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Rotten Church Full Album Lyrics

Panic - Rotten Church cover art

Rotten Church

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-12-21)
1. Seeds of Hate (4:52)
Peace and love are preached by the church
God ls the supreme word
Divine words are said
But nothlng changes this world

The church will go up In flames
'Coz your god does not exist
Now there's no way to prevent us
From planting our seeds of hate

Life's rottening us
Thls world 's come to an end
Greed and destruction for the rich
Dead birth to the poor ones

The war of hate will go on
Our lives will be destroyed
There 's no way to prevent us
From planting our seeds of hate

(Lead Terra)

From the limited freedom
From the illusory peace
Coma from the nothingness
A common-place; despair and hate

Countries ln war for nothing
Is nothing somethong?
There are no ways to prevent us
From planting our seeds of hate

In the coming generation
Death will shine with magnitude
castles of violence
Will build up another empire

Satan will come at full power
To organize the destruction
kill the Christians
And to defeat your god at once

(Lead Martinez)

Hate - one more death
No - We won 't be able to avoid it
Decay - Will Increase
God - Will fall down
War - Won't stop
And Satan - Will grow stronger
The Christians - Will die
Blood - Will shed on death

Hate, hate, hate, hate

(Lead Terra)
(Lead Martinez)
2. Satan Shall Return (3:29)
From the profanes' mouth
Is cursed the damnation
And from the dead 's crypts
Rises up hell 's master

Satan will suck the innocents' blood
Spit the parasites guts
Profane the virgin's purity
And bless the mundane impurities

Satan will burn the holy ones
Kill the holy priests
And make himself an idol
'Coz he wants everybody to adore him

Satan, master
Destroy heaven
Satan, master
Burn the gods

(Lead Martinez)
(Lead Terra)

Satan, master
Take my soul
Satan, master
Leave me in hell!!!

Satan will burn the holy ones
Kill the holy priests
And make himself an idol
'Coz he wants everybody to adore him

And the people of pure faith
Will fall onto their knees
And in his rotten guts
He'll devour one by one

when they'll set themselves free
There will be no time left

'Coz now their souls make part
of the final prophecy!!!

Satan, master
Profane the bodies
Satan. master
Crash their minds!!!
3. God's Death (3:17)
Blazing flags in the sky,
Announce Satan's arrival,
Blazing flags in the sky,
Announce God's death.

God's dead
Belzebub's arrived
God's dead
And has come to grasp your soul

God's dead,
The master's here,
God's dead,
And drinking your blood.

Satan arrived to destroy,
Your lives and world,
Grasp your souls to rot in hell,
And put an end to the eternal lie!

(lead: Terra)
(lead: Martinez)
4. Empire of Violence (4:58)
Falsities and lies are now said,
The rotten priests nothing preach,
Shit prayers are made by them,
But nothing will destroy the empire.

I believed in God
I believed in nothing
Your God is a dictator
And I want to be free

We destroy and kill for nothing,
It's fair reason for us,
That enough,
Kill and kill and kill.

Violence destroy lives,
Makes bloodshed on Earth,
Our life is made up of this,
There ain't no God to stop us.


Empire of Violence
Empire of Violence
Empire of Violence
Empire of Violence

(lead: Terra)
(lead: Martinez)
5. Rotten Church (6:28)
(Lead Terra)
From a bitch's womb
Was born the world's unhappiness
The priests' lie
The peoples' executioner

They want your money
They want your soul
They want your mind
They want to control you

Kill priests
Kill Christians
Dead bodies are swimming
In my bloody ocean of hate

Damned church made us believe
That Jesus will come to set us free
But we deny all this
'Coz nobody can save us

Destruction ls already done
Death's just been planned
There ain't an ideology to live
So, nobody imposes rules to us

The game's about to start
Hate and rage are the rules
And in this game we are the best
There are no losers or winners

Our master
From the depths
Will lead us into destruction
Showing us the way to his altar
For the final sacrifice!!!

Church is love
Church is hate
It will save you
If you pay

Church is love
Church is hate
It will burn you
If you disobey

Rotten church
Rotten priests
Rotten institution
That is said to save

(Lead Terra)
(Lead Martinez)

l believe in Satan
The master
Destroyer of the world
And in the Antichrist
His son
Who will come to bum, desecrate
And kill your rotten god!
Rotten Church!
Rotten World!

(Lead Terra)
(Lead Martinez)
6. Mutilator of Bodies (4:47)
Wandering at night to kill
The streets are his kingdom
Psychopathic mind, distorted feelings
The vision of blood satisfies him

Lacerating skulls, dismembering bodies
Mutilating limbs. ripping flesh
The world will be small for you to escape
From his lust for killing

Mutilator of bodies
Death's coming
Mutilator of bodies
Death's come for all
Mutilator of bodies
Blood's going to shed
Mutilator of bodies
God wait escape

Possessed by a murderous instinct
He kills without a reason
just for the pleasure
Of watching his victims agonizing

When he raises his axes
Adrenalin flows in his blood
His eyes pop out
And he never stops killing

(lead Terra)
(Lead Martinez)
7. MegaForce (9:38)
8. F.O.D. (0:27)
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