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Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night Full Album Lyrics

Prosanctus Inferi - Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night cover art

Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  93.3 / 100
Votes :  3
Lyrics > P > Prosanctus Inferi Lyrics (23) > Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-13)
1. Gestation Within The Lunar Miasmic Envelope (5:03)
I saw the form rising
Towards a hole
That punctured nightdom
An echo of evil

Feral thirst sickens dark blood
Within the mouth of pain
Red tongues drip to susuration eternal
Hunger rings in a soul of the night
Within a spell of blood
Mouths howl
With stark deprivation adoration

I saw the form rising
Towards a new shade
Wavered and shaking
Naked it became

Forms of the dream manifest
Their own flesh
Their flesh!
Skin to the mouth soft
Feeding seeds of teeth
Of teeth!

To the new young babes
Come foul most dark mouths
Born forth mouths for consumed skin
Came flesh wet in divine blood
Of blood!

Birthed to the new infant formed food
Slivers syphon
Under the shade of a pregnant moon
Blood has arisen!
Blood has arisen!
2. Maternal Tongue of Sempiternal Evil (4:03)
Bathed in the seed of maws
Mouths of impure mastication
Vibrance of godlike hunger
Became unto the predator's jaws
Beast of the pathogen
The entity glorified abuse
Wide eyed howls of the visions
Screams of the blood licked void
Of the void

Fallen veils of key firmaments
Slave fodder became annointment
Perennial screams
From the baneful hood
The sanguine visions
Of impaled poetry
Vestigial host of god
Black feathered blood of the dream

Blessed rot of the spirit
Old curse angelic lust in white
Corridors draped in the hairs
Moist dark defiled nightmares breath
Passion of greater flesh
Gave birth to the unholy vision
Spun in the seed of the hunger
Ruby red teeth slowly penetrate veins

Hibernal pain of the feed
Nocturnal terrors
Supernal shreds of the force
Tortured in splendour

Violence sang in the grace of the born
Adorned bleeders prayed
Poured into form into calling
Calling of the sound of hunger

Child cries in an orgy of birth
Prime nocturnal mothers
Sprouting teeth in a spiral of blood
Flung into the night

Slowly the liquid seeps
Outside the veil
The soft tongues maternal
Spoke a voice of evil
3. Host Beasts Rose As Angels Nocturnal (3:49)
Nighthood flesh lips of red into
Fetal born liquids seep screaming

Gathered tongues gloating teeth for the
Darkened hosts raised to flesh forth be

Unctioned blacked blears
Unto thy needs to the feed
Parsed strands of time
Play to foul bleeding tethers
Draped to measured strands out stretched
And dripped up towards void
Outward flapping maws syphoned
Excess life!
Excess life!

Wavered forms chattered teeth clicking
Infant face near the kiss so soft

Needles poised to sink deep
Into young screams of the babe
Taught skin begins to form
Over the nocturne spectres

White offaled mouths reformed blood
Stale tongues limped over the lips
Lapped unto searing cut flesh
Drank unto throats of the night

Shadows of form sing to
Sounds of the shredded tissue
Host beasts rose as the seat
Of the angels nocturnal

Heads rose to greet their new
Absorbed mother nightdom
Seething around into
A wound hood of formed blackness
4. Void of the Centrifuge (3:20)
Viral blood shines in the night
Song of hunger
Syphons gaped an open maw
For the feeding

Mist is the infant corrupt flesh
Formulized mounds breath in heaps
Ripe red ribbons torn from prey

Taciturn throats gnaw in silence
Blood of night inside them
Parasites groan in dark pleasure
Heaven's blood insane thirst

Drip slows from the mouth of the predator
Live birth to the seeds of lustration

Screamed tongues sang out in their torture
As skin torn about while still living
Screamed things burst forth
From the nightmare
To feed on the blood of the waking

In the womb of
Breeding evil
Animated carnivores
Birthed into being

Born in the feed of spinning streams
Blood spiralled outward
Violent birth bled the pain for prey
To be consumed unborns

Wombs animated
Void of the centrifuge
5. Apex Jaws In Madrigal Posture (3:36)
Rise flesh animation
A new shade of man
Adversarial birth
As cold hands caress
The warm face of life

Seed born of the night spilled dark moon
Regal and prime
Reformed blood as the master
Mist became flesh

Rose out forth
Slaved source of life
Flesh shades of the unborn

Nourished wombs of the mother heart
Abated blood to the lips of sin
Synod dreams for siphoned life to breed forth
Phantom jaws from the breath of the thirst born
From the red

Nightmares rose
Out gaping jaws
Night of black
Infant screams in the face of the hunt
Throats of red
Flesh it did fold from it's ephemeral life

So now it did turn in
To face the maw
Into hunger manifold
And everlasting pain
6. Nuptial Hymens Burst Forth Slave Carrion (4:05)
White sphere blood
Canines arose
Mouths thirst into deep
Night becomes dream
To slaves of the carrion
Black lips collapse
Song of the writhed form
Gassed forth black

Shaped parasites
To susurration
Came to be of lustration

Zenith of red halo flesh
Coursing in hymens of nupital light
See the genital blood
Icons of worship on altars of holes
Syphon be vapours spun
Schism to waking mirrored spirit void
Void replaced the eye
Third of the sight to a meditation

Vestal throne of the master
Sentinel genuflection
Hymens arose to a darkhood
Binding of slave tenement
Offal dog messiah
Slave pests became carrion
Oral skin mastication
Nupital phantomation
7. Phantom Lust For The Pulse of Flesh (4:48)
Birthed womb of the thirst
Draped to the void
Cruel prayers were cast

Keys to the craft
Draped with the flesh
To be loud songs
Birthed in the pipes
Billowed out forth
Face of man died

Phantom dreams of the spell born sleep of blood
Wreath of the voice of the beastly deed of pact
Bent in the form of an apparition
Sunk to the yolk of a spiritual cess

Castes of the parts for the function of rites
Synth of the verse for the expelled plasma
Swelled to a coil of animation
And bled to the yolk of a worthless form

Born manifold!

Eye of dream into void
Manifold ascension
Screams of flesh
Into streams
Manifold descension
8. Seminal Moon Born Orgy of Birth (4:55)
Knelt for the grace of blood
Gorged from the orfice
Shrewd in its decency
Formed from a new moon
Dripped forward congealed
Spot on the white skin
Jaws of the cruel fangs
Stench of gestation

Fell to the blood of the seed
In an ephemeral dance
In the face of the sempiternal hunger
Spiraled death in an orgy of screams
To the stark face of white shadowed veil

To the drape of a veil in a pageant of blood
Evil seminal starts to run
Stain of the black lace torn from the throat
In a choir of violence it spun

Fetal incubation!
Lunar invocation!

Born for the grace of blood
Gorged from the orifice
Shrewd in its decency
Formed from a new moon

Malformation of the song
A new puncture
To the lungs of being
A gestation became born
To the sacrifice
Of the living vestige
Graven birth jaws became born
The promise of fresh life
To the rites of the unborn
A new shadow in the night of night
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