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Transient Chronicles Full Album Lyrics

Poema Arcanus - Transient Chronicles cover art

Transient Chronicles

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, death metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-08-20)
1. Us, Those Half Dead (5:40)
Us, those half-dead
Lyrics: Claudio Carrasco / Music: Igor Leiva

Never imagined what I’m realizing, indeed 
Sudden proof of cryptic face 
You, half-dead.

Thousands of fears, explains themselves
As a grim puzzle,
the truth emerges from depths

Beauty caresses gently the dead
A caress given back as a ruthless pest

Words sound unknown,
can´t understand 
Dead fading colors,
your skins turned ashes grey

A long season in darkness,
one sorrow after the other,
no rest for dead side arises 
Death taking over me 

A breeding ground to forget respect 
Infection progress slowly
Taking control of our will

Far away from me, you call my name
Distance translates it as a scream

Us, those half-dead 
Breed at the bottom of our disgrace.
2. Stream of Debris (6:38)
There used to be home
A fair deal of some sort
Absolute world, a secure world

The cub now feels strong
He escapes to see the storms 
Absolute world, now a bleak world 

Without Roots, without shelters 
No fears but the fear of freedom´s void 
Building on this air, a card castle 
Built only to witness its collapse.

Without roots, without gods.
Just clear vision
A constant walk along a ledge

At last line, a dead end 
Feet on dark mind
The free soul dwells in vertigo 

A material legacy we left behind our steps 
Lifeless, useless 
Behold the absence becoming flesh

He old air inside my empty home
Dust and silence
Will feed the ghost of memories gone

A doomed attempt to say forever
In mortal men´s domain 
Dragging the dead weight of time
The hangman in disguise
Collecting, acquiring, storing
A dream of transcendence that expired 
Collecting, acquiring, storing
A stream of debris we call life.
3. Fugitive (6:21)
Running away alone
Running away

Wandering here not knowing why
Gift of life wrapped into fire
A fugitive from a black realm runs

Singing a closing credits song
Get the best of this short trip
Holding landscapes, holding dreams

Night falls, the countdown runs
Night dawns, a small loss unnoticed
A day to remind, or a day just to forget?
The better the memories,
The fewer the time that´s left

Time hurts, the hours kill
Time runs, at thieves grabbing life bits
Tomorrow will come,
Tomorrow will bring us death
The fugitive is caught, the curtain falls
End of play
4. Inquilinos (9:45)
Almas de ayer, cantan aquí

Corriendo contra un tiempo escaso
De paso por la eternidad

De calendarios obsoletos
La vida fugaz

Almas de ayer, cantan aquí
En lava y en temblor
Mares de ayer, desierto sin fin
De piedra, silencio y Sol.

Herencia de extinción 
Inquilinos al pasar
Efímero invasor
La montaña observará
Vida que viene y se va
El comienzo y el final

Testigos de generaciones inquilinas
Aguas de lo ancestral

Segundos de un reloj perpetuo
La carne y su levedad

…sangre que viene y se va

Las historias,
Los retazos desde el tiempo del olvido 
Gris memoria de exiliados
Por el viento esparcidos
La piedra observa imperios al nacer,
Guerras vomitar sangre de fe
La piedra escucha imperios crepitar,
Ruinas sin edad.
5. Fading (5:37)
The last days of summer
Through storms and distress
Blind of the frailty
Drifted out of place

The logic of carbon
The fate of living things close
A grip to reality I never asked for
Then this old superhero
Became a little wounded bird
The path we all follow
Crumbling down before my eyes

So calm yet so bitter
Attachment with nature
Fading light sparkles
Still unexplained

Flesh shelters life
Flesh shelters sickness
The answers lost into cold
White labyrinth talk

Life is a runaway
From shelters and from prisons.
Encounters and loss draw
This complex map of time.
6. Omniscient Opponent (5:52)
All the freedom we want 
He strives to make it impossible 
And as we try to see colours, 
He systematically stains everything black

