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Jedva čekam da nikad ne umrem Full Album Lyrics

Pogavranjen - Jedva čekam da nikad ne umrem cover art

Jedva čekam da nikad ne umrem

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > P > Pogavranjen Lyrics (16) > Jedva čekam da nikad ne umrem Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-10-29)
1. Keres (2:03)
2. Maitreya (8:07)
Found it in the drab of dusk
Inside the grove by the ruined road
A meeting point of souls
Old and pulled together close
To the conjuring
Far from the machine
And all the hells of the mind
And all the other slaves, whores
And merchants of such kind

These woods sing to me a song
An ode to pale light in swelling darkness
Ripe with vampires bleeding oil

Coiling trunks, they move to shape a doorway
Oaken mouth yawn agape
Once I pass, I feel the wounds may wither
Give the body to the woods

Cruel ice covers the earth
All of the engines are off
Tools and devices lost
Let's leave this house to decay
There is only distance to cross

In my youth I zealously donned the robes of sloth
Of foolish pride and fever for all things undone
Burn in your mind this image of a world
As real as anything else
Hidden in the rustle of pine and oak, the temple stands
Where all the senses awaken
Wither the veil that suffocates
Offer the host the wreckage
What she can salvage she surely will

Things without a meaning
Taste, smell or feel
Words without a substance
With those you were besieged

See those before you
Swimming in the froth of
Jaws devouring all
3. Parahaoma (6:54)
Lend me the years I took from flesh
And from the water, all I return to her
And the wisdom of children

Found a hole
I'll keep it to myself
Inside a wall i've built
Leading to the path
I've searched for an eon

Caught inside a dream of shallow graves
Carcass of our time's bloated
In cubicle hearses

Cryptic recordings reveal where you cross
Discord has blossomed, havoc of body and mind
Conspiracy's real, snapping at my face
Under the radar uncharted fields await

Act like nothing's really there at all
The brood mother's swollen and never halts her business
She will wrap her gifts like it's christmas
Think of this before you enter secret rooms

Out of my way, strigoi
Green fields await
4. Xolotl (9:43)
Seal all the doors
The world's unleashed upon itself
Seething cancer giver
Pregnant with miscarriage
Time for me to grow it
The weather's yet changing for the worse

Bar the broken windows
Scores of filth are coming through
It is real but you can't fathom
The skin of bark i'm thinking of
Time for me to grow it
The weather changers change it for the worse

Take your necessities and leave
The walls are of paper and mould in here
'mother' will smother all who sleep
Prying and drilling, the master's feeds

Take your necessities and flee
deep in your belly you know it's near
the walls are of paper and mould in here
see the exit and let it bleed

Take your necessities and flee
The walls are of paper and mould in here
'Mother' will smother all who sleep

In the hermit's shadow
Only a piece of the stone was shown
Mine is not a voice for advice
Unlearn all you've known

Once you take her in
And all the grave hags will surely die
Choking on liver and bone
And everything they've had
5. Kalpa (8:24)
Stow away the dagger
Sheathe the sword and the gun
Bare hands will suffice
Stow away the weapons
They've brought us so far
Bare hands will suffice

Awoke at dawn, walked the bones another round
Idle veins, forgotten blood, make it run
Sloth and draught, hand in hand and on their knees
The other one devised a plan
To keep me in his sleep
Run it
The vessel's steaming
Run it

Pulverize, crush them down to black soot
Weather out, close it down
Ice wind, blow through skin
Cleansed offering
Wolves' den
Will you now let the squall take what's left
Mind the grim

I am still drawn to and gladly driven here
But on my own terms
Not dragged through the night
By the ghosts of past
I coerced a few and still was brought down

Forsaken body misused and withered
A waking limb
Stretch my fingers
Let the sap through the neck
Rusted iron will, learn to forge it
6. Olam Ha-ba (9:42)
I need rest
In this place of kindred souls
Mine is yours and of no one else
Blue the flame, black the steel that warms the earth
Pass it by no one's there
An empty shell

Dragging the trail of mist
That has swallowed up the riverbank
Nothing to measure it all
And all the numbers I get are wrong
All the time

Network of their lives derailed
Tightening to shape the noose
Leaking walls, your fortress now
Context lost to newfound king

There the waters will sever us from this wound
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