
That your life was just a dream
And now you will awaken

Hyperborean dreams
Back to your supposed life
Far too long in a daydream
Now awaken and in hyperborea again
8. A Maw Surrounded by Tentacles (5:14)
The primordial spew is frothing
Boling towards an outcome
To lunge itself into times spectrals
And travel to fester on future life

This horrendous being crawling
Slothing though the channels of time
Slowly creeping towards this place
To lay down and feed on humanity

A maw surrounded by tentacles
Epic in proportions to swallow all
To ingest and digest all living
To fester humanity until the end

Slow creeping tentacles
Clawing at your sanity's door
Like fingers inside your flesh
Ripping out your intestines
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