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Don't Let Them Breathe Full Album Lyrics

Plague Porter - Don't Let Them Breathe cover art

Don't Let Them Breathe

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAvant-garde Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > P > Plague Porter Lyrics (8) > Don't Let Them Breathe Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-11-07)
1. Pale Floods (3:29)
pale beginning
cold fever among
the just borned matter
predictable end

of the new life
a hectic corruption
of the primal void

dampness kissed the void
and it’s primal slime started to rot
everlasting rain
of snake spits

liquid paleness
of flooded nothing

insidious winds blow away
the calm order of empty space
thrills the strings of silence
first movement towards the abyssmurmur

lazy beginning
set ablaze the vain
browns movement
condensing the life

into supernova

assamble matter!

muddy womb
of pallid tissue
binds the offspring
to crusty face of her horizon
to crusty face of her horizon

inundating sticky pallor
a white stain
mold child of floodnádech
fulifying every piece
a white stain of plague
a vice game of plague
2. Collosal Embrace (2:52)
Symetric child
cries from the womb
dies from the start
inside it’s perfect mother

with original love, she hugs the child
let him grow in the mantinels of her preach
cares him with strict rules of life
cares him with strict rules of death

beyond numbers, ethics and will
towards the coast of time
beyond the sense and meaning
for the void is mother of all being

the pale flood is spilled
in the collosal embrace
where only one intention
makes the waves
where the child shall be
raised by disease
for the purpose is
to release and feast
3. Raised by Disease (3:31)
liquid child
shall form itself
by the pattern
of heat and cold
by the pattern
of wet and dry
to the solid
golem of fluids

aweking from original slumber
forming his goals for the first time
predicted to breed- and shine
through the primal night

into his descendets

and setting time

and grinding up

them by disease!
4. Æon of Rabies (3:42)
thousand year waters
shapes spear from a rock
waters foams froths
by never ceasing friction
triangles like foiled - coghweels
rattles, sparkles and creates new
blinding sunlight

the world is made by teeth
trying to bite themselves

grinding in style tin by tin
unbearableness of that sound
wakes up many more
to absorbing fury

We´re accelerating time
and sharpening knives
As we keep on pushing
the edge to throat of slave

æon of rabies

As we choke on succes
We still push for more
burn the bridge to future
And let rot the ones
t o p a s t

Shamelessly we stick the future
of our children into mouth
We’re feasting on the future
of our children

We're pushing our sizzling
debts in front of us

We're running from nowhere
to nowhere
faster and faster

is tearing
from the body
with every movement

inception of manic stage
free fall
audacity feeling
insulting freedom
fall of scruples
the fall
next time

We´re accelerating time
to unbearable speed
As we keep on pushing
the edge to throat of slave

æon of rabies

Silhouettes of bodies is flitting
in front of indifferent face
Curled unsatisfied desire for meaning
Empty eyes and mouth full of flesh
of their neighbors
5. When Pain Turns to Passion (4:33)
new meaning of self-defence
Hiding my fragility
under collosal monuments
You will starve
in the shadow my goals

Everything sucks
until you build your own
egoistic cathedral
egoistic cathedral

the more things change
unbelievable is routine
unthinkable happens every day
pain turns to passion

Let me feast on flesh of my mother!
Let me feast of flesh of my father!
Let me feast on flesh of my child
let me rise above all the other!

In pain I see
purpose of all
it’s horizon
of all that exist

in suffering
my kingdom will be born
and never will
be diminished

When everyone
becomes a tool
tool of my desire
when pain turns to passion
The growth
is all that is left!
The growth
is all that i need!
Eyes recognize
just shades of red and

they undermine the rudiments
in envy and disregard
and voluntarily die
in ruins of their own lifes
6. Monuments to Vanity (4:26)
Unstoppably it’s marching
with a risen razor
through the threads
of futile, existence

concrete monuments to vanity
soak up the pungent smell of the end
Time trembles and cracks
the abyss is widely open

Molten sand from clock
flows into dead fields
landscape undulates
under the weight of finality

Snake swallows his own tail
maliciously injected
poison into himself
You can not run from yourself.

Same circle
and again
and again
and again
now for the last time
7. Carbonic Failure (3:35)
Your face is wrong,
it has always been wrong.
It was wrong for the whole fucking time,
as your body makes no sense,
your pathetic goals are crushed
in the spirals of eternity.
You're a tragedy,
everything is tragedy!
Are You happy now?
You know what they say,
dead man is a happy man.
Funny fact,
there was never a diſſernce.

Concrete pits of failure
decorates landscapes of death

Ashfalls are mantinels
for the vanishing world

Death’s head waved
his wings as a last one

Life-was a sad mistake
in-realm of chaos

collosal vortex
of dead stars
infinity fountain
of darkness

Let chaos storm!
Let cloud shapes swarm!
because the form!
Is a temporary lie!
8. Apeiron Obssesion (3:11)
After the final eruption
All falls into absolute slumber

Deadly order
of dark space
the remains of cancer

with shine in my eyes
I welcome the end of time

The end of time!

Apeiron, run through me
anti matter invert yourself!

dissamble matter
freeze the spirits,
nivelize all!

the information is irrelevant
when purpose lost it’s sense
the vortex of plasma is cooling down
the void is final imperative

The void is final imperative

information of finiteness
made me lay down and dwindle away

everything contains code of end

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