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Coroner's Office Full Album Lyrics

Post Mortem - Coroner's Office cover art

Coroner's Office

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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1. Armies of the Dead (1:11)
Gathered In The Pyre, Procession March Of Hate
Corpse's Armies Falter, Hooded Hand Of Hate
Brotherhood Allegiance, Pay Homage To The Night
Eve Of Souls Awakened, Soldiers Vowed To Fight

Fighting, Falling Statues, Armies Of The Dead
Fighting, Falling Statues, Armies Of The Dead
The Dead Shall Rise

Graveyard Threshold Opened, Gates Of The Forsaken
Upon The Stone Of Offerance The Cost Has Been Mistaken
Blistered Faces Beckon The Call, Eyes Of Hell Below
Legion's Savage Cries We Hear, This We Must Behold

Fighting, Falling Statues, Armies Of The Dead
Fighting, Falling Statues, Armies Of The Dead
The Dead Shall Rise
2. Waiting for the Funeral (3:04)
I Feel The Surge Of Power As I Crush The Mighty Blow
Intestines Spew From Open Wounds As I Let My Anger Go
Liquid Red Engulfes The Street As I Stare With Vengeful Eyes
Sinister Flames Entrap My Brain, I Keep Wishing He Would Die

He Jerks With Spasms Erratically As Death Will Take Its Toll
Wicked Thoughts Upon My Brain For Now I've Got His Soul

Waiting For The Funeral, Torturing The Weakened Minds
Watching The Death Parade, In Blood His Name Was Signed

Crying Widow Mourns The Altar, The Coffin Dorr Is Closed
The Mutilated Corpse Grows Stagnant, The Maggots Begin To Unfold
I Spit Upon The Grievance Flowers And Mock The Preacher's Words
The Last Rites Of The Dead Man Never Shall Be Heard

In My Hand His Soul I Keep And Through The Gates He'll Stay
Down Into The Pit Of Fire To He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named
3. Ready to Die (2:16)
Bodies Crowed, Eyes Are Staring, Your Brains Start To Burn
The Sacred Hands Is Over You And Now It's Time You Learn
Feel The Force;, Knife Attack, Death Is In The Air
You Want To Scream, But You Can't, Cause There Is No One There

Heart Is Beating Faster, You're Ready To Die
Death Is Creeping Nearer, You're Ready To Die

A Vision Or A Nightmare, Your Fantasies Come Real
Limbs Are Torn From Sockets Although You Cannot Feel
Blood Is On The Sidewalk, Intestines In The Street
Your Dismembered Body Is Lying At My Feet

Heart Is Beating Faster, You're Ready To Die
Death Is Creeping Nearer, You're Ready To Die
4. No Time (5:10)
How Much Time Can There Be
Flying Off In Front Of Me
I Close My Eyes And Time Goes By
Before I Know It, It's Time To Die

How Much Time Can There Be
Ther's No Time Left For Me

How Much Time Have I Spent
I Haven't Even Made A Dent
The World Keeps Turning, Losing Me
I Realize That I'm Not Free


I'm A Prisoner Of Time
Waiting In An Endless Line
To Do Things That Don't Even Count
When Added Up, There's No Amount


Breathing Air That Isn't Mine
Sharing Space I Feel Confined
Each Day Could Be The Last Words I Say
5. Concealed (3:08)
Total Loss Of Senses
My Mind Draws A Blank
I Can't Remember
Wich Choice Should I Take?

Crawl Inside An Open Wound
Close It Shut, Concealed In Doom
Tortue Me With Your Eyes
It's Your Existence That Is Despise

Reaching Out For Something
But There's Nc Thing There
Fucked Up Paranoia
Life's Cold Despair


Time Seems To Stand Still
When I'm In My Space
Never Ending Thoughts
In A Suicidal Race
6. (It Was) Just a Thought (5:54)
The Kiss Of Deathis On My Lips
Gun Lays At My Fingertips
Blood Is Flowing From My Head
A Ll Because Of Something That I Said

This Is Something I Don't Unterstand
Someone Plase Tell Me Again
Cursed For Something That I Said
Now I'm Gonna End Up Dead

An Opinion Is All That I Expressed
I Made Them All Really Dpressed
They Had To Do Away With Me
They Didn't Care That I Was Free

I Don't Need This, I Don't Need To Be Dead
I Don't Need This, I've Got My Own Thoughts In My Head

A Bullet In My Head, My Life Has Turned To Shit
The Kiss Upon My Lips, A Seizure, My Body Flips

My Skull Is Cracked In Half
They Stand There And They Laugh
Now They're Gonna Cut Me Up
Haven't They Already Done Enough?

It Was Just A Thought...
7. Syncopated Jazz (0:35)
8. Soupy Sales (0:10)
Soupy Sales
Give That Sweet Sound!

Lyrics: John McCarthy
Music: Post Mortem
9. Coroner's Office (1:21)
Weakened By Starvation
I Yearn For Another Feast
Entrailes And Appendages
To Satisfy The Beast
Inner Craving Monster
Ripping Me Inside
Cannabalistic Tendencies
The Rage I Cannot Hide
Behind The Dripping Scalpel Knife
I Deface Your Mother's Womb
In The Coroner's Office
You'll Meet Your Certain Doom

Come On Through My Swinging Door
Come And Be My Little Whore
Cum And Bleed As A Climax
Scream And Squirm As I Attack
Coroner, Coroner Disembowel
Coroner, Coroner Kill

Underneath The Spotlight
Disecting Human Carcass
Removing Bloody Vitals
Dripping Through My Fingers

Putrid Gasterous Juices
Amongst The Bloody Bowels
Carving Choice Selections
And Licking Off The Towel
On The Grim Disecting Table
I Drain Your Wretched Soul
In The Coroners Office
Where Misery Unfolds

10. Death to the Masses (5:38)
Disrupt The Gathering, Evil Must Fall
Overthrow The Legions
Carry Out The Candle
Cast The Spellbook Aside

Pentagrams Of Evil Torn Off The Wall
Death To The Masses
Grim Shadows Of Hatred, Presence Deep Inside
With A Crucifix In My Hand You Try To Hide

Death To The Masses

The Light Will Shine
Burning Souls Screaming In Agony
Damned To Die Burning
Through The Rubble We Rise

Dancing Flames Of Evil Entrap My Brain
Death To The Masses, Fire Burns Through My Veins
Rain Falls From Heaven To Wash Away Our Sins
Death To The Masses, The Guiding Light Shall Win

Death To The Masses

Falling Victim To The Prey, Evil Ones Led You Astray
Captured Sinners Burn In Hell, Memories Left There To Foretell
Clutch A Breast To Break The Fall, A Crushing Blow Will Strike Them All

Blood And Rain Unite As One, Cease To Stop Until It's Done
11. I Want to Die (12:31)
I Bash My Brains Out On The Wall
Then I Sit Back And Watch Them Fall
Regretting Everything I've Done
Fingering A Loaded Gun

A Heart so Cold To Freeze My Nerves
A Voice So Faint It Can't Be Heard
A Head That's Filled With Brain Decay
My Face Is Peeling Away

I Want To Die
Feeling Dead Inside
My Guts Swim Around
I Cut Them Out They Hit The Ground

My Lungs Fold Up And Scream For Air
My Nervous System Is Unaware
My Tongue Is Filled With Sour Taste
Secreting Yellow Mucous Paste

Guilty Conscience Fills My Soul
I Did Nothing, My Mind's Controlled
By Someone Else On The Outside
Someone Is Forcing Me To Die
12. Run Amok (0:42)
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