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Purple Hill Witch Full Album Lyrics

Purple Hill Witch - Purple Hill Witch cover art

Purple Hill Witch

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Lyrics > P > Purple Hill Witch Lyrics (7) > Purple Hill Witch Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2018-05-16)
1. Queen of the Hill (7:56)
Beyond the reach of the solar rays
I ride the ancient, crooked ways
Following the trails of the undead wizards
To seek the land of the purple queen

The last source of light is fading away
As the road winds downwards day by day
I can feel her poison floods my veins
There's no way back, I'm now her slave

Electric creatures rides the horizon
As her servants marches through the gate
They take my hand and lead the way
Through the shadows of the sacred hill

My mind is controlled by her evil spell
Like the cold stone walls of a prison cell
Into the abyss seems to be the only way
I'll die for you, queen of the hill
2. Astral Booze (6:39)
Come a little closer my friend
Have a drink and watch the universe bend
Have a smoke at the dawn of time
Baby I'll show you when the planets align

To the left you can see the birth of stars
On the right you can see the destruction of Mars
Come on, let's get set for emotion
Crawl on over and taste this potion

The liquid truth takes away your soul on a stellar journey
The astral booze takes you down below, to dance with the dead

Bending time at the speed of light
Astral projecting into the night
I'll steer away from the pitch black hole
The sight of the horrors would haunt your soul

Full throttle babe, you've got nothing to loose
Everyone should have a sip of the astral booze
Ascend, descend - has got nothing to say
In the universe there's only one highway

Alright now, every little thing is alright
Gliding silent through the realm
And if you're afraid to pass, just look up to the sky
3. The Final Procession (7:44)
Towards the black mass of an ancient galaxy
A funeral procession rides through realms of insanity
Aeons pass them, in slow implosion
Never to come back from the edge of reality
Down the spiral roads the malignant priest is on his way

Deceiving visions seduced their weary minds
To leave the world behind, but they could not be fooled
No crooked preacher could halt their heathen deeds
No abject graveyard could keep their souls asleep
Blessed by the deuce, their minds would never repose

An ancient omen once foretold that the evil will return
And all the sacred churches and temples will forever burn
An ancient omen once foretold that the evil will enrol
Once the wicked souls of the undead is buried in a black hole

Six lightyears under, the ritual has begun
Earth's final spin around the celestial pole is done
Infernal fire, hotter than a thousand suns
Devours our mother earth, now they have won
Where right was wrong, a new black hole now is born
4. Karmanjaka (5:02)
Through the Karmafalls, across deserted planes
Tengil rides through on his mighty black horse
Through the gates of her dark black cave, she spreads her fire and terror

Tengil sits silent, grasping his horn
Within his hand, her horror awaits
He only needs to point his finger - and darkness will follow

Whispering silent, her minions tremble
Tengil's helm is red as blood
She waits in eager to hear the horn
Katla's fire will soon spread

Awaiting her, nightmares of Tengil
They live in fear under Tengil's wrath
Now the fires are unleashed - all will die under Tengil's hand
5. The Landing (4:38)
A journey into a land unknown
A place no other man has seen
Somewhere only you can go
A place where everything comes to life

The trees are smiling
Embracing you into this foreign place
You melt into the ground below
You're part of something bigger than life

You get away from a grey day
You go to see the sunlight
To look at all the beauty
Connecting dots between the wrong and right

You float around in this state of mind
Thinking of all the things you want to say
Look around at the people in sight
They don't understand, they never will

I'm all alone and it's all so bright
Let me go home to my normal life
Let me be understood and let me understand
What life should be in the sunlight
6. Aldebaranian Voyage (Into the Sun) (3:33)
7. Purple Hill Witch (11:11)
Travelling down the highway, where I see a crooked shaman
He tells me to close my eyes, and slip into the dream

Orion eyes haunts me - a constant sign of danger
Everywhere I go, I'll always stay a stranger

Suddenly a downward spiral, bad feelings surrounds me
Pulled out of reality, a sudden hit by gravity

Now I'm back on Purple Hill, lying in the witch's bed
I realise it's all in my head - I'm home
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