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Haereticalia - The Night Battles Full Album Lyrics

Panychida - Haereticalia - The Night Battles cover art

Haereticalia - The Night Battles

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPagan Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-05-30)
1. The Wild Hunt Assembly (1:25)
Don´t look up at the sky
The riders are coming
Save your eyesight
They are bringing the night
2. Procession of the Dead (6:41)
As the final rays of sunlight decease
Men looking up with fears towards the coming dead of night
Angst of good living, essential part of decent life
Gifted with insight are some of them

The drums of the night
Call them to ride
Heaven´s on fire
Died with no light

He, who was born under the starlight, he can heal
She, who rides with the heathen goddess, she can foresee
By storm they rode on equinox - by storm they rode on winter solstice
Fire of the damned, the sign of death

The sky opened up at nights when spirits walk
This world and the one beyond

A duty of the living, a duty for the dead
Dark demonic powers awaken inside

The drums of the night
Call them to ride
Heavens on fire
Died with no light

The black riders on the storm, the dead souls of punishment and vengeance
Without concern for the paths they had come, they rode on
Ghostly flock of dark, riding through the night
Wild rage and wine - the punishment is done

Sadness and sorrow
Music and noise
Cryptical light
Marching out of time

Where do they come from, where do they go?
The lurking shadows, visitors from the unknown
Through our land and our time, bringing the dark light
3. The Night Consumes the Light (2:21)
The night consumes the light
The birds are silent
Leaves shall whisper someone´s prayer
Sunrays broken on the horizon

Calm before the night ride
Strange magic fills the air
Fear of the unknown
Seeking the witche´s lair

Fire lights up the midnight dance
And after the revelry
The battle shall commence
The battle shall commence
4. Josafat (The Gathering) (4:59)
Bound with the world of gone astray souls
Cold wind is blowing through the night
Born in the sign, my fate is sealed
Predestined to heal, to fight the evil
By candlelight, by sound of the trumpets
When wild animal is calling, the gathering shall rise

… and the stars are shining on my path
They are calling my name, they are calling me to ride
I´m riding through the night with the fire in my eyes
The gift of insight…

Eerie cold, eerie light, I´m riding with the wind
To join my brothers and sisters in fight
Fighting for our land, we´re your guiding light
The witches brew – sucking children´s blood
I´m riding through the forest, I´m riding through the night
The tears you shed will be redeemed with pride

Journey of the soul, the fennel bough – the hammer of the witches
Where winter blossoms bloom, the dead shall meet
At the end of time, forever we are doomed
5. In Striacium (3:28)
6. Hunting the Witches (4:40)
You will trust me
You will obey me
You will praise our Lord´s holy words

Dismiss your claims
Declare the only truth
My grip is tight, defiance weak
I´m the hammer, what I want you shall speak

… and for what you see, I come for you
… and for what you are, I ´ll send my snitch
I´m the hammer, you are the witch

I´ll haunt your dreams, I´ll haunt you in sleep
They will haunt my dreams, haunt me in my sleep
For my destiny, for the things I see

Confess to me your league with the devil
The one who can heal, is the one who can kill
7. ...for I Don't Cause the Evil (4:13)
In the silence of my chamber…
The waking dreams…
All drowned in tears…

In the silence of my chamber
All drowned in tears
The waking dreams tell what´s hidden to the outer world
Their immense will, sinister are their lies

… and there is no redemption through my deeds
Condemning the innocent, their greed´s their feed
Meritorious intentions, kneeling there helpless
Nothing is sacred to them, none of their seeds

My sleep is deep, when my spirit travels
Defending the harvest, fertility fields
For what you call me a descendant of Lilith
The Ember days, the night, the spirit
8. The Livonian Werewolf (4:31)
Beyond the howling of the night
Full moon awakes the powers
Beyond the sea and far from light
He cannot tolerate the Devil

Sun and Moon go over the sea
Fetch back the souls ethralled by the Devil
Bring back the life from the dark paths of hell
Unleash the magic to ward off the evil witch

Clash of the forces of chaos and order
The night battle of the holy and of the damned
Roaming the woods in the form of a wolf
Prowling the village to grant the prayers of man

Livestock, grains and fruit of the Earth
Stolen were by the witches
Soul of the werewolf, the Hound of God
Nocturnal journeys, the charmer, the healer
9. Perchtenlaufen (3:51)
10. Alatyrĭ (live) (3:53)
11. Three Pillars (live) (5:32)
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