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Parallel Corners Full Album Lyrics

Penance - Parallel Corners cover art

Parallel Corners

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-24)
1. Words Not Deeds (5:11)
What is real and what is fantasy
Are you who you are or what you want to be

Your kind breeds conceit
Fact and fiction conceived
You don't know you only see
Words not deeds

A perceived perception or factual entity
All you know is who I'm supposed to be

Your kind breeds conceit
Fact and fiction conceived
You don't know you only see
Words not deeds

Adding more fuel to the lie that you fire
I'm living the truth while you're projecting a liar
2. Born to Suffer (8:05)
All this suffering yet I cannot feel it
Words of consolation I bring to you
I am torn by grief and sorrow
For me there's no tomorrow

Hiding under your shroud of security
For your peace of mind
I've lived and learned with gifts bestowed on me
But I was left behind

I reach for you but you're illusion
Please excuse me for my intrusion
Once hopeful but now just living
Why must I be punished for giving

Youth memories that once had sheltered me
Kill me in the end
Born to suffer live by standard die in despair
Born to suffer again

Who are your heroes? Where are the morals?
Somewhere in limbo but surely not here
Can't you see my misery maybe tomorrow I'll be all right

Blasphemy and irony of a world on it's knees
Reality's gain is my loss, until a change
I will suffer
3. Words to Live By (5:17)
Cosmic pillars stand I'm my way
Shooting stars soon fall
Airtight blackness everywhere
You cry and I'm appalled

Vortex spins
Without fear
End of all
Is drawing near

Screaming shards rip into me
Others I can't feel
Lookin' 'round parallel corners
Distorting what is real

Hear your call
In the night
Right is wrong
And wrong is right

You talk in riddles I speak in rhyme
But yet the sun that never sets still ceases to shine
Reality fades in dreams of regret
I cannot remember but will never forget
The past is my present, the future's a lie
These are words to live by
4. Destroyed by One (7:49)
As I lay here my lifeblood is flowing
Can you feel all of the pain I'm knowing
Cannot understand but still I know feelings
Your frightful existence has me reeling
What importance do I hold for you
Just a status symbol of the things you do
You can rationalize your reasons
You can twist the twisted truth
To me that doesn't matter much
I'm hanging by your views
You cannot see the things I'd be
Or hear what I've to say
But you take it upon yourself
To take my life away

I can feel your pain
I'm to lose and you're to gain
The shape of things to come
Destroyed by one
Innocent and pure
Selfish thoughts are all too sure
Why must it end this way?
Where's my say?
5. Crosses (4:03)
Life's so fast, got to make it last
You've got to let your feelings show
Don't have all the answers to cure life's cancer
I've been around enough to know

Life... another cross that we bear
Hope... amidst the pain and despair
Release your pain

World's a mess, we've got to do our best
Try and clot the world's wounds bleeding
We've got to fight, hard is the path to right
Winning's not worth it if it's easy

Life... another cross that we bear
Hope... amidst the pain and despair
Release your pain

I'm out in the world without a home
I'm scared but not alone
I don't know where to go
But I know where I'm going
It's got to be me and you
With a little love we can make it through
6. Visions (7:54)
Envisioned fear
I dream of you
My time is drawing near
To bring me through

Are you heaven sent?
Or a messenger from hell?
How can I tell?
How can I tell?

Sweetly smiling
Or mocking jest
Tenderly beguiling
As I await my final breath

This time I've crossed the line for good
Won't go back even if I could
Now I have all the answers
But I can't tell
7. Reflections (8:37)
Looking at changes beyond my control with hesitation
Setting in my life new goals - a liberation

Making my way blindly through life I see what I can
Sooner than later life takes its toll - a boy to a man

Wait - I see a chance at the window
Fate - mustn't always decide
I'll follow through with or without you
But I will be all right

Starting over isn't easy
It gets tougher every time, but to
Live and learn without getting burned
Is like not living at all
8. Monster I've Become (6:19)
From the inside looking out
Distorts what I'm about
Strains from emptiness
Change to bitterness
You have turned me
To what you thought I was
I don't care now
The past is now the past

The scars inside don't heal
The pain no more can I feel
I'm callous, alone, but unafraid
For better or worse I've changed

Product of what you've taught
You'll feel the things you thought
The path I now lead
Is wrath along with greed

Represent what I resent
You are all that I despise
Feeding from what I've become
Can't stop even if I tried

Glory bound or the fool crown
It's all just the same
I thank you now you showed me how
You've made my name
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