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Slaughtering Thoughts Full Album Lyrics

Profanity - Slaughtering Thoughts cover art

Slaughtering Thoughts

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-23)
1. Intro (1:14)
Christ slaughtered
2. During the Hours of Darkness (4:21)
Hear the whispering of the old trees
telling the tales of time
upon the everlasting stars
in this mighty unique firmament
fascinated from the emptiness
in this blackness so bizarre
creating the own illusions
without the bitterness of the light

twilight... the bleeding of the sun
mesmerized... through the silence of the night
desires... hopes between the stars
nocturnal... the beauty of the dark

nightfall - slumber of the darks beyond
touched by - the shine of the moon not real
losing the sense of time
during the swinging of a gentle wind
strong like the other nature forces
eternal darkness, mighty like the winds

crying winds of sadness
carrying the sorrows of the lost
dust of melancholy
on the way to the black horizon
during the hours of darkness
3. Drowned in Dusk (4:19)
Profane bodies - drowning in dusk
dreaming agony - dreaming lust
child of hate - eternal hate inside
screaming shadows - endless pride

with every heartbreak hot blood fills the ashes of eagerness
breed of my darkest hours I hear the blood flow in my veins

tortured bodies behind the mask
disfigured faces drowned in dusk

blind visions, crawling hands of crime, cynical eyes divine
cause of death, springs of pain, heavens child,
birth of bitterness, another silent scream burning
in fragments of thoughts, after dusk I am rising
4. Soultornado - Hate Burn Inside (4:29)
Psychotic eruption called by sadness
lightning balls of hate burn inside
reluctance welcome madness

we feel so good by flying in the eye of the tornado
in our veins hot blood pump till the end
we like the stench of rotting souls, eating all thoughts
crying insane all the time, flying in spheres of crime

unspoken words of pain, moments of ultimate dead carnage

feeling free by blowing away - absolute hatred
no return, fast forward, we are blind in the soulturnado
here is the silence of the underground, here now forever
the void is back, visions for few
sky is black, rust in sun, awake the one

no more confusion, no temple of insane
only revolution - the world is profane

souleater, thoughtdealer - blow our sadness away
master of storms - we feel the imminent decay
5. The Springs Within (4:12)
Growing up getting higher she haas only one desire
her victims lost alone in ice for years
after the sorrow sea has parched, psychotic carnage abash
the gallery of water is profane

storm over Elains world, reality is shattering her sensual land
hail and rain - the guilty being is condemned forever
now the singoblin is watching her, the springs within
what kind of water forgive sin

the time of sanctuary has begun, where's your cold indifference
we have time, endless time
in former years we are not alone, everything changes black is born
the gallery of water is profane - Elaine

these feelings are new, devils child is waiting for you
hostages race - their freedom you'll never get
see your glorious result, a hopeless life and suffering
no king of water forgive sin
6. Giants of Void Vortex (4:24)
This birth is revenge, all I see is unreal
lights of death around me
visitor from the other side take my hand
there's no fear, I am rising

vultures of void vortex - wings of death

a lot of provocation or is this my first incarnation
I grin by losing vital power, my soul rise - vultures cry
take my hand brother of silence, show me life, I am tired
all the voices I can't hear, what is wrong with me
is this a Morething - can I see

fancy terror news for few, I don't want more
the giants take me home, dreaming in blood
Morething let me go, no more fear - vultures cry
astral sleep clean my soul, visions lose control
I become my own Morething - stronger than yesterday
I crush the giants with silence, the void is calling me
I am the master of my fancy dungeons, of my soul

brothers wait for me, without suffering times I believe
spheres of souls around me, birth of insanity, I am rising
7. Soulitude (4:35)
Tears dry - and will be illusions
in he distance - whispers of soulitude

absorbed in thoughts, of a sympathy that's frozen
bleeding remembrance - deep wounds inside
a feeling that's mental - broken like glass
the balance's disturbed - last candles are waned

enjoy... the burning moons of fire
that light... the night for your desire
... in the silence of your solitude

meet the dawn - with the power of your determination
not cold but warm - meet the angels of desolation

escape from the river -deep-
embraced in damnation, that's forsaken
shaped in the smell of impurity
escape the stream, reach the shore

resist the temptation of oblivion
refuse the touch of gods creation

the trust is abused... a storm in my remembrance
the candlelight is flickering... a senseless resistance
the struggle is lost... the storm brings the darkness

see this eyes of fire, that burn my castle of ice
I will believe in all my sorrows
but can't survive the next tomorrow...
the silence wept - I will create
8. Strangulated with Thoughts (4:34)
It is here, beseech for fear

abomination of the three levels is the cause of hateful skills
duration of life is the kind of their immeasurable human side
captured in flesh, strangulated with thoughts
consuming their minds all humanity is lost
creating new forms, celestial thoughts
their comprehension of suicide is mutilating all ghosts

Morething - one of the greatest curse of gods
can't stop him, the highest king of mental chaos

deeds of pain and choler
the unskilled one is master under the sun
the kingdom of heaven is a wishful dream
but the end is unaware
feeling so tired, knowing no home
welcome disasters, lies are reborn
destroying all spheres, feeling their eyes
twisting the truth no one forget
the name of the liars

collecting alls souls
we are marching through unreal worlds
feel the icy breath of them
give cruelty a new name

psychotic carnage abash
9. When Colour Becomes Pallor (6:37)
Dreams of a forgotten past
I flee - from my reality
watching the years of times, uncounted
seeing the negation of tomorrow disappear

I escape - from this reality
reaching for the stars of my identity

fragments from tales, untold
an odyssey through emotions
rain begins to fall, you are dying behind the window

when the future has passed and the past is present
when colour becomes pallor that dies the ordinary grey
when a creature of the night will be brought to the light
...my burning eyes - wanna watch another sunrise

pictures in colours without a frame
while I am still watching the burning rain
take away this pagan eyes - without dreaming
without gleaming, I don't wanna taste this soul again

I slip into my dark world
I am tasting the pain, that's drying my mind
the circle is closing again in the chamber of nowhere

raise up again, oh eastern gold and burn inside my skin
concealed in darkness made me cold...
made me cold and grim
don't be afraid to feel your dominion
you, elusive enigma
watch the clouds raining blood

the glass burst for the eyes without brightness
for the lonely flame in the martyr's land

autumn falls
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