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Maggots: the Record | Full Album Lyrics

Plasmatics - Maggots: the Record cover art

Maggots: the Record

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPunk, Heavy Metal
LabelsProfile Records, Rock Brigade Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-11-04)
1. Overture / Introduction (0:59)
2. You're a Zombie (2:44)
Verse 1
Got a TV brain and a pixel head
You walk and talk but you are dead
You just came down from the trees
Now I got you on your knees

You don’t know what’s going on
I can turn you off or turn you on
Drive your car around the square
You’re moving fast but you go nowhere

I’m inside your DNA
You can’t make me go away

(Now) you’re a zombie honey
We done consumed your brain
Can you tell the difference ?
Or do you feel the same ?

Verse 2
All you do is fuck and eat
That’s what we do too
Tough for you ‘cause you’re our meat
But we don’t make the rules

Not only will we drink your blood
We’re gonna suck your head
There isn’t much to think about
‘cause soon you will be dead

Verse 3

(repeat 2)
3. The White's Apartment / Full Meal Diner (2:46)
4. The Day of the Humans Is Gone (3:31)
Verse 1
You’re going down fast
You’re way outta time
And for you the sun won’t shine

You missed the boat
while you beat your meat
I’m going to break your mind

Out of the gutter
Into the streets
The day of the humans is gone

We’ll laugh and sing
while we chew on your bones
and for you we sing this song (hah!)


Raise all voices high

Everyone will die

Dissipate your flacid light
Snuff you’re candidate out
Feeding on your energy
That’s what we’re all abouts

Verse 2
We’ve lived in your cells
For millions of years
We thank you for the ride

But parasites
Turn into rulers
And now we’re comind outside

We change our form
We mutate at will
We’re the best that can be found

We know how to survive
We lie and kill
We’ve got our program down (oh yea!)

We know how to survive
We lie and kill
We’ve got our program down (oh yea!)
5. The Central Research Laboratory / Valerie and Bruce on the Phone (3:06)
6. Destroyers (3:07)
Verse 1
We are destroyers
Of the status quo

We are the mutants that
Make the system go

We’ll amplify your fuck-ups
And knock your mind around

We rip apart your values
We bring the structure down

Verse 2
Synaptic reflexes
We’re coded in your genes

We make you self-destruct
To satisfy our needs

Synthetic nightmare
We crush the slow and weak

Slave masters of the future
Domination geek

We got you where we want you
We got you where we want you

7. The White's Apartment / Bruce's Bedroom (1:40)
8. Brain Dead (2:33)
Part A

We are brain dead (unh)
We march without no head(unh)

Part B

Product of the brainless
Product of the dumb
Radiation roaches got you on the run

Part C

Soldiers for the DNA
Dissidents are put away
Dragged off ion the dead of night
Disappear without a sight

For global peace is what we pray
As long as things are done our way
Disagree or acting rude
We will chop you up for food

Our agenda is your end
Until then we’ll be your friend
Act not thinking is our tool
Stand up for the golden rule

Stab your friends in the back
Rule the world lead the pack
Human flesh is what we crave
Nothing wasted in the grave
9. The White's Apartment / Bruce's Bedroom (2:30)
10. Propagators (3:00)
Verse 1
We swarm inside you
In your body and your brain
We press your buttons
One for pleasure one for pain

We ride the satellites
We live inside your head
We’re Albert Einstein
We’re maggots on the dead

We can make you praise the lord
Or fuck your neighbor’s wife
While you perform for us
(We let( You think you have a life

(We are the, we are the, we are the propagators)

Verse 2

We’re in our prime now
But your time’s almost done
Too bad you will not be here
To join on in the run

We are the noise machine
Plugged straeight into your brain
We amplify ourselves
We overload the gain

Sometime in the future
When nirvana will be found
We’ll throw a giant party
Only you won’t be around

Network of molecules
Dividing DNA
Cosmic reactor
We’re going all the way
11. The White's Bedroom / Fire Escape (2:01)
12. Finale (4:06)
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