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Riven Full Album Lyrics

Pandemia - Riven cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2011-09-24)
1. Riven (3:57)
Gates open wide with roar,
Slaves of ill released
Under the reign of the one
Who lost his battle long ago,
Being a murderer from the very beginning
While so weak without the human form,
Strong owing to the belief
Of humans in his lies.

The time has come,
The time of the enevitable
Never-ending battles,
Needless threats of the hellish dreads,
False yet tempting promise of wealth and power.

Still none has ever been created to live as a puppet
without power and sense,

The crowd proper to die and be forgotten
Is shivering by the dread,
Destined to be the warriors
Of the profound darkness.

The weapon, the free will
Is held by everyone deep inside,
Christ helplessly nailed to his cross
Will just watch,
Leaving us to fight the battle alone.
2. Stream of Destinies (2:05)
Deep beneath the flow of a day
there is a hidden abyss,
absorbing and protecting all that comes in
from the sea of eternity.

In there dwells all that has ever come
through the intelect of humans,
in the state of a**logy.

Every new wave pays the tribute
to those depths,
holding the true image of
all that has ever been in the stream

Connections of atoms and processes,
meaning of all life,
mosaic of destinies.

Deposit of all ages
forever stored, petrified,
the stream of destinies.
3. Weight of Wisdom (4:46)
Days of youth and virility,
Body and mind not weary
By the long journey to the knowledge,
Purity of senses and feelings
Not clouded by the years of living

Those are the memories
On the passed times,
That get lost in the abyss
And never return

Still the eyes are curious
And wish to see the new,
Heart is eager for the wisdom
And is eyeing everything full

With khe knowledge of life
Comes the pain ,
Ability to see clearer
People and their acts,
Futility of their endeavors
4. Legion Beneath (4:04)
Beneath the mask of piety and divinity, they attack the holiness
Masters of lie and deception
Dirty, perverse and dishonest acts
That's the way they are, the treacherous ones
With a superficial pious face
They sharpen thousands of blades with their words,
That stab your chest once you don't vow to be their slave, lifeless
Their onus is to grow the "chosen ones" flock
Pagans and heretics turn to the "true" belief
To mass all nations under their wings
Reining in the history without any reward
It's hard to walk against the stream
But even more dreadful to follow their path
Still your life is not secured
5. Us And Them (3:50)
The desire to grasp and simplify,
The substantial simplification of the world around us,
Meeting the ability to rule and decide one's own acts,
The strong need to divide the ground to ours and theirs.

Dissecting all to the allies or enemy side,
No shade, no complexity,
The fallen and victorious ones,
In here are the fair ones, in there the damned,
Us and them.

All has to be clear like an incision,
All following the simple model,
The clear geographical border,
The reduction of human life to conflicts,
Conflicts to single battles,
To us and them.

Two different and well distinguished rivals,
Fallen and victorious,
Us and them!
6. Dispirited (instrumental) (1:41)
7. A Place Under the Sun (4:59)
It keeps on going,
The never-ending fight
Of all cultures of the world.
Struggling for all,
For the place under the sun,
In the world to where we
Were born without any endavor
From our side, keeping on looking
For the meaning inside ourselves

All is going under the rules
Sacred by centuries
The rules of action and reaction,
Of the nature laws.
In the environment that
We live and breed our dreams,
Yet so strange to grasp,
Out of our comprehension

Conquest of a new wave
The rule over all souls,
Destruction and transformation
Of all that was before.
Nothing to imperil
The evolved way of understanding,
No anachronism of a dying world
That grabs all in the final breath's agony.

The never-ending fight of points of view
Not knowing the quintessence
That was born from
The one and only source of the LIGHT.
If a man ever dares to look to the sky,
To feel the freezing breath
Of the space out there,
To feel the heat of the suns
Terminating all cultures,
Then can only realize life is at one with death..
8. The Outbreak (4:06)
Solitary secrets of our hearts.
Wishes never told,
captured by their own thoughts.
Unerringly we walk towards our destinies

The moment when our time is ripe
comes silently without warning
The moment when we feel the weight of centuries
Unavailing hopes, expectations and suffering
of people long ago turned to dust

At last the peace and rest
gets to rule our minds.
In this only moment we realize
our mission in the universe
9. All Alone (3:40)
Alone when born, in thoughts and wishes,
Happiness and fear, pain and delight,
Goodness and wickedness, weakness and force

None can escape from the heart
Everyone will once feel the solitude
Wishes dwelling deep inside will never be told

We all will once have to plant the tree of life
When we are all the home and god to ourselves

The tales of our lives will once be all said
And we will reach the peace,
Our ultimate peace
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