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Absolute Power Full Album Lyrics

Powermad - Absolute Power cover art

Absolute Power

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-25)
1. Slaughterhouse (5:21)
Caught by justice, killed a criminal
Self-defense, your plan
Tried to honor, could not obey
Time to feel their wrath

Put in prison, set on Death Row
Awaiting hell's black door
Pondering death, wishing for life
You will feel no more

Ripping and tearing
Into your flesh
Feeling the needles from hell
Strapped in the chair
Hood over your head
Sniffing no cyanide smell
Struggle and struggle
There is nowhere to turn
Bowing your head for the kill
Tasting your life as it slips by
If you don't, the Slaughterhouse will


Can you see me, I'm invisible
Can you feel my wrath
I can conquer, I can hold you
In the Slaughterhouse

House, Slaughterhouse
House, Slaughterhouse
2. Absolute Power (4:28)
Folk hero leader from one warring faction
Peaceful existence will justify action
Climbing the ladder with assassinations
Military coup for the rule of the nations

Tasting the freedom to do as he pleases
The more people struggle, the tighter he squeezes
Generals and ministers do as he tells them
His whole creed of ethics turns Machiavellian

Power, Absolute Power
Corrupts absolutely


Despot dictator delusions of grandeur
His role is the God-man, the judge and jurors
Violence and treachery character defects
Sadistic perversion unleashed on his subjects

Power, Absolute Power
Corrupts absolutely


More force is needed to keep things in order
Generals are plotting his imminent murder
The walls of his fortress are now walls of iron
His immortal empire collapses upon him

Power, Absolute Power
Corrupts absolutely
(Repeat 2X)
3. Nice Dreams (4:11)
I close my eyes and drift away
The passing of another day
I leave the day's despair behind
In my bed I finally climb

I never know when they will come
And hope tomorrow ain't as long
But I'm running on ice, as you can see
Oh, they want me

They take me to another place
I'm out of hope and time and space
They chase my mind like animals
Chew my flesh like cannibals
(Repeat Chorus)

Why they take me, I can't see
Oh spare me from this misery
Like a child I fear the night
Save me from these dreams tonight
Nice Dreams.


I close my eyes and drift away
The passing of another day
I leave the day's despair behind
And in my bed I finally climb
Surrealistic nighttime fun

But this is not for everyone
Some they like it, some they don't
Some survive it, some they won't


Why they take me, I can't see
Oh spare me from this misery
Like a child I fear the night
Save me from these dreams tonight
Nice Dreams.
4. Return from Fear (2:56)
World is changing, rearranging
The weak are left behind
Fear itself, the only fear
Still that is in your mind

Sickening state of greed and hate
Our world is gone astray
Their right is wrong, they don't belong
They just will have their day

No more fears, avenge the years
Its wisdom can't be bought
We must return, we must relearn
Wise lessons we've forgot

Past stagnation, intimidation
The time for fear is gone
The strong must rise with fearless eyes
It's time to carry on

World is changing
World is changing
5. Test the Steel (Powermad) (3:20)
Blazing to our destiny
The path is long and tough
Wreckage burns on either side
For some it's been too rough
We've seen the vicious battle rage
We've come too far to quit
Forward is our only hope
We'll burn up if we sit

Heard the tales of men who dared
To cross the line of fate
Very few get though intact
We can't just sit and wait
The time has come to test the steel
We've forged in blood and sweat
Pounding speed we make our run
To take all we can get

We've come with one thought in our mind
Heard the warning, seen the sign
Forfeit everything you've had and
Join us cuz you're Powermad!


(Repeat first verse)
(Repeat Chorus)

We stand before the maniacs
Their thoughts consumed by our attacks
Can't you see the best you've had
Have all been crushed, you're Powermad
6. Plastic Town (4:58)
Two nights ago they came from hell
Inventing lies that made my cell
World of deceit has raped my soul
For 19 years I've paid the toll

Seek out these people and together
Armed with flames of truth forever
We melt the plastic people down
Then we melt their Plastic Town

The flame that sheared my bars asunder
It left no time to think or wonder
It seeks out those with plastic hearts
And rips their plastic world apart

(Repeat Chorus)

Nineteen years ago I came
Into a world that knows no shame
Snatched me from my rightful place
Revenge is mine, I'll leave no trace

(Repeat Chorus)
7. B.N.R. (5:17)
I've been gone for twenty years
A piece of the big war game
Statistic at the Pentagon
Another loss to blame

Can't be a P.O.W.
With no war declared
No M.I.A, lives twenty years
When there are no prisoners spared

Where's my body now, B.N.R.?
Where's my family now, B.N.R?
Not an M.I.A., B.N.R.
Let me rest in peace, B.N.R.

Body rotten, long forgotten
Lying in a muddy jungle grave
Hopeless dreams, hopeless schemes
There's no one for Rambo here to save
Bodies Not Recovered


(Repeat Chorus)

Obsession drives the generals
And hatred fuels their drive
Crazed by their own guilt keeps the war and me alive

Don't send commandos here in my defence
Don't keep the war alive at my expense
Teach the ones who lived the best you can
And don't make the same mistake again

(Repeat-Chorus 2X)
8. Failsafe (3:14)
Miles and miles of wire make up its soul
A pinnacle of man, technology achieving its goal
A new living being acquired a will of its own
The beast we have nurtured is reaping just what man has sown

Arm, load, aim, fire
Arm, load, aim, fire
Arm, load, aim, fire

Wire, circuits, transistors, say we've been attacked
Wire circuits transistors are all that react
There is no hope, there's no turning back
When the computer decides unknown track

Arm, load, aim, fire!
Arm, load, aim, fire!


Machine void of morality
A mind creates reality
Machine decides what is done
To it, it's just another program run
9. Brainstorms (3:32)
Want to forget, but never will
Nightmare past, that haunts me still
Memories I fight, when my eyes close
The pain, the hate, the storm that grows

I can't erase the damage done
I won't forget the guilty one
Yet can I stop the rage inside
Can I resist this ripping tide?

It feeds my anger, it feeds my hate
Incites it to a frenzied state
To keep control, I struggle and fight
Suppress the furor with all my might

My Brainstorms, beyond all logic, vengeance rules
My Brainstorms, I won't give up, I must control
My Brainstorms, beyond all logic, vengeance rules
My Brainstorms, I won't give up, I must control
My Brainstorms

I know revenge, I can't afford it
Must fight from being swept toward it
Storm wind grows inside my heart
My outraged mind is torn apart
I can't forget, I never will
I must restrain this lust to kill
The memories flash, the screams, blood flows
And deep inside the storm still grows, and grows


My Brainstorms, beyond all logic, vengeance rules
My Brainstorms, I won't give up, I must control
My Brainstorms, this vicious circle feeds off pain
My Brainstorms, I must control, I must control my brain
Control, I must control, my brain
Control, I must control, my brain
10. Final Frontier (5:30)
Lying on a distant hill
Watching the night
Watching our universes
Fifty billion lights

The Final Frontier

An infinite life force
I can't comprehend
Perpetual thoughts
With no universal end

Final Frontier
Call out to no one


You know there's something out there
Something you can feel
Something you can't see at night
But you know inside it's real

(Repeat Chorus 4X)
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