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Teluric Manifesto Lyrics

Poema Arcanus - Teluric Manifesto cover art

Teluric Manifesto

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Dark Metal, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 14 Sathanas (2011-05-28)
1. Dreamsectary (6:15)
Restless and full of hell
You've received the sun
Where the holy mother machine
Caresses you incestuously

Sucking her cancerous breast
You drank the life... of others
That you called dreams

[Chorus I:]
Among plastic messiahs
Behind fake true love
Between masters with feet of clay
Beneath this hunger you've got

Cross now your grey empire
On your desolated chariot
With the armour of gods
To protect your insignificance

Hypnotic lucidity
Freezes the blood on your wires
To learn the electric movements
Of the sacred heart-engine
Betraying and leaving
Those nailed children of thought
By this self-catalepsy
Their wings, flesh and bones
Became your throne

Your dream sectary is symmetric to what I still love
But there's a difference you don't know
Between dusk and dawn

Because plastic messiahs
Or fake true loves
Or masters with feet of clay
Can't calm this hunger you've got.
2. Circos (6:40)
La primavera ya no es concreta ¿huirás?...
La rosa cerril, camino a Niebla bailará...
El horizonte pinta pétreo toda la canción,
Palabras negras ríen muertas de tanta ilusión
Hoy es el día en que nada comenzó...

La Risa negra quema la ceguera solar
Ríen los circos de la inmensidad

Calumnia fatua, hoy perderás mi evocación,
La lengua etérea no beberá más de ese sol,
Hoy somos bestias que untan hostias en el mal,
En tres infiernos todo esto se va a derrochar...

Pero siempre algo extraviaras...

El fuego negro quema la ofuscación solar
Llegan los circos de la inmensidad.

Troubler la fète...

Vacío sol, de fiestas te llenarás
pero la carne profunda se abraza lejana.
3. Nihil (8:13)
When partner wine tastes like acid vinegar
And everything´s been expelled from me... at the depths
Outside father sun is laughing, he can not see me
I hear his voice, but I can not feel his heat

I gave until feeling as dead, even my last vestiges
A cold broken tank, the soul spills slowly
Could you drain it all from me? Just sweep away the ground
I'm awaiting the void, naked and numb

Dark mother loneliness embraces her dying child
Scorned at birth, he was conceived to die

He can see nothing, back into a deadly womb
Then the vast non-spaces grow, nothingness increases

Because all I had I gave... I gave to the winds
I trusted, they deceived, stole me

Now I'm one of the doomed poorest beings
We all live at the Nihil, together but alone

Resigned to know I cannot die again
I have no chance, just living here
Walking barefoot through these arcane lands

While you beg for the carnal ghost penetration

4. sadiM (4:37)
It seems I destroy what I have, what I've created
Then could I wish what doesn't exist, doesn't exist... no more?

It has never been perfect and never will be
Disdainful death I come to demand you
All the life you have stolen, every piece you have taken
I want it now, I wish for it now

You have chosen to be touched by these cold hands,
Touched by misery, feel the doom while I embrace you
I am king sadiM, blessed by infection
Every thing and every being will be withered and soiled by me

While you turn your beauty to grimness
I cum on your immaculate white skin
As you lose your faith violently
I have failed again

It seems I soil all I touch, all I've loved
Then could I hate what doesn't exist, doesn't exist... no more?
5. Absinthe (8:57)
Clero Inmundo de Caníbales
Lleno de Putas y Bastardos

Desdibujado en Aguas Profundas
Con Poesía de Barcos Naufragados

Musa Incomprendida
Tu Menstruación Esmeralda
Me llega en tibios Oleajes
Inspiradora y destructiva

Abuso, Absolución, Ausencia, Absinthe

Maldigo vuestra farsa
Mientras la audiencia despierta y aplaude
Sin comprender
Mi gesto idioma

Eternidad momentánea
Vomitiva no conoces mi nombre
Yo soy sangre, piedra y fuego
... Mi raza extinta mora en el silencio


Vagabundo, inquilino de la nada
Viajo junto a las quimeras salvajes
Y en las noches alimento las hogueras
Con cercos hechos de clavos y espinas

Aprendí de sabios fósiles
Que la arena fue montaña

Mientras cruzamos pantanos
Y escupimos tumbas vacías

... Acercarse es alejarse...

... Acercarse es alejarse...
6. 51% Dead (4:41)
Could you cook my pride?
Please season it with rage
Then let me feed off it
I will become your slave

An ancient formula used
To dominate nihilist dogs
To break their strongest fangs
And then leave them dying

Power of defeat
Makes you wake up
But only like a half
51% dead

Half zombie, half man
Stench begins to grow
As the deepest feelings
Turn to the coldest lust

Parents love their sons
The father brings food for all
Sick creatures, parasites and the great whore

Happy life goes on

Far away we waste our feelings
Blind for a lifetime
To kill us, far away from the light, my partners
Almost Dead my friends

Through torture could we find our freedom?

Tenderness / Defecation
Sweetness / Masturbation
7. Promised Light (6:42)
I had been taught to speak
The language of butterflies
I have been used to think
That we all could have wings

Who said we could not have wings?

So give me the illusion
Then give me frustration, give me...

Promised light
For all of us denied
Mocks at this grey little being

Promised light
The prize for all those blind
Tamed souls who still believe

When disappointment kills hope
And hunger makes us forget
Forget that once we wanted to be free
Now the fountain of wishes
Belongs to me just to steal the coins and run...

Run away!

The flowing of a thousand
Dead forgotten dreams
Caged into the sleepy trance
Of the trip back home

Where am I?
Am I here today?
Or ten years ago?

That's how I'm still piercing the guts
The deep and complex anatomy
Of the huge grey beast
We are all slaves of...
8. Stone And Magma (8:42)
[Magma:] "Would we melt through friction?"

[Stone:] "No, my wordless stone is always one"

[Magma:] "So... may I laugh at your grey solitude?"

"You will never sing those songs
´Cause you can not bleed my stone
Those will never drink my nights
Behind these concrete words... there is a sun that cries with light"

Stone and Magma

Performance without passion
Drowned in Magma I breath

Watch me being reborn!
Watch me as I fuck!
Watch me as I cum!
Watch me as I die!

We Say: He is a mute man bound by his walls
A dreadful gut that eats silence
He is the eternities of life
A painting without impressions
A rare life that shines black

She is the killer of this death
She is the devil's social bones
She is the breast which can dissolve
Life and its twisted games
A torment that makes me sleep

The dissolved stone speaks in flames:

"Now I breathe and laugh her fires,
and all my words are too late"
9. Us (7:57)
One hundred ninety... worn out!

They cannot be again...
Cannot repeat...
She was only her...
He was only him...

Never again!
There is a dangerous humanity...
Which can kill me, or the ones I love

We are the murderer
We are the undertaker
We are the mourner

The earth is dangerous...
Can I trust in you?
Can you trust in me?
Can I trust in me?
Stone gods
Now... can I trust in you?
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