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To Paint a Bird of Fire | Full Album Lyrics

Perihelion Ship - To Paint a Bird of Fire cover art

To Paint a Bird of Fire

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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1. New Sun (10:46)

A new sun rose
empty, alone.
a blue sky window
was cracked in between.
A wind without sails
pretended to be,
and the ocean's table
touched sky by its seam.

i. New Sun
Who am I?
Who is this me, this thing of mine,
to whom I'm entertwined?
I'm sure someday,
it will just go away.
What is “be”?
This just being in front of me
between the “to be” and me?
I guess I'll know
if it decides to show.
Where is “here”?
Where is this place I feel so near -
that makes it more unclear?
There is no way,
I could (actually) say.

New sunlight
climbs the world,
in its wake
great firebirds.
New sunlight
whips the seas,
surface gold,
and submarine.
New sunlight
burns the sky,
and all is born
in my eyes.

Forests, springs,
rivers and roads
formed out of ashes,
of grey and charcoal.
Surely a painting,
but an amputee,
amputated by the dimensions three.

Each day I watch new sun go down,
the land bereave its golden crown,
but the world seems undying.
Where is this world of re-dying light,
this space where endings escape the night?
Is it there, where I always return?
In search of a meaning,
not finding my own,
yet absolving all need there
is to atone.
I talk to myself
because there's no God,
my reason and want
always ten feet apart.

Who are you?
Some different kind of being spewed,
inside the false and true -
who'll just die,
without knowning why.
(And) are you real?
Or simply made to make me feel
like I'm the “one” in here?
You might be,
simply all I see.
(or) Maybe your just me,
trapped inside my mystery
where I can't disagree -
I think that's true,
I been here before...?


A new sun rose,
empty, alone,
a blue sky window
was cracked in between
A wind without sails,
pretended to be,
and the ocean's table
touched sky by its seam.
But will the sky watch over me?
2. Bird of Fire (2:35)
Rainy afternoon
walking in the sky,
a bird and its glow
paints fiery July.

Since that bizarre day -
all summers in between -
I've longed for that bird:
it's fire and it's creed.

Now I try to travel
into worlds that are just mine.
Searching for that bird
I feel the stranger in me dies.
Days will keep on going
and my fever I can't overcome.

To chase the sky's squire
to it's horizon confined.
To paint a bird of fire,
to live and to die
3. The Sad Mountain (7:54)
Old mountain grey -
watching passing days.
Above all who die,
it's only friend is the sky,
who's forgotten him,
in his own home.

On the autumn aging,
I travel to him.
The road is changing,
with the snows I move aside.
And from its paths high,
I hear the earth sigh.
Clouds are raging -
they tell me I should stop my climb.

“You cannot come here”
the mountain roared,
“you are of those who
dwell on the shore.
Turn back now
for there's nothing here;
nothing but an end
where you will disappear...”

His mad voice inside the wind,
in madder storm, forming for me.
I'd dwell on this peak of mine,
if I only knew why,
I'd never stop this climb:

“Lonely mountain old,
my end is all my own,
it does not matter for me.
I seek the bird of fire
who touched your empty sky -
there's something I hope to find.”
In the end, he let me go,
but wanted me to know,
that like him I'd never be free.
4. River's Three (2:37)
5. Wind of No Echoes (7:00)
I had seen this dream many times. I would wake up on some shore,
not knowning who, or where I was. And then the questions would
come flooding in.
A red hot sun would climb the edge of the world and explode into
hundreds of these great birds of fire – and I would find myself
chasing one of them throughout the dream.
Mountain paths of old and great rivers would guide me
somewhere which I knew to be the edge... Not the edge of the
dream but the edge of something extremely significant.
I knew because that's where I would find the bird.
Every single time.

In wait for this moment -
chased all your life.
In search of a time -
out of your seen sky.
In silence of wind -
and hoping to say:
are you the echo,
or still just the same?

Past the rivers three -
midst the winds of me.
At the edge of world -
my point of no return.
I find the bird in flame -
Returned to her glade.
And that is all it takes -
I'm someone, somewhere else.
6. New Sun? (11:56)
“Wide flat light far behind him,
shrinks in his wake, makes him swirl.
Self folding in tight around limb,
a last wave of thought before the turn"

“The old sun sets next, behind, sea,
Previous one already burnt.
Hear the thunder of the great birds -
exploding with the sky into the world.”

“New day, a man awaits his turn.
He's watching the sky without concern.
It's blue hue wants to fill his eyes,
reflecting the empty ocean wide.”
“In silence, he leaves the sky behind,
drawn to a bird that passed it by.
Like a mad king – he always knows his
to the mountain that leaks a fire trail.”

Inside this blurred canvas,
I see death and thoughts of end of time.
Am I the one who will die?
Like a sun that fell one day.

this life...
and my return...
it's all there...
it's all just there, isn't it?
Isn't it all.... IN LIFE!?

Should we ever find
a same new life -
should we question ourselves?
My dream will suffice
because I see
there is nothing in here.
For in our long life
we feel the same
only because the dark turns to day,
and so when we start,
begin anew,
we choose to do it all again
Coda For a New Day

New sun rose
Empty alone
A blue sky window
was trapped in between
A wind of no sails
Pretended to be
while the oceans table
touched sky by its seam.
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