A vicious circle that consumes life 
As time runs fast, existence spills from our hands 
Relentless process that never ends 
Driving us to lose control of our lives

Feel the doom, embrace the antagonism 
Fake freedom is our opium and death

Failure by failure, we feel them as steps 
The old opponent knows and profits from them 
The healer who provides the cure 
Smiles in the darkness while the disease is born

We bear everyday, the weight of the engine 
A crippled system that swallows life 
Paying with blood, the price of existence 
And the right to live our own agony

An infant painfully learning the rules 
Hope slowly fades within a young naive soul 
The puppet tracing plans for his route 
Becomes the old man dying alone and poor

And as we try to open our eyes 
Omniscient opponent kills the light
7. Lambs (4:27)
The Shepherd guides his flock 
through a holy path marked with blood 
driving them to a carnage yet unknown 

Procession marches to the cliff 
A cliff bathed by souls 
One by one lambs fall into the void 

An old lie teaching for centuries 
sustaining a perpetual profit of souls 
Loved unconditionally until their death 
Then after death, God devours his sons 

Repeating the word of the lord 
Blessed lambs on their way to heaven 
Then they realize salvation turns into free fall 
All their beliefs 
Vanish as they fall 
Everything turns into cold horror 

A sea of the dead, known as heaven 
Ruled by a beast called Father 
As souls are drowned into the depths 
A morbid grin is drawn on his face 
For a lifetime 
I was fooled into his good will 
Now I'm falling 
Without his fake mercy 

As I'm drowning, water dissolves faith 
All the answers turn into childhood fears 
And I realize nobody ever supported my way 
I'm astray, forgotten in this ocean... 
of misery and death 
I wasted life, to feed the father's vicious hunger 

He never wanted 
to welcome us in his reign 
Used us to procreate 
and nourish the make-believe fiend
8. Default Song (5:40)
Again it will begin 
this joy I will let in 
a stranger is now welcome 

these sparkling lights drowning me 
no boundaries to see 
just unknown faces 

a deafening noise perpetuates 
so many voices claim 
and these walls of ice rise inside me 

From this place, the electric maze 
is all the world I've seen, 
just a movie on my screen 
a thousand words, the elusive world 
a landscape without soul; 
so synthetic, so absurd 

Lost in the endless flow 
Silicon dreams remain 
Reality starts to fade 
Lost in the endless flow 
Silicon nightmares 
Everything is so unreal 

So lonely in the crowd 
the scream I once heard loud 
Seems like a whisper now 

my message lost, unheard, astray 
my mind speaks by mistake 
to unknown faces 

No one to see, no one to touch 
Nobody cared too much 
When these walls of ice 
grew inside me 

From this place 
This empty space 
This only world for me 
Just come here and taste how 
To Exist – to disappear 
To feel – or just to pretend 
To love and to betray 
Are such different parts 
of the same game
9. Our Little Blood (6:51)
A cold dawn of autumn 
And the blood announces the worst 
As the deepest sorrow comes 
We begin to ride... on death's horse 

The woods seem to hold our room 
Covering the light inside the womb 

The ten percent begins to be true 
The standards abandoned us 
She discovered our paradise 
Turned it into pale void 

Our love this time is not enough 
Our faith is useless 
So please take care of our little blood 
Oh earth and water... 

Nowadays we follow 
The doctrine of the hidden mourning 
As an internal deep wound 
pain is dressed as fake joy 

Everyone seems to enjoy their luck 
While we drown in a lake of loss 

The ten percent begins to be true 
The standards abandoned us 
She discovered our paradise 
Turned it into pale void 

Our love this time is not enough 
Our faith is useless 
So please take care of our little blood 
Oh earth and water... 

Statistics against dreams, 
they mock tragedy 

Life... You betrayed us 
Time... Could you cure us? 
Blood... Come back to us 
Probability rules the earth... 
it Rules death
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