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World Lobotomy | Full Album Lyrics

Paganizer - World Lobotomy cover art

World Lobotomy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsCyclone Empire
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-03-04)
1. Prelude to the Lobotomy (1:47)
2. World Lobotomy (3:44)
The fires arise
Around the world
A breed of sickness, set out to destroy

Killing and raping
Murdrring the earth
Preying on all life, like a plague

This needs to end
Mankind burn away
Cleanse the disease, known as man

Butchery, debauchery
World lobotomy

Burn in a hell, by your own creation
Suffer your deeds, you are the sickness that breeds
3. The Sky on Fire (3:42)
Armageddon has come
To end the reign of man
Centuries of filth, the end at hand

Years of rape
Of this dying earth
It's time to pay, and there's no escape

Down comes the fire from the sky
Time has come to die
The flames burn higher and higher
The sky on fire

The sky on fire, burning redemption
The sky on fire, in afterlife you burn

Endtime, now has come
Eradication, mankind washed away
Endtime, apocalyptic wastes
Now the only thing tha will emerge
4. Mass of Parasites (3:47)
I feel their sickness
Eating it's way inside
Nausea brought by those maggots
Festering around me

I feel their vomit ways
Creeping up on me
Their sickened ways
Of being

Mass of parasites
I fucking hate people

They tear my sanity
To shreds
Sickened breed of filth
Moving feeding festering

You hate me I hate you
Fucking horde of rotting waste
You hate me I hate you
Fucking mass of parasites
5. As Blood Grows Cold (3:27)
Fading souls
Awaken into dying
In search of life they are roaming unblessed

Death grips your soul
As blood grows cold
Is this hell or is there more pain to find ?

As blood grows cold
We know that life is ending

No more life
The end draws near
Now your atheist ways soon exchanged in prayers

Alone with this pain buried fears unearth
Alone with this pain that forever remains
6. Ödeläggaren (1:08)
7. You Call It Deviance (3:45)
The cold inside it grows
It covers me completely
Their needs to control
Eats away at my soul

To shun a world of lies
Keeps me alive
Their lies burn inside me
But my spite kills their fire
You call it deviance
I call it salvation

They spew their lies
And we suck their cum
In the end we all
Shall slowly rot to dirt

Feeding a common master
The all consuming maggot
8. As the Maggots Gather (2:51)
A slow crawl
Into the hole
This beast craves your flesh not your soul

A slithering twist
And it is inside
This beast will feed even though you have not yet died

Hordes of the crawling
Come to feast
Your body is now an amusement park

These visitors
Will stay to play
And wonet even leave after dark

As the maggots gather
You know your end is near
As the maggots crawl inside
To die is no longer your biggest fear
9. Trail of Human Decay (3:49)
You will know your fate
It will come to be
It will take your breath away
Soon as you die

There's no way of escaping
Your dying destiny
There is no way out
From this place of suffering

Trail of human decay
Suck the marrow dry

These bones will never live again

There's no way of escaping
Your dying destiny
The only way to escape
Is in a body bag

The trai lyou leave
Such remains of filth and pain
All our breeding brings is the growth of insects
10. The Drowners (4:08)
As you breathe water
And your lungs explode
Your flesh is ripped to shreds to feed the mollusk

They get you from below
The drowners
Waiting to drag you down
The drowners

Submerged in a watery grave
Swollen corpses everywhere
Deepwater meatlocker
None survived they all died

The drowners
Pulling you down to make you die
The drowners
Feeding on your bloate flesh

They get you from below
The drowners
Waiting to drag you down
The drowners
Hunting day and night for victims to submerge
The drowners

They pull you under
Human life gone asunder
11. The Last Chapter (4:15)
Slowly all your life has drained away
All you are is sickness
Crawling into emptiness
Doomed to and end
You can not reconcile with

This is the last
Chapter of your life

Dormant fears brings you pain
Until you go insane
Squirming like a maggot
Swept away by devouring darkness
Submerged in utter pain
You squirm forever

The last chapter unfolds
Death is all that remains

Dommed to an end
You can not reconcile with
Mourning a life that's fled
And all left undone
12. Hunt Eat Repeat (3:17)
Coming from beneath
Crawling through the soil
Heaps of human rot
They'll kill you on the spot

Ganging up to feed
Flooding the streets
Mass of hungry corpses
In need of alive resources

Hunt eat repeat
Hunt eat repeat
This world they will delete

Feeding away
As they arrive
You're tickling the taste
Of the undead

Hunt them down
Or they will hunt you
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