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Ecocide Full Album Lyrics

Polluted Inheritance - Ecocide cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  81.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-11-13)
1. Faces (3:53)
What used to be a normal life
Has turned into a hell
It all happened so fast
Oh please god help

I look into this world
Through other eyes
I am staring at myself
With memories that are not mine

These faces more and more, growing on my chest
They take over my thoughts, these faces of the dead

Faces of the dead
Growing on me
Form into my skin
With empty eyes
And memories
Insanity sets in

I am going nuts this has to stop
Illusions of the brain
I hear them scream, I cut their flesh
I feel, I taste the pain

They find me in a pool of blood
Think it is suicide
My chest is cut, the faces gone
They left me so did I

I arise come back to life
And look through my own eyes
My face is growing on your chest
Your memories are now mine

Faces of the dead
Growing on you
Form into your skin
With empty eyes
And memories
Your insanity sets in
2. Dissolved (4:09)
Dissolvent - From the inside out
Flesh corrodes - Mysterious ways
Liquid flows - From the inside out
Finds its way - To let the body unburden!

Eyes transform into liquid
Flow down the face like tears
The brain seeps slowly out
The head remains as empty skull

Feel the body drip away
Weaken day by day
Diagram eviscerates
The brain dissolves

The corpse reveals its bones
Flesh flown away
A skeleton left over
Bones turn blank in the sun

Soil takes the liquid flesh
Absorbs the fluid
A storm soon will thrive
Brings the rain
Rain strikes the ground
Cleanses the soil
The liquid finds its way
Inserts a life

Again the dripping starts
A life will flow away
Another being found
To give its life away
3. Eaten (2:40)
Cut off your limbs
Feel no pain
I show you how
And make you watch
As I consume it

A sick way
Of taking your life
Piece by piece
To make you all mine

I wait I let you heal
But hunger screams within me
Again I consume my meal
Become a part of me

Soon you will be all mine
To eat you just a matter of time

You are already dead
I know it sounds insane
The last part is your head
The last part is your brain
4. Memories of Sadness (3:41)
Remember the days of the past
That continues in days to come
Wounds that are carved to stay
Pain that will never fade away
Memories of sadness
Never to be blocked away
Blocked away
Blocked away
The always returning nightmares
Feel his breath upon your skin
See the madness in his eyes, in his face
Innocent you fall asleep
You will awaken soon
His body is touching you
You stand the pain of this abuse
Your life is a lie, in this world
You are all alone, in disbelief
Memories of sadness
Never to be blocked away
Memories of sadness
Always to stay
5. Substance of Existence (3:43)
Obsessed by death
Destructive thoughts
We will never last
Soon life is gone

Substance of existence
Death of man by man itself
Substance of existence
Nothing's to remain... remain!

Mistakes and faults
Centuries of war
We will never learn
Of formal things
We have done

Substance of existence
Death of man by man itself
Substance of existence
Nothing's to remain - Remain!

Mother to daughter
Father to son
Fighting each other
Like long sworn enemies

Decisions by those
Of higher hand
Let weapons speak
Destroy your friends
6. Fear (4:19)
Receiving spells upon my life
From a place of horror and darkness
Haunted by black witchery
My soul is pulled into the abyss

Fear tortures my mind
Fear drives me insane
Scream out the agony and pain

Haunted by frightening nightmares
The unsolved torturing... is nearby
Starting to loose control of my mind
Losing the grip of my life

Fear tortures my mind
Fear drives me insane
Scream out the agony and pain
There is nothing left to remain

Voices cry to bit me welcome
My time has come to face all their trails
Fulfil their needs of sadistic butchering
Do I live? Do I die?


Open the gates of pleasure
Not for me but for their own greed
To sense the pain it seems never-ending
If I live then please take my life
7. Stillborn (4:22)
From the womb of
Darkness and fear
Facing the world of
Agony and fear
Your conscienceness
Slipping away
Never to see
The light of day

No more breathing
No sense of life
Time to decay
Born with the innocence
Of a child
Died with the knowledge
Of pain. Pain!

Leave the world of mankind
Step out the world of death
Uncertainty leaving behind
Enjoy the sleep of the mind

Stillborn... Stillborn!

Live... in the land of death
More living than living instead
Secure in this world you see
Living in certainty

You see their greed
That you never feel
Life without soul
You see their badge
That you will never need
Their voice of death will call

8. After Life (3:31)
I am lying here being dead
It feels like having sweet dreams
It does not hurt
I am tranquillised
From different sides I see me
Patiently I am awaiting
For what is soon to come
My carcass swallowed by nature
This process has just begun

Flesh gets weak, it is melting
My face is not what is has been
There is no cure, in existence
Await the ending silently
Maggots feed on my rottings
Thousands crawl inside of me
Flesh has turned into liquid
When it is gone I will be set free

I float into the other side
My soul is carried by seas of blood
I am dead this is the afterlife
A place without a so called god
9. Rottings (3:42)
Inside suffering deep inside
Something is drinking my blood
It's eating and eating
Until my guts splash out
The smell of rotting flesh
Is ripping me apart
Crawling deep inside of me
It's eating to my heart

Still eating and eating
The rotting will get out
Heavily bleeding
Dripping from my mouth

Inside rottings!
It's crawling and eating
Inside rottings!
A cruel ending of my life

Inside rottings!
It's crawling and eating
Inside rottings!
A cruel ending of my life

My body is falling to pieces
The ending is nearby
The hunger of this creature
It is leaving me to die

Inside rottings!
It's crawling and eating
Inside rottings!
A cruel ending of my life

See yourself lying
Your body is rotting inside
This slow unknown disease
Has taken a part of your life
Your lifeless carcass decayed
The seeds of death remain
It is through your earthly torture
Enjoy unearthly pain

Slowly you die
Eaten from inside
10. Look Inside (4:15)
Look inside...
The mind the thoughts of some one else
See their pain...
Their anger joys and biggest fears
Sneak in...
As they lay down and go to rest
On dreams of those that you selected

Crawl in their dreams
Dig in dig deep
Give them their pain
Don't wake them up
Give them their fear
Hear their heartbeat
Make it stop

You sleep in tight...
Sweet dreams are now forbidden
It is growing fast your body sweats
I am inside...
I make your biggest fear alive
Inside your head
No place to run no place to hide

Look inside

I am asleep
Horrid dreams
My heart just stopped
I cannot breath
11. Ecocided (0:44)
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