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The Awakening Full Album Lyrics

Powerlord - The Awakening cover art

The Awakening

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 9 Wait (2011-09-04)
1. Masters of Death (5:24)
Attack watch em fall
Defy the beast call
No cawards amongst us
With power we fight
Cursing black witches
Bring evil tonight

Masters of all mayhem
The evils final sin
Fighting the forces
That killed just to kill
Wasting them all til'
Their bodies lay still

We kill
For what we stand for
You'll see
The dogs of our war
We will
Put evil to rest
We are
The masters of death

Seek and destroy
Slashing watch 'em die
Kill ask no questions
Then kill them again
Dig up their graves
To insure us this win

Vengeance brings on rage
The masters the metal age
Don't look for reasons
That cause men to fight
Black demons and witches
Watch them all die

Screams as they fought
The lesson we have taught
Kill the possession
And all Satans ways
Torment their lives
In blood they must pay

We kill
For what we stand for
You'll see
The dogs of our war
We will
Put evil to rest
We are
The masters of death
2. Malice (4:25)
In a time
When power ruled the land
The metal age
Fighting with our hands
Tormented wastelands
Kill at command
Past enemies stalk us
We'll fight again

The battles that we never lost
The troops that we have beatin'
Eyes of revenge
Thunder of power
The battle we cannot win

The armies attack
Vengeance against us
The demons and jackals will slay
Deepened scars
And now mindless attacks
Our troops wither more by the day

Signal of death
Kill in the night
The darkness
Withers and dies
With their backs
To the wall
Silent attack
Now it is our
Time to fight

Awaking the dead
To kill them once more
Conquering all that's in sight
We're masters of mayhem
And metalization
The demons will die in the night

Our axes are shining
Blood stains the blade
Ripping through flesh
Feel the shred
Killing the jackals that
Stand in our way
The enemies that fought
Are now dead
They all die
3. Silent Terror (6:21)
A cold evil wickedness
Rips the silent air
You feel a pressence upon you
But you're still unaware
The figure lurks in darkness
And patiently awaits
You catch a glimpse
And laugh alone
At this untimely fate

With one brutal attempt
And a mindless attack
You condemn your offender
With a ruthless act
His eys are filled with terror
You know he's at your will
He's gasping at the shiny cold
Sharpened piece of steel

Now comes the silence
As the black of night unfolds
Once again fear's upon you
As the darkness takes it's toll

At the movement of your hand
You will feel no regret
Only of the pain
Not inflicted yey
The body lies before you
This time evil failed
But only for the moment
Goodness has prevailed
4. The Invasion of the Lords (3:58)
Tonight is the night
To bring down the walls
Clashing our steel
It's metal for all
Metal warriors tonight

We're pounding the cannons
We scream the guitars
Shredding through metal
You know who we are
Power troopers unite
On this power metal night

With spikes and leather
Our heads together
The iron tyrants
We are the only light
Our reigns are everywhere

We burn through the city
We pillage the town
Leave buildings in ruins
We're cracking the ground
This place is ready to ignite

Mega-Watts screaming
Can you survive
The metal and mayhem
Keep us alive
We are the masters of the night
Don't get to close you know why

If you are frightened
By metal of death
You cannot fight it
So just save your breath
And don't play with fire tonight

After destruction
We'll go on our way
To cities not knowing
They'll be our prey
Death metal arrives
We are the heavy metal knights
5. Merciless Titans (4:46)
Swinging their fists
High held swords
The attack is tonight
Forging their weapos to kill
The slaughter on sight

No one can stand in their way
They kill by the thousands each day
Their victims scream out to the sky
My soul will never die

Holding their ground as they march
Militia once more
Creeping to quietly kill
Mass death to the core

No one can stand in their way
For killing soon they must pay
The victims are stricken with fear
Vengeance for killing is near

The armies of death
And their power
Will fight their last day
The thousands of merciless titans
Watch them decay

Relieving the world of their kind
Reflection what they left behind
They answered to Satans call
For their way was death to all
6. (The Awakening) Powerlord (5:27)
Is it metal
Is it steel
Turn up the fire
To make it real

Bring on the cannons
Let's start a war
We'll never lose with powerlord

We've got the power
To win the fight
Don't need no reason
We'll strike tonight
The sparks of lightning
Our clashing swords
A bloody nightmare of powerlord

If you see the flashing lights
And the sounds of fire and war
Hot iron burning in the night
The terror of powerlord

Stand up and fight
Duel till the end
The powerlord
Has no friends
Kick scratch and bite
You've got nothing in hand
We don't care cause we always win

If you see the flashing lights
And the sounds of fire and war
The metal burning in the night
The disaster of powerlord

We'll use metal
We'll use steel
And use fire
To make the kill
We'll have no mercy
To win a war
To take command from powerlord
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