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Tell the Truth Full Album Lyrics

Philadelphia - Tell the Truth cover art

Tell the Truth

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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1. Tell the Truth
This world it runs on pain
and gain for greedy ones
Yeah, it's all gonna turn into ashes
Our world's way will end one day
It'll stop, I say,
as fast as summer lightning flashes

C'mon, tell the truth, you know who'll win
His name is Light, He's the warrior-king
And He will rule and reign forever
C'mon, tell the truth, you know who's right
His name is Might, He's shinin' bright
You know He's gonna reign forever

"Get this and grab that, I want what I got comin'"
You'll get what you got comin'
But it might be quite a shock to your system
Man's not the king, he's really just a pawn
The King is comin' back, but He'll
Have quite a few friends with Him

C'mon, tell the truth, you know who'll last
His name is Fire, He'll avenge what's past
He'll destroy all who name the name of Darkness
C'mon, tell the truth, you know His name
The Lamb was slain, but He lives again
He'll destroy all who name the name of Darkness

This wall of lies before our eyes
will be torn down...
See evil's kingdom crumble
Every knee shall bow, every mouth shall say
That the Prince of Peace is Lord
Hear Him startin' to rumble
You're gonna hear Him rumble
2. Livin' in Love
I used to think that livin' my kind of life
Was the only way I could ever live that was right
But I was dyin' dyin'
I try it I'd fall it I'd try it again
The only thing I could never see was the end
But I was lyin' lyin'
I could't see which way to turn
All I could see was live it or burn
Now I'm living in love in love

Religion tradition all that superstition
Caught up in chains I could never be
good enough But I was tryin' I was tryin'
Still He was there waitin' patiently
Jesus was there He made the blind to see
I'm livin' in love

I'm livin in the love of a risen Savior
Livin' in His love Yeah He died for me
It's right from the start
And straight from the heart
'Cause you see I'm livin' in love
3. No Time for Honey
Downtown they got a big temple
It sits on the highest land
Raised and built in the name of the Lord
Dedicated to the happiness of man
A satellite station to sharpen their aim
Send out their pleas for money
Time is needed to spread their fame
But they got no time for Honey

A girl named Honey
Long and black Sharp and sleek Soft and hard
She makes her livin' walkin' the streets
Right in the shadow of the churchyard
She hears the people singin'
They braggin' on Sunday morning
Plenty time to raise money plenty time to build
Got not time for Honey

Honey's older now she's hurtin and sick
It's hard to make a living for the man
Her body's used up her youth has been spent
Scarred up by a red hot brand

Inside the temple people are praying
Jesus isn't there
He's walkin' the street out on the line
And He's whisperin' in Honey's ear

He says, "I'm the Man that loves you,
And I won't break your heart for money.
Got no time for a building
Got no time for fakes
I got plenty of time for Honey."
4. No Compromise
Jesus met the devil and the desert winds did blow
He said, "If you be the Sin of God
Take a rock - and make him roll,"
But He gave him no compromise No compromise
Jesus said, "It is written Not by bread alone
But by every word that comes from God
The Word of God alone, "He gave him
No compromise

To the top of Herod's temple Satan took the Son
He said "Fly on down and safely land
If you really are the one"
But He gave him no compromise No compromise
Christ said, "You just don't tempt the Father
You won't know where you stand
Talk is cheap, if you take a leap -
You won't know where you'll land,"
He gave him no compromise

They looked down on this fallen world
As far as you eye can see
Satan said, "Worship me, and all this is yours -
You know I've got the key"
But He gave him no compromise No compromise
Jesus loved not this world He just loves His Father
He loves you and He's told you
With wordily things don't bother
He gave you no compromise
5. Razor's Edge
Science became religion Knowledge of God
of this age Man became a savior without the
power to save Aim for the skies but you tell all
your lies Madness Madness
Travel to space but you can't see His face
Sadness Sadness
The warning's today See the end Change your
ways You're on the razor's edge

Selfishness became the standard Lawless ones
ruling the earth Man his own maker, a brutal
life-taker Violence is your king from birth
War and you fight Tell your heart it's all right
Madness Madness
Out of control as the sin takes its toll
Sadness Sadness
One foot n the grave Will you lose Who will save
You're on the razor's edge

Pornography becomes your worship A harlot
your Goddess of Love Woman becomes an idol
rejecting the Light from above
Living for lust and returning to dust
Madness Madness
Dust soon is gone but your spirit lives on
Sadness Sadness
One foot in the grave Will you lose Who will save
6. The Life Inside
There's another little heart that's started beating
There's another little life that's started receiving
Instead of joy there's only grieving
'Cause the girl with the life inside
She sits all alone She just cries
The boy who said he cared
Couldn't handle the life Now he's not there

The girl dries her eyes Now what should she do
Should she save the life Her heart tells her to
But there's a voice on the radio it says it's so
Easy It's easy
It says, "Hey little girl, come to our place
We got sweet, sweet sleep We got masks on
our face And when you wake up there won't
be a trace Of life inside

It'll be gone gone like a bad dream never to
return Just a mistake all just a bad dream
We'll help you live and learn
We'll help you live and learn

Hey don't believe what they say of the life inside
He will you have to pay for the life inside
Of the life inside Is there life inside
Yes there's life inside

There's another little heart that's stopped its
beating There's another little life that's stopped
Its receiving And Jesus above See Him grievin
7. New Jerusalem
One thousand years His reign shall be
And every shall be the one to see
His glory n New Jerusalem For all eternity
Our King to be Our hearts we swear to You

One thousand years King Jesus shall be
Our Lord for all eternity To see His glory
In New Jerusalem We bend our knee We make
our plea Our hearts we swear to You

Behold the New Jerusalem, sent down from God
above The dreams of all His saints fulfilled, these
city of His love And all the angels sing for her,
their songs are ever heard in the city of our
Saviour, in the city of His Word

Life-giver live in us
Life-giver shine in us

Sorcerers and murderers, and all who love a life
They have no part within the gates None staind
the holy Bride of city has no sun or moon
No need of stars so bright
The glory of the Lamb is all
Jesus is the Light!
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