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Into the Catacombs Full Album Lyrics

Paganizer - Into the Catacombs cover art

Into the Catacombs

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-03-04)
1. Total Lovecraftian Armageddon (2:17)
A massive exodus
of unholy souls
the underworld is slowly opening

A morbid vortex
is slowly gathering
to unleash the unhuman overlords

Travelling through gateways
summoned by disciples
their time of reign
has come again

Yog Sothot arrives
as do the king in yellow
to claim the earth as their own

Yuggoth shivers
and releases its spawn
to swarm down upon humanity

Tsathoggua crawls
and Dagon arises from the depths
Cthulhu calls
total lovercraftian armageddon
2. Their Skin Suits Me (3:38)
Nocturnal hunter, a sickened man
out for the reaping of flesh
an urge inside, a sickened need
drives this human shell

I strip them from skin
in my carnal kingdom
I clad myself in them
Their skin suits me, so well

To transform, into a butterfly
to leave this world so wrong
I do these, awful things
to ensure the transformation

Burning inside
from a twisted need
unhuman things I do

Burning inside
from all twisted deeds
from these horrors alive
3. Panzer Truck (3:55)
Trapped in the city
trying to survive
surrounded only by the dead

The living corpses
gathers in herds
they are flooding every street

Mechanized fortress
panzer truck

The fight for survival
and takes its toll fast

A need for relief
some space to breathe
is sorely fucken needed

Hunting the dead
to kill them again, re-killing the dead
ridding the plague
brain by brain, re-killing the dead
4. Vägråttor (3:13)
A dawn of nothing
gave birth to a day of death
the apocalypse came
and left this world to die

Then came the vermin
the rats on two legs
they are the rulers of the wastelands
your brutal end

Ur smutsen reser dom sig
kackerlackor på två ben
överlevare i en död värld
vägens okrönta kungar

Nothing breathes
everything is dead
it is all scavenged
by the roadrats
5. The Carrion Parlor (3:13)
I invite them in
to experience sin
I invite them dead
in my carrion parlor

Shielded by the law
redneck rampant breed
creating a land of their own
where the saw is the law

This cellar is a killing floor
hooks and chains installed
to procreate the work from before
through human slaughter and then feeding

A work for the family
to preserve and feed them
a trade coming to life
during the slaughter
6. Winter of Disembowelment (3:08)
Winter has come
the winter of our end
the snow stained red
by eviscerated humans

A massive upheaval
of the raped dying earth
every catastrophe
has come to be

The winter of
the earth anew, and now content

The winter of
human death
humanitys last gasping breath

The ground now opens to swallow
cities and entire continents
the world covered in corpses
humanity cast down in hell
7. Cadaver Earth (3:34)
A rotten existence
soon to end in pain
a wait for nothing more
than carnal suffering

This deterioration
we are born into
the hell of human flesh
to breathe and suffer

And this cadaver earth
will feed on our decay
and this cadaver earth
will be reborn - humanless

A universe
filled of death
life just born
to fade and die

A universe
filled of death
seasons come and go
and so do I and so do you

And this rotting place
will feed from your flesh
and this rotting place, will birth a new day
8. Frontier Cthulhu (4:00)
A whole new world
to be conquered
a continent to regin with fear

A new beginning
the start of a new era
but horrors dwelled there from aeons before

The hordes of the ancient
roam these shores at night
the breed of aeons
awakening to claim your lives

The ones who dwell beneath
sleeping undead still
their cults of worship grows in the shadows

Frontier Cthulhu
a new horror
for those who conquest these lands afar

Frontier Cthulhu
an age old horror
frontier Cthulhu
rising again
9. Ragnarök (0:56)
Pillars of smoke
rising from burning cities
endtimes has come
mushroom clouds cover the earth

The planet aflame
radiation scorches the soil
silos puking missiles
no hope left, just eternal war

The end has come for man
a last age of total war
no hope for a final stand
this is ragnarök
10. At the Helm of Naglfar (4:14)
Riding the winds foretold
towards certain and utter doom
this was meant to be
the last ride of the soon to be free

When everything ends
nothing is all that will be
when the universe is to sieze
remnants will not be

Loke at the helm
birthright executed
in this final night
the dead will arise

From the remains of the dead
this ship of the doomed came to be
now on its predestined journey
shed the final tear before the end

At the helm of Naglfar
towards the end
at the helm stands Loke
awaiting whats needs to be done
11. A Bullet in the Head (For the Undead) (3:52)
The hordes below
the breeders of the dead
tunnels underground
harbor the rotting

One shot to the head
to rid the filth
to stop the disease
from breeding again

To keep the sickness contained
to put the world at ease again

A bullet in the head
for the dead and sickened
a bullet in the head
for the undead

Hunting, underground
slaughtering the undead
hunting, underground
deminishing their numbers

12. The Paganizer
12. The Paganizer (4:43)
Submerged in the sea
creeping undetected
tons of massive steel
atomic death prowling

Far into the sky
the hell from above
squadrons of assassins
hidden beyond the clouds

The Paganizer
the hammer of destruction

Deep in the jungle
festering in rot
hordes of deadly killers
bred for this steamy war

Out on desert fields
the masters of the sand
larvafeet of death
hordes of fucken panzers
13. Into the Catacombs (3:13)
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