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Kingdoms Full Album Lyrics

Potmos Hetoimos - Kingdoms cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Post-Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > P > Potmos Hetoimos Lyrics (47) > Kingdoms Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-15)
1. Thrones (9:19)
who are the kings of this age,
exalted in glorious vanity?

the storehouse of Israel is empty
we kept all the grain for ourselves
the city of Zion is desolate
we have stolen the gold for our thrones

who are the kings of this age,
usurping the crown of the Most High?

the storehouse of Israel is empty
the city of Zion is desolate
we've stolen the gold for our thrones

lay down your crown
pick up your cross and walk
lay down your life
rise up and live again

leave the kings, let us be the martyrs
golden gods we will not bow before
2. Rebel (7:04)
i'll run to the river
and i will never go back

your proclamations
ring hollow in my ears
i won't acknowledge
your controlling authority

i know there is a way
a higher calling
i'll seek the truth i feel
without restriction

we all search for answers
seek and you will find
i have found my kingdom
i am not alone
our hearts burn with passion
our rivers run with love
selfless, we act as one
our strength is humility

we all run to our rivers
we will find our way home
3. Division (8:14)
covenant monogamy
disrespect the promised soul
paralyzed by apathy
he lay still and watched her go
self-immersed, another life
suffers through a bitter divide

she waited for him to care
satisfy her every need
business suits trapped him there
imprisoned by their greed
he had reached the highest cloud
until she pulled the bottom out

no one is above
sacrificial love
nothing else can bind
two lives together

the greatest man alive
is least in my God's eyes
4. War (5:43)
my friend and i were playing in the city street
kicking around my soccer ball with our dirty feet
in spite of everything we were having fun
with smiles on our faces, we looked up at the sun
and then we saw it falling from the sky
and then we saw the flash

constant violence
innocent lives
coldly discarded
worthless battles
unjust aggression
praised as valor

war and rumors of war
nation will rise against nation
famine and earthquake destroy
these are the pangs of armageddon
war and rumors of war
nation will rise against nation
brothers, do not be alarmed
these are the pangs of armageddon's birth

patriots carry their flag
planting it on foreign soil
"drop the bombs on these subhumans
we need some cheaper oil"
they blacken their souls
in search of black gold

God forgive the american empire
5. Matriarch (9:13)
roaming eyes survey the landscape
greed her only motivation
set to part with her beloved
send them off wed the highest bidder
"you look like a fine young man
come and take my daughter's hand"

"mother, please, consider my heart
i will not be sold as a slave
let me find my own companion
who alone can fill the void of love"
"silence, let your weary head rest
mother's love is always the best
it's all you need"
it's all you'll get

matriarch - giver of the blood of life
matriarch - pride will be her undoing
matriarch - jealous of the joy of love
matriarch - who will save her
6. Pulpit Despotism (7:42)
a sermon of judgment, a backward revival
a message misguided, a cycle of hatred
a blessing not given, a spirit left silent
a shepherd forsaken, a kingdom in ruin

i am the light, i am the leader
you are the faith, you are the followers
i am the king, praying for power
you are the sheep led to the slaughter

the preacher distorts the truth and the life
like cancer within the body of Christ
the masses are taught the worship of self
ignorance spreads like wildfire

put false prophecy to death
hope is not abandoned yet

we need revival
we need revival
(revival, revival) we need revival
πνευμα 'αγιον 'ημιν σωζε
(Holy Spirit, save us)
7. The Lilies Underfoot (11:41)
on a pillow of cement
rest a thousand dreaming heads
the destitute and diffident
thrown away and left for dead
systematic rejections
souls forgotten and ignored
but their eyes still bear the shine
of the love of our own Lord

(dream on, my children)
these are the thirsting and the starved
(your King is coming soon)
these are the naked and the sick
these are the least
(sleep well, my children)
these are our brothers
(your Kingdom is at hand)

woe to those who mock the poor
in contempt of their Creator
woe to those who vomit judgment
while choking on their hatred
woe to those who praise the system
as it tears down our sisters' homes

you crush the lilies underfoot
you smear the roses in the dirt
disgrace the beauty of the common
and wonder why the noble weeps
8. Peasant Song (6:27)
our kingdom is not of this world
the treasures of earth we're laying aside
our King leads us into a new earth
we're saving ourselves 'cause we are His bride

false kings led us into the gutter
they call us the fools, 'cause we aren't like them
our King lived with no place to call home
they spit and they mock us, like they did to Him
He will comfort us
when no one else will care
He will deliver us
out of the pain we feel here

quick to hold the sword as a weapon
this world is impaled on its own mistakes
our King beats the swords into plowshares
all that we do, we do for His sake
nothing else
compares to heaven's peace
forsake all you know
His Love is all you need

let go of your wealth and possessions
this joy is worth more than silver or gold
though we have no money here with us
we're headed to mansions with riches untold
come and see
the life He offers you
leave the old behind
our Lord makes all things new
9. Monarch (10:59)
Who stepped down and saved us
became the curse for us
bearing all our sin

Who in His image made us
guides us and sustains us
as we stagger on

without Whom we're nothing
through Him we have all things
more than we can need

love's only renewer
persistent pursuer
calls our hearts to Him

Who stepped down and saved us
became the curse for us
bearing all our sin

Almighty King
in the end victorious
enthroned in heaven glorious
Thou alone are God
Almighty King
True now and forever
our souls are Thy endeavor
we exist to glorify Thy name
Almighty King
the only power worth serving
all praise and laud deserving
forgive us our failures
Almighty King
come set up Thy kingdom
give Thy people freedom
let Thy will be done
and in Thy glory reign
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