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Ascetic Eventide Full Album Lyrics

Pure Wrath - Ascetic Eventide cover art

Ascetic Eventide

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal
Album rating :  92.5 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > P > Pure Wrath Lyrics (6) > Ascetic Eventide Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-03-28)
1. Colourless Grassland (7:02)
The coming end of the light
The sun and the moon disappear
The shadows and the darkness
Becoming the desire of death

Frostbitten ravens with sores
Dying in my embrace
Farewell with pure hatred
In the middle of colourless grassland

Strange voices and bestial winds
I relish flowing through my mind
Along with echoes of demonic whispers
I try to unchain all the irresolution

For all sacred tears of the life
Let the rain and haze purify all souls
Set the fire over the silence
Let the ashes of your thoughts scattered away

Where the angel whining in the dusk
Then day become the night

The atmosphere fallen down
Such as beautiful phenomenon
As I fallen down into a valley
Of the great victorious dimension
2. Mountain Calls (8:46)
I've been following the source of footsteps
A march behind the coldest dark forest
Haze below the black clouds of the mountain
Scattered above this heretic madness

Eventhough sunrise is shinning too cold
Behind the diagonal image of trees
Fair humidity inside the woods
Surrounded by echoes of wild ambient

In the black shades of tyrant
Finding a pleasure to living here
Between the twinkling flares above
Mother Nature enchants me with her charms

For the elders and the ancestors
I honor all the presents and form of peace
For all beings that are behind this silence
I surrender myself to the nature

A perfect creation..
Of what Earth needs..

A pillar of the sky..
That keeps the air above..

At the foot of the mountain
The river flowing toward east
On the top of the mountain
The strange voices is calling

The voices is calling..
The mountain is calling..
3. Clouds Retiring (7:53)
The time for clouds to retiring, entering the dark hallways
Would it be severe thunderstorms, or intense lightning in black?
As I follow the light's path, I see those puzzling flashes above
I remember when the sky too tired, to rain me thousands words

Smell of the ground so tasty, with shimmering sounds
From deepest feeling of solitude, I see the cyan goes gray
I realize the sky is ready, to losing light's magnificence
As memories neglected, ensconced by the stiff and cold

Oh this rainy night..
Remembering me to the past..

I stand below the rain, with shadows of her delights
I stand below the night, with sorrowful dead memories
I try to hide my pain, in the middle of the rain
When the grass start making noises, below the gray that goes black

It's raining heavily, and the winds blowing fast..
This night awfully dark, and my pain thundering inside..
4. In Cold World (4:52)
Pain was friend
Since faith was gone
Become an addiction
Or it was just an escape?

Feeling free but cold
To realize the world

Believing my soul
Sacrifice my own wrath
Where I find the answer
The God I saved was myself

Feeling free but cold
To realize the world

Feeling free but doubt
To realize the faith
5. Pathetic Fantasies (6:07)
The magnificence perished
Into imagination
Fantasy and desires
A real manipulation

Elements be ruined
So does the life
The will of thoughts
Occupying the throne

Earth between a weak space
A perfect shape of hesitancy
Magical creature and nature
Ah! Pathetic fantasies

The great obliviousness
And all enchanting fantasies
Nothing but nonsense beyond!

Thousands innocent life lovers
Creating their own suffering
Nothing but nonsense beyond!

Calling the misery season
Where the immaculation exists
Nothing but nonsense beyond!

Believe in a skeptical faith
When all the others evolving
Nothing but nonsense beyond!
6. Between Water and Winds (8:20)
Marvelous images vanished by the winds of death
Ashes of serenity blew away with mortality
Along with my journey to the middle of nowhere
Surrounded by fire on a barren edge of horror

Through the howling winds of death
Where invincible one stands

No stars are sparkling, only dying fireflies above
My heart and soul has taken, now I'm dead inside
Amongst the graces of eternal life and nature
I walk through these darkest days along with fear

Through the howling winds of death
Where invincible one stands

Save my weak soul to their angels of pain
Lurking for the sympathy then hide behind
Whispering infernal hate to the cold clouds above
Involved into the enmity between water and winds

Between water and winds..
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