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Maribel Full Album Lyrics

Potmos Hetoimos - Maribel cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Post-Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-15)
1. Recurrence (10:49)
(Gazing as if through a white veil...)
(Tears wiped from the cheek of a restless child...)
(Soft orchid petals beckoning my steps...)
(Sand and rock vibrate beneath my feet...)

Who am I to deserve to receive this
Cursed with another wandering soul
What am I, receptor of such distress
Bloating my mind with unbidden nostalgia
Harrowing emptiness replaced with pitiful indwelling

Time is cruel to the patient watcher, as I slowly lose my hold
Used as a circulated vessel to obtain some foreign soul
History speaks to the belief that our life here is all waste
Yet for all I’ve seen, it is my conviction that the dead are not erased

Still in her shadow I grieve
Grant my poor soul its reprieve
Despite my mind so deceiving, I stand here believing
God relieve me of this fate

Yet with this surge of memory
Comes calm familiarity
A life connected to mine
Enigmatically entwined
What once was force and subjection
Is subverted by warmth and invitation
A light searching my soul
For a welcoming home

But I will not be deceived
Grant my poor mind its reprieve
Although my spirit is cleaving, I stand still believing
God relieve me of this fate.
2. Visitation (10:09)
The accession of these dreams
Sometimes a trickle, sometimes a stream
Feels like an infant cutting teeth
Another life before my eyes
Woven with my soul to bind
Displaying borrowed shards of time
Swaddled in the arms of love
Strength to nurture building up
A lioness and her cub
Now the reason I am here
Understanding through the fear
The pictures are becoming clear

And I know her, I have seen her face
There’s no other with the smile of grace
And I know her, for I am her blood
My own mother, not long for this world

Fear in my heart, I must face this once more
Following memories just like before
Breathless again as I open the door
A stench fills the air, and there’s blood on the floor...

No! Mother! What have you done?!
My father, silent and cold...
No! Mother, where have you gone?
Still, tranquil...she doesn’t know...
3. Assimilation (14:10)
(Colors bleed outside lines)
(Moments are frozen in time)
(Distant horizons, drawing near)
(Distant horizons, drawing so near...)

The white veil and the orchid petals
The lakeside fire and the crying child
The last glimpse of his back in the doorway
The smoking gun and the spray of blood

I’ve seen them all, a hundred times if a dozen times
Cycling through my mind
A neverending cinematic nightmare
Out of control

There is no life in this tension
My only hope is resolution
But this time will be different
I will be the curator of all you have seen...

I am your house of memories, all that is left when you fade away
I am your hope of legacy, keeping you safe from total eclipse

So drink your scarlet wine
And do not be afraid
Sleep all through the night
I will stay awake

Color bleeds outside the lines
Moments are frozen in time
Distant horizons draw near
What you have lost I will find
Fragments of spirit align
Mother, depart without fear
Rest in this promise divine
What you have lost is now mine
4. Genealogy (12:09)
Her memories I roam as freely as my own
Between our souls there is no more division
Insomnia provides endless time to wander
Seeking the source of this miraculous transmission

Mother, crystallized in memory
Father, hidden still in mystery
Mother, give your daughter what she seeks
Father, tell me of this history

Trace back the root of my illicit conception
To discover a man with a double life
The ring off his finger a surface deception
Mother his mistress, but another his wife...

They wed with hope of starting another generation
Her infertility left him empty and desperate
Mother’s attraction drew him away into the darkness
Their secret consummation, with me the product

Four decades long he maintained this masquerade
Until his barren wife began to open her eyes
Faced with choice and no escape, he planned his suicide charade
Held on to Mother and left Evelyn to drown in her tears
5. Curator (18:42)
Titanic monoliths convulse at the beckon of ethereal breath
The brightest beacon is snuffed out in the presence of effulgent fire
All creation cannot flee the cloak of dust, the remnant of the earth
Civilization crumbles beneath the current of the flooding river

Everything persists
Everything is connected
Life goes on, but I won’t
I’ll stay here and hold on

There is a mixture of water and air
There is a mixture of marrow and spirit
There is a mixture of hope and despair
There is a mixture of self and other

Life goes on, but I won’t.
I’ll stay here and hold on.
Nothing is erased.
Nothing is forgotten.
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