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Raptus | Full Album Lyrics

Punish - Raptus cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-09-22)
1. Abandon Waste (4:10)
Hate and rejection fill my mind, when I think of you
The belief to kill is powering me, to send you to hell
You fucking piece of shit.

Your seeding crap venomed my life, this will come to an end now
My scorn is almighty, the abyss will squelech your drive.

Abandon waste, dropped unworthy creature
Fallen enemy, I'll kill you again and again and again.

The limit is extravagated, there is no way back
The only speech you catch is to use force
Ok, here you are.

With pleasure I'll enforce my mission, what I do is the only way
Burn in hell, you cheap fucker.

You're lower than nothing, the gutter is to good for you
I raze your life
Die, Die, Die, Die.
2. Disciple of Wrath (3:38)
Born from pain I walk my path, emotions out of control
Random hatred eruption of fury, global infection unleashed.

Against the grain, I'm condemned to go
Forever in solitude, possessed by agony.

Reborn through hate, no peace I shall bring
All ages depraved, by my disastrous will.

Disciple of wrath, acolyte of Satan
Chaotic entity, reigning supreme.

Cataclysmic devastation never ends
Pain and pestilence infesting every land.

Ambassador of the orcus, rise up from the abyss
Epitome of terror, dissolve the world in ashes.

Kingdom of the eternal night.
3. Subnatural Coexistence (4:53)
Homage to humanity, infernal dominant, almighty
Gods of none and all, reign supreme, proficent in every theme
We know who we are, natures superstars, yeah we are.

Controlling the universe, omnipotence seems perverse
Reign with fire, reign, slavery, eternal lives, hail biometry.

Arisen from the pits of hell, with wheels, letters and goods to sell
Qualified to dwell on it, legitimate to do all shit.

Genetic perfectionism, climate change terrorism
Deoxyribonucleic acid, codified to transmit by bit.

We rule earth, earn what's deserved
We stand strong, we're never wrong.

Upgrading paradise for own needs, noble demise for every breed
We stay forever, intelligence, subnatural coexistance.
4. Raptus (5:05)
Wrath is lurking on me, emotional lability
Catatonic schizophrenia, physical hysteria.

overdose to metamorphose, suicidal intent comes close
Agression at its worst, unstoppable blood thirst.

Extremities benumbed and strange, stay outside my crushing range
Unintentional hate-monopol, mental waste out of control.

Stereotype, brain defect, unobvious, neglect
Instability, mind lost, kill, kill, at any cost.

Unpredictable eruption of violence, morbidity in my last dance
Psychopathologic symptom, coerced to final venom.

Raptus collapsus defectus abnormis.
5. Herder of the Misguided (4:24)
Out of your weakness, I'm rising high and crush you
Your stupidity is feeding me until your empty
Your ignorance enjoys me 'cause it lifts me over you, until eternity ends.

You fools can't dispossess me, you made me so mighty
In your graves you'll execrate yourselves, but then i'll make it already compass.

I am the herder of the misguided, the leader of you pricks, the archon of you fools,
The king of you weaks, the master of the world, what I say is the law.

You didn't want it better, you deserved it so,
It's your own blame that I bedevil your species
You banished the good, now I'll come to power.

The master of the world, until eternity ends.

I don't care a pap for you, I'm not interested in your world
No one will risk to stop me or I'll feed him in hell with you
You will wonder if everything is destroyed, you will see, no one survives.
6. Despise, Separate, Attack (4:51)
Force fed society of imbeciles, dominion of plutocracy well-stablished
Meaningless creatures voluntarily enslaved.

Assimilation no longer an option, separation disintegration
The only way to scape idiocy, cementing the role of the outcast.

Phychomorphical deformation, feeding my mental devastation
Hostility lurking beneath te surface, longing for the retaliation.

Despise, separate, attack, homicide, suicide, defiance of death.

Escalation of violence the carnage begins, eradicate as many as I can
Overwhelming disorder, guns are blazing, coincidental enemies deleted.

Pent-up aggressions ejaculations of fury, insane butchery, pleasure to kill
Psychopathological splatter party, completed by blasting my brain out.
7. Stained (4:17)
Welcome to my world, my empire of inhumanity
Step inside my morbid mind, imagine my cruelty
See my cold-bloodedness and enjoy all the pain
Your love, your faith, your passion fades away
In my superiority, I brainwash you to my bondslave.

Death is the only companion, mortality all around
Encased by pain and suffering, lifelessness everywhere
Purgatory, agony define your new life, no god can help you
Oh yeah, this is what you see deep inside of me.

Reborn without peace and harmony in a new domain
Enjoy the smell of desperation, served by the end
You're addicted to suffer, in love with the reaper
Erotic taste of misery, agony and helplessness.

Demise is no more an enemy, it became a friend to me
Despaired screams satisfy and activate me
Normality has failed, I choose the other side
This is what you see deep inside of me.
8. Bonefire (4:36)
Pure venom shoots it's way through veins, I throw away my hated chains.

Guns spit theit holy promises through leaded air
Get shiny answers from the wounds of men who care
Rotating claw's shout happy tunes of a new born greed
Successive bullets marry meat like scythe the weed.

Sweet lava runs through melting veins, sulphur winds toxigate the brains
Adrenalized blood finds ways through stones, acid bonfires alight my bones.

Event horizons frame the world I'm here to reign, my senses ray - accept my bane
I'm raz-Al'Sur, the twofold maker of your sins, take care of my lambs - I need your skins.

You're many fiends but seem just weak, so's your defence - Watch your leak
Gasping lungs and dismembered hearts, everywhere blood and body parts.

What you call shield denies all logic wariness
My lustful mind detects your fearful awarness
My blades are singing painful, songs of anarchy
Blood sprays the walls, proclaiming new breed destiny
Sweet lava - Kiss me goodnight.
9. Disruptor (5:02)
10. Wetworks Ltd. (4:31)
Blinding the masses, smearing the classes, the authorities condones me - I'm free
Doing my business is work for the sinless, I feast my obsession - Lifestyle supreme
killing with style raises a frantic smile on my face when I'm living my feverish dream.

I am the meanest assassinator, the light not the moth
Your back-breaking waitress, the last combatant you will confront on earth.

I'm the last watcher of your featured bowels, the surge to your death,
The collapsing towers, the gate that carries to your final demise.

Bristled with fury I am
slaughtering for becoming a man
Downpour of blood everywhere
Covered in juices and smear.

I am the meanest assassinator, the light not the moth, your honest arbitrator,
The betrayer, the judge, your case of death
Who's your company? Wetworks Ltd!
The last resort for freaks like you and me.
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