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Endless Spiritual Decay Full Album Lyrics

Portraits of Flesh - Endless Spiritual Decay cover art

Endless Spiritual Decay

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Doom Metal
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Lyrics > P > Portraits of Flesh Lyrics (9) > Endless Spiritual Decay Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-10-30)
1. Endless Spiritual Decay (6:15)
Your infectious insanity
Pushes me away
Into your decay

Spare your lies
I'll never let
You entice
Me with your filth
Wounds you lick
Are self-inflicted
By you
You crown yourself
As god of this
Faithless flesh apocalypse
Sin to be forgiven
Sin to get to heaven

Oh, I'll never forget what you said
I'll never forget what we shared
Ties coming undone as the days
Pass, you are not the one
No you are not the one
No you are not the one

Words left broken in memory
Like fallen angels burning in misery
You have died
2. Binding Reverie (4:55)
You seek a beginning
For your own reckoning
You crave to be set free
Trapped in a cage of misery

I want to let you go
Into the darkness of the unknown
But your heart is burning in my eyes
So I will leap, falling to my demise

Suffer in pain
Suffer in vain
Suffer in silence
Let us pray
3. The Psychometrics of Despair (6:17)
Behold the scars that I carry
A reminder of you

Taste my blood
Discard your heart
(it won't suffice)
All that I am
(I break for you)
All your love
(was not true)

And here we stand
Stranded strangers gone mad
In blossoming gloom of the damned
A nightmare so sad

Begone! You're a filthy lie!
A fallen angel with a tainted mind
You're a curse upon the ones who hold you dear
Of all the demons in my bed it is you I fear

Behold! As I fade away!
Faster than the knife with which you betray
The scabs on my back will eventually heal
But the scars on my heart I will always feel

And so... you're almost forgotten
Empty, alone
A soul turned rotten
Oh no

I am nothing (nothing)
to you

You are nothing (nothing)
to me
4. Ghosts (5:26)
Winter withers away the sun
Our waking sleep has just begun
A faded memory that we share
A life divided by crosses we bear

So... unknown..
Strangers on our own
But I see a glimpse in your eyes
I am a ghost you recognize

Breathe my breath, take it in
Perhaps in death we'll know we're kin
But for today we walk on by
Unbeknownst 'till the day we die

Oh... so cold..
Living in the fold
I see you slowly walk away
I am the ghost that couldn't stay

All is forlorn
We're left broken and torn
An individual sacrament
For the bonds we couldn't mend

Torn... torn... torn...

All is forgotten
We're left damaged and rotten
Loneliness enshrouding
In darkness we are drowning

Drowning... we are drowning..

Forgotten dreams
Forgotten souls
Forgotten in everything
We are standing alone
5. Blackened Deceit (5:04)
Behold my blood is dripping
From your veins I'm slipping
Further down the spiral
This fate I cannot stifle

Hate is mine, revenge sublime
The beast will rise with my heart's demise

Blacken the skies
As hope now dies
You broken dreams
Mean nothing to me
You're just an unrequited fantasy

Now all is lost
Love is dead
And hate blooms instead
Bow and fold your hands
As I make a final stand
And dance on the ashes of all you have loved and lost chances

I am the end of things to come
I am your heaven, life, sorely undone
Your lucid nightmare
Your soul stripped bear
6. Revival (1:15)
7. Exquisitely Nailed Apart (3:52)
No Light Shines Through the Lifeless
It Haunts My Very Soul.
I Need To Tear The Eyes (Out)
A Face That God Denied.
Inside This Mouth Of Madness
All Men Become So Weak.
In The Lake Of Evisceration
Suffering Eternally.

My Wounds, They Never Heal
As I Stare Towards The Sky.
A Thirst That Never Ends.
Vermin, They Never Rest.
I Resent My every Word
Restless, I'll Never Sleep.
Abandoned From His Hand
Cursed, Alone I Wept.

I'm Fucking Nailed Apart, Split Open, Hollowed Out.
Exquisitely Nailed Apart, No Faith
And Left To Rot.

This Fate is Ever Lasting
For Those, To Walk Our Path
Flayed Upon These Shards of Eternity.
An Oracle, Of Pure Grief.
We Are In Death Awaiting.
To Mourn Your Lasting Pain.
We Are In Death Awaiting.
Forever... Hell..
8. The Nameless Epitaph (4:41)
I won't end your suffering
This pain you feel just won't give in
So shout to the heavens and the devils above
And see death take everything you love

I won't stop until I see you bleed
Hanging from the cross of the love you need
So choke on your prayers and whispers of lies
You're the reason everything dies
Bewildered and dazed you're reaching at bones
Of the ones you have loved, you made your thrown
But the end has dawned, a golden age
As your ghosts haunt you'll feel our rage

So say your goodbyes
As everything around you dies
So weave your deceit
Through the fabric of your dreams
Shed your tears
For everything you held dear
Nothing but yourself
As you slowly disappear

You will burn
It's what you've earned
No hope, no relief
From your pain and your grief
You will see
What you've done
To earn our hate
To suffer your fate
9. Tears in Heaven (Overture) (3:00)
10. Nevermore... (5:22)
Whisper, a lullaby
For the tears that you've cried
Fall into the decay
Repeat the pain day after day

Then slip away
Then slip away

As the moon so softly shines down
Slip away, slip away
As your dreams sink six feet down
away, slip away, slip away

You, you lost yourself
You, you harm yourself

But, the day will come
When you will see what you have done
Then, you will be freed
From the dark you seek and think you need

So, go find yourself
Go heal your wounds and find your truth
This, could be your dawn
If you let go of the pain so old

You, you lost yourself
You, you harm yourself
You, go find yourself
You, go heal yourself

To the pain - Never more, never more, never
To the hate - never more, never more, never
To the dark - never more, never more, never
To the past - never more, never more, never
11. Tortured Shapeless (Beyond the Ivy Door) (5:23)
It Ends In Bitterness
It Ends In Vain.
We Return To Nothingness
Beneath Death's Veil.

I Taste The Shattered Embers
With This Rotten Maw
I Am Tortured Shapeless
A Raptured Canvas.

What Lies Beyond The Ivy Door?
A View Of Pure Horror.
The Worm From Your Mind.
Come And Serve The Great Ones...

I Yearn To Meet The Master
Wretched Like My Vermin Kin.
Observe The Vast Unknown
Exuviate My Mortal Skin.

It Ends In Bitterness
It Ends In Vain.
We Return To Nothingness
Beneath Death's Veil.
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